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Note: back issues of magazines can be obtained through the Interlibrary Loan program. Ask about this at a local public library.

  • Tesla Coil Plans 12-002, $7.95, SCIENCE FIRST, 86475 Gene Lasserre Blvd. Yulee, FL 32097 , 800-875-3214 This is Frank Lee's company, the guy who started the VandeGraaff Generator craze in the 1950's with his VDG article in Scientific American's AMATEUR SCIENTIST column. Plans describe a classical neon-transformer, homemade-capacitor tesla coil.

  • RADIO ELECTRONICS magazine, Sept. 1991, Vol 62, No. 9, SOLID STATE TESLA COIL, By Duan A. Bylund. Schematics, construction hints, etc. A real Tesla coil, in that it follows Tesla's 3-coil "Magnifier" system, with a low voltage solid state power box and a non-transformer "extra" coil wound on a large-diameter cylinder.

  • POPULAR SCIENCE, Jan. 1991, ELECTRIC ART, By Dawn Stover. A short article on Dave Archer, the guy who does astrononmy-art paintings on glass using a huge TC to zap the wet paint

  • 1990 RADIO ELECTRONICS ELECTRONIC EXPERIMENTERS HANDBOOK (magazine), ELECTRONIC TORNADO, by Robert Iannini. Schematic and constr. instructions for a variable power supply for a plasma sphere, with audio input, variable pulse and intensity (note: plasma spheres don't need a vacuum pump, use a jar full of pure helium or pure argon)

  • 1990 RADIO ELECTRONICS ELECTRONIC EXPERIMENTERS HANDBOOK (magazine), (magazine), BUILD THE LIGHTNING BULB, By Vinny Vollono. Plans for a simple plasma sphere based on an automotive ignition coil, a triac, and a 6" light bulb

  • POPULAR ELECTRONICS, Sept. 1990, Vol7, No.9, TESLA'S LIGHTNING GENERATOR, By Ralph Hubscher. Less specific, customizable plans for a neon-transformer/sparkgap style of coil.

  • POPULAR ELECTRONICS, Aug. 1989, Vol6, No.8, THE SQUARE TESLA COIL, By Vincent Vollano. Build a TC with a square primary coil, ROUND secondary! Uses small neon transformer and spark gap

  • HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS, Oct. 1988, Vol5, No.10, SOLID STATE TESLA COIL, By Charles D. Rakes. 24" tall secondary, uses 2N3055 transistors and automotive induction coil supply

  • INTERNATIONAL TESLA SOCIETY 1996 RESOURCE GUIDE, a mail order catalog containing a large number of books on Tesla, coil building, and lots of 'weird science!' Contact the society at www.tesla.org to order their catalog, or see their online catalog (still under construction)
Magazine back issues seem to be no longer available from publishers. If you can't find them via libraries (Interlibrary Loan), perhaps some kind soul on Pupman email list, or on sci.electronics.design newsgroup will have copies available and offer to photocopy them.

Coil plans, instructions, etc.

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