> I would like to deeply understand how TCs work, design techniques, etc.
> I found enormous data and links on the net but could not found what I am
> looking for yet.  Any advice?
This is yet another instance where the Internet points to references but does not contain the references themselves.

I obtained my own TC knowledge from a large variety of books and coil plans. Unfortunately I cannot recommend a single book that covers all the material. Also, I haven't purchased the several tesla coil books which have appeared recently, so I don't know if they are worthwhile.

On internet, browse the archive of the TCBA NEWS, the online copy of many years of backissues with hundreds of coil plans and builders articles. There's also the mirror/archive site of the old Hot-streamer page with a large number of separate pages by famous coilers. Also I highly recommend anything written by Richard Quick. There are a number of his articles on the Tesla Group's FTP archive (in compressed format.) See their README for info about the files in the misc directory.

The best technical description of the tesla coil is the seminal CORUM & CORUM paper. Physics equations, smith charts, design examples, everything. "Technical Analysis of Extra Coil as a Slow Wave Helical Resonator", Dr. J.F. Corum & Kenneth Corum, in PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1986 INTERNATIONAL TESLA SYMPOSIUM, (c)1986 Intl Tesla Society, Colorado Springs. You might be able to obtain this volume via interlibrary loan.

Another source I can recommend: back issues of the T.C.B.A. newsletter, particularly the issues containing the articles on TESLA COIL CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLES and TESLA COIL THEORY. There are links to the TCBA on my tesla page, and to Steve Cole's zip file of the TCBA Newsletter Index. Once you find the particular issue, back issues can be ordered from the TCBA.

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