Magnetic Levitation cradle
Repulsive maglev, lifts a magnet from below
W. Beaty, Nov 1994

[LEVITATOR GIF: a 3 inch bar magnet hovers above two circuit boards.  The row of hall-effect sensors is visible on the boards.]

Based upon an electrically-produced Meissner-like effect
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I'm a science hobbyist and occasional exhibit designer for science museums. The multi-coil device shown in the photo was part of a prototype "room-temperature superconductive table" which never made it to a museum. I thought I'd place it here so students and hobbyists could experiment with this strange maglev effect.

The device in the articles is not trivial to build, so I would recommend it mostly for ADVANCED HIGH-SCHOOL LEVEL AND ABOVE. If you've never built any electronic devices before, I wouldn't recommend the Meissner maglev cradle as your first project. I built mine using parts from a mail-order surplus store. Since you'll be using DIFFERENT surplus parts, my plans are only guidelines for experienced hobbyists rather than detailed instructions for a beginner. Experimentation will be required in order to get this device to work. For a much simpler project, check out "Simple maglev train", which uses only permanent magnets, and the Science Projects page. Dowling magnetics sells SDK-100, a maglev train kit which uses only permanent magnets.

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A Maglev book. Get it through "interlibrary loan" at your public library:
"Electromagnetic Levitation and Suspension Techniques", B.V. Jayawant, Publishers: Edward Arnold, London, 1981, ISDN:0713134283

A project article:

POPULAR ELECTRONICS magazine, May 1989, Vol 6 No. 5, pp35-37, The "Antigravity" Generator, by V. Vollono. A coil lifts a plastic ball and magnet from above, controlled by photocell. Instructions, schematic, parts list.

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