Vortex Point Experiments
Fred Epps

As promised, here is an account of our experiments. I work with one researcher who doesn't want his names to be used, Jean-louis Naudin, and a few others who contribute from time to time. The theory comes from me, for the most part. I became interested in the subject of possible points in space with altered properties after reading passages from the book "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts which I quote here at length, because of their importance to our research.

Background Information

>From Seth Speaks (p. 71):

The peculiar, particular aspects of your physical world are dependent on your existence and focus within it. The physical universe does not contain physical objects of solidity, width, and depth, for example, to those whose existence is not within it.

Other kinds of consciousness coexist within the same "space" that your world inhabits. They do not perceive your physical objects, for their reality is composed of a different camouflage structure. You do not perceive them, and generally speaking they do not perceive you. This IS a general statement, however, for various points of your realities can and do coincide, so to speak. These points are not recognized as such, but they are points of what you would call double reality, containing great energy potential; coordinate points, indeed, where realities merge. There are main coordinate points, PURE mathematically, sources of fantastic energy, and subordinate coordinate points, vast in number.

There are four absolute coordinate points that intersect ALL realities. These coordinate points also act as channels through which energy flows, and as warps or invisble paths from one reality to another. They also act as transformers, and provide much of the generating energy that makes creation continuous in your terms. Your space is filled with these subordinate points, and as you will see later, these are important in allowing you to transform thoughts and emotions into physical matter. When a thought or emotion attains a certain intensity, it automatically attracts the power of one of these subordinate points, and is therefore highly charged, and in one way magnified, though not in size.

These points impinge on what you call time as well as space. There are certain points in time and space, therefore, (again in your terms), that are more conducive to others, where both ideas and matter will be more highly charged. Practically speaking, this means that buildings will last longer; in your context, that ideas wedded to form will be relatively eternal. The pyramids, for example, are a case in point.

These coordinate points--absolute, main, or subordinate-- represent accumulations or traces of pure energy, MINUTE to an extreme if you are thinking in terms of size-- smaller than any particle of which your scientists know, for example, but composed of pure energy. And yet this energy must be activated. It is dormant until then-- and it cannot be activated physically.

Now: a few clues here that might help you, or mathematicians. There is an ever-so-minute alteration of gravity forces in the neighborhood of all of these points, even of the subordinate ones, and all of the so-called physical laws to some extent will be found to have a wavering effect in these neighborhoods. The subordinate points also serve in a way as supports, or structural intensifications within the unseen fabric of energy that forms all realities and manifestations. While they are traces or accumulations of pure energy, there is a great difference between the amount of energy available in the various subordinate points, and between the main and absolute points.

These are points, then, of concentrated energy. The subordinate points are far more common, and practically speaking, affect your daily concerns. There are better places than others to build houses or structures-- points where health and vitality are strengthened, where, other things being equal, plants will grow and flourish and where all beneficial conditions seem to meet.

Some people can sense these neighborhoods instinctively. They occur within certain angles made by coordinate points. The points obviously are not themselves physical-- that is, they are not visible, though they may be mathematically deduced. They are felt, however, as intensified energy.

In a given room, plants will grow more effectively in a particular area than in other areas, providing that both areas contain such necessary components as light. All of your space is permeated by these coordinate points, so that certain invisible angles are formed.

This is highly simplified, but some angles will be more "on the outskirts" than others, and will be less favorable for all conditions of growth and activity. In speaking of these angles we will treat them as three-dimensional, though they are of course multi-dimensional. Since the nature of these angles is not the main topic of my book, it is not possible to explain them thoroughly here. They will seem to be stronger during certain times than other times, though these differences have nothing to do with either the nature of the coordinate points or the nature of time. Other elements affect them, but we need not be concerned with these now.

The concentrated energy points are activated by emotional intensities that are well within your normal range. You own emotions or feelings will activate these coordinates whether you know of them or not. Greater energy will therefore be added to the original thought or feeling, and its projection into physical matter accelerated. Now this applies regardless of the nature of the feeling; only its intensity is involved here.

These points are like invisible power plants, in other words, activated when any emotional feeling or thought of sufficient intensity comes into contact. The points themselves intensify whatever activates them in a quite neutral manner.

This is highly simplified, but the subjective experience of any consciousness is automatically expressed as electromagnetic energy units. These exist "beneath" the range of physical matter. They are, if you prefer, incipient particles that have not yet emerged into matter.

These units are natural emanations from all kinds of consciousness. They are invisible fomations resulting from reaction to any kind of stimuli. They very seldom exist in isolation, but unite under certain laws. They change both their form and their pulsation. Their relative "duration" depends on the original intensity behind them-- that is, behind the original thought, emotion, stimuli, or reaction that brought them into being.

Again, highly simplified here, under certain conditions these coagulate into matter. These electromagnetic energy units of high enough intensity automatically activate the subordinate coordinate points of which I have spoken. They are, therefore, accelerated and propelled into matter far more quickly, in your terms, than units of lesser intensity. Molecules would appear as large as planets to these units. Atoms and molecules and planets and these electromagnetic energy units are simply different manifestations of the same principles that bring the units themselves into being. It is only your relative position, your focus within an apparent space and time, that makes this seem so unlikely.

Each thought or emotion therefore exists as an electromagnetic energy unit or as a combination of these under certain conditions, and often with the help of coordinate points, they emerge into the building blocks of physical matter. This emergence into matter occurs as a physical "result" regardless of the nature of any given thought or emotion. Mental images, accompanied by strong emotion, are blueprints therefore upon which a corresponding physical object, or condition or event, will in your terms occur.

>From Seth Speaks (p. 430)

The great religions of the world all had their births near the major coordinate points.

In such locales, changes are apt to appear rapidly, for ideas and emotions are propelled into physical actuality with great vigor. Ideas sweep like fire among the people. The psychic atmosphere is fertile. Creativity springs forth easily, and so such locations are not necessarily peaceful, although they would be the best ground for peace to grow. Any ideas for good or bad become materialized with such strength, however, that the contradictory feelings of mankind are more apparent near coordinate points.

There are effects, not as yet ascertained by your scientists, that appear in such areas: effects that were known however at the time of Atlantis, and also utilized by the Lumanians. In a strange manner, space puckers to an unobservable degree, as far as your instruments are concerned, near these coordinate points.

Some of my readers may be familiar with "black holes" and "white holes" in space, that your scientists have recently discovered.

These points have somewhat the same qualities. The electromagnetic aspects of thoughts and emotions, the animations, are drawn through points that CAN compare to miniature black holes. Here their energy momentarily disappears from your system, is immeasurably ACCELERATED, however, and returned through what you might call a miniature white hole-- concentrated now, and highly directed back into your system of reality.

This is only an analogy, but for working purposes it is a fair enough one. There is, again, a wrinkling effect about these points, though not as yet observable to you, where space itself, it seems, yearns to disappear inside the first point. There are other distortions in physical laws. A few of these have been observed, but ignored as pertinent signs. The activities of atoms and molecules quicken as they apprach these points, but the distance BETWEEN the atoms and molecules remains the same. That is important.

These coordination points also serve to give your system additional amounts of energy. The law of entropy does not apply, therefore. The coordination points are actually, then, sources of additional energy. They only open howver, when concentrations of energy build up within your system. I would like to make this clearer. A physical vehicle, a space ship, for example, could never survive that kind of exit or entry from your system.

In Atlantis there were those who utilized this knowledge, accelerating certain thoughts through concentration, emphasizing certain feelings so as to send them through these coordination points. Great stability was therefore achieved as far as roads, buildings, and the like were concerned. Such projects were carried out with great consideration for their position between various coordinate points.

This pocketing-of-space effect can be perceived in certain trance states. This can be compared almost to a wadding-up of air.

Now sit quietly with your eyes closed and TRY to ascertain the directional proximity of main or subordinate coordination points. Here are some aids to help you.

With the intent in mind, you will find your inner vision inclining towards a particular direction of the room, and even your thoughts will seem to flow in the same direction. An imaginary line will help you properly identify the place, in any given location, closest to any given coordination point. Imagine a line drawn from the point of your inner vision, coming from the center of the inner eye you seem to be using, outward. Let it be joined by an imaginary line from the top of your skull, following the same direction in which your thoughts seem to flow.

You have an imaginary line, then, in this case, from here, and here. There is an angle, and then both lines form together. They will point unerringly to the direction closest to a coordination point. (To illustrate this as she spoke for Seth, Jane touched her eyes with one hand and the top of her head with the other. She extended her hands from these points until they met at arm's length, somewhat off to her right.)

The subordinate points permeate space. Jane will be able to tell you, for example, the nearest point in this room. Sometimes the angle will be longer, but the two lines will point in the right direction. Energy is, therefore, most effective in those areas.

Using this analogy of the white hole and the black hole: to make this clearer, the white hole is within the black hole. Electromagnetic properties are drawn into the black hole, and accelerated byond imagination. The acceleration and the activities within the black hole draw unbelievable proportions of additional energy from other systems.

This greater acceleration changes the very nature of the units involved. In the meantime, the characteristics of the the black hole itself are changed by this activity. A black hole is a white hole turned inside out, in other words. The electromagnetic "matter" may reemerge thourgh the same "hole" or "point" which is now a white hole.

The reemergence, however, again alters its characteristics. It becomes "hungry" once more, and again, a black hole. The same sort of activity goes on in all systems. The holes, therefore, or coordination points, are actually great accelerators that reenergize energy itself.

The Experiment

At that time we had been doing some experiments with orgone accumulators with some results. We had seen an small electrical output with an orgone accumulator in the form of a steel and fiberboard layered pyramid, so we were concentrating on pyramid effects. I felt that there was good reason to think that spinning waves were involved in the operation of pyramids based on the photo shown on the Solaris website taken by a researcher in the late 70's using a tesla coil inside a pyramid. At the time I had very little information about torsion. I theorized that we might be able to enhance the effects of the pyramid by placing it at one of these points if we could find it.

My friend (referred to as L below) had built the electrostatic gradiometer device shown at Bill Beaty's site. It is basically an electronic dowsing device. I don't necessarily agree that scalar waves in the Bearden definition are the means of operation, but in any case it works. My friend had good success, as have others, in detecting human and crystal energy fields with it and we had already noticed that some points in space seemed to cause variant readings.

He used the gradiometer to locate a point that might fit the description in the book. It was in the living room of his apartment. As close to the area of highest deviation from normal as possible, he located a 10 cm. high double pyramid based on two Cheops (phi) proportions pyramids placed base to base and with the base align ed to magnetic north. This double pyramid also contained a natural quartz crystal placed vertically along the axis.

Here is my account, written at the time, of the events that followed:

L has been experiencing very unusual phenomena in the area of the vortex points in his house. I am putting the key events in chronological order, including only events and leaving out theory.

First, L detected unusual readings with his electrostatic gradiometer:

"Furthermore the same presence I mentioned I first detected in my living room has returned again. It comes and goes with varying strength , interestingly enough when it is there it seems to attract the attention of any of our hamsters, if they are placed nearby. Reactions range from curiosity to violent attempts to get out of their containers. I can't explain this but it is always in the same place, also once when I entered the room and walked past the spot I felt cold and all my hair stood on end, when I checked with the meter the deflection was the most I had ever gotten."

In addition, he was having a recurrent dream, and similar experiences in the waking state, almost as if shifting into a trance while awake. In his words:

"In my dream I see the following: a huge cavern lit strangely, there are two pyramid frame like structures connected together at the base, what they are I can't make out, they are connected to a crystal like object seemingly with lines from each of their apexes . This all seems to go to what appears to be a huge wire-wound unit of some kind almost like a transformer. There is also a glass or crystal screen, what appears to be large capacitors and some devices I cannot ID, when in my dream I ask what this all is a worker tells me it is mine, I created it. I often associated this dream with the energy vortices I mentioned earlier. This along with the other dreams I mentioned in the previous posts have become recurrent, sometimes occuring during the day while I am awake. Even my wife is starting to ask if I am alright. I just wish I could make some sense of the formulas and papers I see."

In another letter he added:

"I can't figure, lately I have problems concentrating because these thing just pop into my head, also sometimes I actually lose time while almost living in this strange dream world, maybe I am finally going over the edge."

The phenomena became more intense (or L began to notice them):

"This started a few weeks back but I took no notice of it. At first assuming it to be a mistake. On the first occasion I was working on a computer model of a circuit which had been giving some problems, my wife was busy vacuuming and said that she wanted to watch a TV movie in two hours. I agreed and carried on with my work, I ran three tests on the sim, all of them timed, the next thing I heard was T [his wife] saying that the movie was halfway through on TV and how could we have missed it, at first I wrote it off to a mistake on her part with the time on the clock outside, however my computer had shown the same times, furthermore it could not have been that we both became totally involved in our work and lost track of time. I ran the sims again recently and they take half an hour max, also T had only vacuumed one room. In the period of time missing she could have done the whole place and the one next door. Net result we could not account for the missing time."

"The later occurences have been more disturbing. On Wednesday night /Thursday morning I awoke and looked at my alarm clock next to my bed and noted the time to be 4:00 , T also noticed it at the time, knowing I had to be awake at 6:00 I dozed off again. When I looked at the alarm clock again it was 2:00. In effect I had gone back two hours. This happened again the next night at the same time, once again both T and I noticed it and on Sunday night/Monday morning, T woke at 5:30 AM, noticed it starting to get light, dozed off and when she looked again saw it was 2:00 AM. Furthermore on all these nights I have had dreams about electronic circuits and formulas most of which I cannot remember the last one being about transformer theory, winding ratios and freq, during the dream it seemed very clear although afterwards I can't remember squat."

"Also things have been disappearing and reappearing in the house, during the experiments I did on the pyramids and crystals a roll of tape and one of the crystals went missing. They both later turned up on the table. The tape was the strangest as it fell onto the floor, both T and I heard the thump, and then it was gone-- only to be found on the table later? The crystal just went missing. I checked the whole table for it yesterday, there it was in plain view. Finally I would like to point out that neither T nor I are under any medication (Maybe we should be), using alchohol or drugs, and most of these situations occurred when we were both partially awake to corroborate the other's story."

And now the most recent events. In brief, he discovered another point in the house where his gradiometer readings were high and varying. This was in an area where T keeps hamsters as pets. She went in to check on them and one hamster was dead! His head was completely missing! And the other hamsters were in a high state of agitation or near-paralysis. The air was filled with static electricity as well. Naturally this aroused a great deal of concern. It appears on further testing with the gradiometer, that there are two if not three of these points within his home. The pyramids and cones have more than likely amplified the effects. The effects are definitely varying in intensity over a monthly cycle.

All this might be ascribed to some special energy of his particular location, but another researcher in another country built a similar paper pyramid, found his point with a dowsing rod, and placed a standard cheops pyramid on his point. He and his wife also began experiencing time variations to the point where his wife became upset and asked him to destroy the pyramid, after some events which were so traumatic that he refused to tell me what they were.

Current events

My friend L has continued with experiments at the "points" but without the amplification of the pyramid. The points can be detected with a resistor, much as Kozyrev used in his time experiments. The effect is greatest 2 days after the full moon. It is most intense at 12 noon each day. Jean-louis's Time Shift Detector shows that the effects can also be detected by using two separated, stable quartz oscillators beating against each other. This experiment was done without taking account of the location of any "special points" in the area of his lab. Locating his "point" is the next order of business.

The point in my friends apartment has now become activated and phenomena continue there even with the pyramid removed. Small animals like white rabbits occasionally jump out of the air from the point area, hit the floor with an audible thump, and then disappear. It appears that the point is an opening to another physical reality like this one. We think it may be a parallel earth, but we don't know. I have since found the point in my own house but I have not attempted to duplicate the experiments as I have a young daughter in the house. In addition it appears that my point may be of another nature. The points appear to vary in their innate qualities, as Seth suggests, some being more active or YANG and some more passive or YIN. But so far the points have been detected in every location where it has been tried. I have no doubt they exist and are very powerful.


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