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Updated May 2014

As a Seattle resident, do you get doorknob sparks even in the summer? Crash all computers, kill wristwatches and light-dimmers? Zap loved ones? If so, would you be interested in playing with different ways to stop your static charges problem? I have some ideas for cures, but no victims on which to experiment! If you live in Seattle (or Tacoma, Bellingham, etc.), contact me at

The following stories seem to describe two kinds of "electric human" phenomena. One involves conventional static electricity, and the other is something more mysterious. If you *DON'T* get constant shocks when touching either people or metal objects, yet electronic devices often fail in your presence, then your problem is not strictly electrical. Instead it seems to involve something which resembles 'hands-on healing' or 'psychic powers.' The P.E.A.R. group at Princeton Universiy is researching the non-electrical effects which minds could have on electronic devices. For info on PEAR, see the links below. For info on human body sparking, go here.


See this article: CURE your sparking problem.

Every time I turn on one of our lamps I always get shocked! This has been going on for at least a year and half. But it never happens to my husband. I've even had him turn it on while I'm touching him and I still get shocked but he doesn't. I'm afraid to turn it on anymore. I think he thinks I'm full of it.
Amber diamond <amber.diamond44 a yahoo com >
Ashland, Ky USA - Monday, May 05, 2014 at 20:15:23 (PDT)

hai my name is aadhil salim,workig.age:20 Yesterday 28/4/2014 time:11:00pm the time am going to sleep i off the lights i dont even like a small presence of light while am sleeping yesterday i couldnt sleep properly my finger s are getting red and my face too ,nature of my body is very warm all the time,afer sometimes i saw ;( from my fingers spark is coming,i started to rub my hands together...i saw myself... its like a fire work :'( spark and i satartd to 4getng everythng about me for a while pls help me guys i dont knw whats happng to me am the only like this or anybody out there like me :(
aadhil salim <aadhilsalim1 a gmail com >
doha, qatar - Monday, April 28, 2014 at 03:33:20 (PDT)

Electrical issues run in my family. Both my father and I have issues. My dad is about 80. Ever since battery operated watches were invented he goes thru watch batteries at an alarming rate. I have never had that problem myself (female, mid-40s, software engineer). Both of us corrode eyeglasses at an alarming rate (copper oxidizes, turns green). Silver & copper jewelry turns my skin pretty black - not sure if this matters. I definitely have more of a problem than most women I know. I also had streetlamp issues (turning off when driving by) for several years when I drove one particular car. I had a Mitsubishi Eclipse...so was lower to the ground. Had SLI issues CONSTANTLY. Random. Not at will. I don't seem to have this prob anymore. Since the Eclipse I have been driving SUVs. So higher off the ground. I also have BIG problems with ATMs and touchsreeen phones and tablets. Had to switch back to a phone with a slide-out keyboard cuz the screen was always doing stuff when my finger was half an inch away. Whenever my dad and I talk to each other by cell my old cell phone would drop the call (blackberry style phone). Big static...then zzzzt. The phone would shut down and I would have to power it back up. Never happened with ANYONE else. Just Dad. And he's an hour away. My cat hates me. I'm very staticky. If I get near a lightswitch on a kitchen or bathroom outlet with a test/reset breaker sometimes it blows and the light goes on without me even touching it. Happens when my hand goes near. Always getting MAJOR zaps from my car. Just weird probs with electrical devices. I don't even really notice it anymore. Seems normal to me but other people think I'm nuts. Seriously I'm NOT and it's no fun! I am a nonsmoker. Never had botulism (lmao). Never had botox either so can't blame it on that. Like alot of women I deal with mild anemia and as a result I crave sour foods - vinegar on fish & chips, 20 fresh limes in my Coke (people laugh a me)...stuff like that...I just LOVE sour stuff. I guess when you're anemic this is common since acids help you absorb iron. Dunno if this has anything to do with my electrical probs tho! Help! And aside from a couple of potentially predictive dreams I am not psychic or telekinetic.
EJ Houser <medvsas_lair a yahoo com >
Chicago, IL USA - Monday, April 14, 2014 at 00:44:48 (PDT)

Last night I went in my baby's room around 12:30am to give her a bottle. I placed her back into her crib as soon as I put her down her crib mattress was glowing as if tiny stars were alover her mattress I picked her up and it went away. I put her down again and the little lights were back not to sure what to think about it.If anyone knows what this could be please let me know if it happens again tonight I don't think I will let her sleep there anymore
Jennifer <Wass6 a hotmail com #%>
Toronto, Ont Canada - Tuesday, April 01, 2014 at 08:49:34 (PDT)

I just found this site and I am happy to not be alone. My whole life from that I can remember as a young child I have gotten easily shocked. I can remember street light going off as I walked under them. Do even get me started on trying to keep a watch as they always die with in a few weeks of having them. One time I was at a Halloween haunted house I got soon scared that my watch completely stopped from the moment I walked in until I left the house. I've gotten shock pulling cord out of walls, unplugging things and while doing the dishes with the microwave on ( the plumber discounted as my piping wasn't grounded.. really) every electric device I'm by suddenly stops working, with the response of, hmmmm that's strange I don't know why it's not working it's never done that before. I just laugh and say it's me, they then usually chuckle and look at me like I'm crazy. I can't keep any electronics and it's getting really frustrating. Every cell phone cord or electronic cord goes out with in a few weeks of owning it. Then the device usually dies right after this. I'm excited to find out that it's not just me, but I'm also looking for a soultion. Like what about wood or silk if I keep more of these items around will that lesson me blowing up my electronics?? Geeze
april newman <qtrus07 a aol com >
WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA USA - Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 22:35:08 (PDT)

I have regularly been puting out electricity for several years now, last week was first time I felt and could see electrical current when I put my hands in water to do dishes.
Mary Weigant <maryweigant a live com >
Bullhead City, Az. USA - Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 08:51:45 (PDT)

First I want to say thanks for this site. I'm a 57 your old male. I can relate to every story posted on this site. While I'm typing this post I reach for the keys and they activate before I touch them. I turn lights on and they blow. My iPhone ,blue ray system, tv,antique lamp all started acting strange shortly after I started using them. My daughter bought me a superman watch for my b-day jan17 that you can make it flash pushing a button, it stopped flashing mar6. Once I bright a watch say it working hurriedly put it on and it stopped working right the. I be made slot machines freeze. Went through a metal detector and it kept going off after I'd removed everything. I had a BMW that started shocking me every time I touched the handle to get in. I interpret dreams. I dream future events. I perceive people's thoughts .sometimes I heal with my hands. I often predict lottery numbers. Not often enough LoL . I just know a lot of things I'm not told. I on walked 38 miles without training . I rested about three minutes to take a leak. The next day I wasn't tired or sore. That's the tip of the iceberg. When I was18 I told mom the ceiling was going to fall. The told me I was crazy! The sent me a picture two weeks later where the ceiling fell. The most notable part to me is the older I get the more it increases. When I get excited it spikes drastically . I'm trying to harness it so I can use it at will!
Willie Bryan <Bmorewill4eva a gmail com >
Moss point, Ms USA - Saturday, March 08, 2014 at 16:38:51 (PST)

My daughter and I are constantly causing static electricity and shocking people. Lightbulbs are ALWAYS blowing around me and I have watched lights and light switches stop working, at least 5 different times, in all different rooms, without cause or explanation...they are not fixable...which sucks because I now have to use flashlights in two rooms because even the outlets don't work. My kitchen and dining room lights stopped working at about the same time, both needed to be rewired. I'm a rational person, but I don't get it.
Jennifer Kelly <Jenna1177 a aol com >
Sayville, NY USA - Wednesday, March 05, 2014 at 19:15:17 (PST)

When I was little the socket on the left side of my bed is where I would plug in my lamps. I don't know when I started burning out lamps but every few weeks the lamp would be dead. I always thought it was the socket themselves because none of the others burned out lamps. Fast forward 15years I am sleeping with a light socket on my left side again. If I have a fan on me it seems to be fine but in less than 1 week I burned out 2 phone chargers. It only happens in my sleep and only when I wake up extremely hot. I don't know what it is but someone once told me I have a heavy soul.
Becca <beccacangel a gmail com >
San Diego, CA USA - Friday, February 28, 2014 at 10:02:06 (PST)

I am not sure where to start so I will tell of the events of today and as many others as I have room for. I heard a Thud and thought my fiance had fell out of bed so I turn to head to the bedroom when a light buld in the fixture above my head exploded and rained down on me. When I was young I thought I dreamt that I was flying-only later to realize that I saw things that I had never seen before and knew exactly where they were. When we lived in Arkansas the TV's would yurn themselves on and the volume would go up. I once had a ball of light fly between my fiance and myself while sitting on the sofa. It scared him really bad. I have had things happening constantly. It does not make me fearful-it does not scare me-I just try listening as best I can to what ever it is in case I need to do something. If the feeling is strong I act. My family and my childrens friends and my fiance can tell much more. They are believers of something going on we just do not know what.
Catherine M. Bridges <catherine a nielsen com >
Louisa, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 13:41:10 (PST)

One night I was extremely exhausted, my body was tired and I wanted to sleep so badly. I was lying in bed, the lights were on and my husband was lying next to me reading on his phone. While I was lying there all I kept thinking was how badly I wanted the lights off so I could go to sleep, I was already very close to sleep and kept thinking in the back of my mind that I wish the lights would go out. Then suddenly the lights began to dim (mind you our lights are not dimmers, but a simple on and off switch) they continued to dim til they went completely out. At that point my husband hollered out my name, as soon as I opened my eyes the lights immediately came back on. What could be the cause of this? In the past this has happened before with the television. While sleepy I just mentally have a deep desire for it to be off then poof it's off when tattles and I awaken it pops back on... I am some what away the lights were dimming and tv turning off and I realize no one is physically doing this, but I am so tired I do not really pay it much mind. My husband however does lol. What is this? What is happening and how?
JC <Jcpcochran a gmail com >
USA - Monday, February 17, 2014 at 13:15:27 (PST)

Since I was little I have dreams that are so real I swore they were but then I would wake up and realize they weren't but within 3 days the dream would come true. This still happens. Ever since I can remember I get shocked constantly, even in the summer when humidity is in the 90's. Street lights go out when I walk underneath them all the time. I can not wear wrist watches, they completely stop within hours but will work again after I take them off. Computers freeze, crash, or go ridiculously slow when I try to use them but work fine for the next person. And light bulbs are forever bursting when I'm near them. I also see tiny spects floating all through the air all around me constantly and they constantly move. This has been since I can remember. And I can see Auras. I never thought there were other people like me. Its comforting to know there are
Ashley Sewar <ashley.sewar a yahoo com >
NY USA - Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 17:43:48 (PST)

I seem to not be able to die. I was supposed to die at birth, but I didn't. the same when I bled out in 1985, late stage of Cancer in 1987, gassed by a gas leak in 1990, and over 7 heart attacks while still going to work in 2012. I actually know what it looks like to go into the white light and talk to the 18 foot tall beings there. I have always been high voltage, but now I kill any electric item that is subjected to me for any period of time. I am more than used to it. I've lost jobs because of it. Can't run a laser scanner if it keeps dying. If you don't believe what I say is true, unlike a crazy person looking for attention, I have medical records that back up what I say. But that isn't the only affects I have on the material world. My body eats metal. No, not literally. Any metal, even precious metals break down if I wear them. I have wore out countless wedding bands, ear rings, all types of jewelry. I am so strange all the way around. Doctors refer to me as impossible. If anyone knows what I am I would do most anything to know. The only thing I feel like I do know is that there is something I am supposed to do. A mission of sort, only I have no idea what my mission is, and I have a feeling that failure is not an option. If you have an idea please help. Thank you.

Rita <gypsyphd a yahoo com >
LaGrange, Ky USA - Sunday, February 09, 2014 at 21:57:26 (PST)

lights flicker whenever i'm mad or stressed. at first i thought it's just coincidence but it happens all the time.
and when i'm really pissed off, electrical devices shuts down (blackouts sometimes). is this normal?
need answers...

robbie <robbie_hall a yahoo com >
philippines - Friday, January 03, 2014 at 07:58:59 (PST)

hi, Im 12 and I always thought I was alone.
for the last year Ive been feeling weird. Last year I was camping and our portable electric stove electricouted me. but it dident hurt, and I held on. My 20 year old sister told me to let go. the whole day I felt energisd. And I kept zapping my sister. the year passed by and I tought little of it. then one day at a store I touched the cart. I got the biggest static zapp ever! then, The next day I just knew. I put some dead batteries in my hand, and yes they were shure dead. I could feel the electric current going dowen my arm. I put the batteries back in the device and it worked. not well, it would turn on for a few seconds then turn of again. that night I found I could drain energie from my little brother and my mom. by the end of the night I was more awake than ever befor... and my mom and brother were drained. over a few days I did a lot of experimenting. I can destroy the waves going to my radio. its harder in a car but its still possible. About a week ago I was outside a store waiting for a cab and I sat on a bench out side. the light above me went off. when the cab got there and I got in the light turned back on. I got home and I went to play with my cat. I piked him up and I zapped him hared. since then he's been avoiding me. oh ya, I can also drain electricity out of outlets by putting my hand on it. NOT IN IT!!!!!! that's all.

katie <katy55 love1s drago65ns a hotmail com >
USA - Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 11:20:36 (PST)

I was working at a hotel in 1986 here in NJ and a man just moved his new health club in the lower lobby level. I had never seen him but heard he was a "hot head". Soon there was a snow storm and there was comotion in the upper lobby. It seems the "hot head" was out there, mad, because non of the hotel employees shoveled the sidewalks for his patrons (let alone our guests). I was curious to see this guy so I made an excuse to go across the lobby to see my husband (at the time)that had an office on the other side. I got to the center of the lobby, turned and looked at "hot head" (who was quite a distance away so I really didn't SEE him well) he did not see me but suddenly, an soft but strong electrical current entered the top of my head and went all the way out my feet and a strong statement came over me that said we were soulmates. It was so bizzar but I dismissed it. That was 1986 and this week is our 18th wedding anniversary. My husband Mike has lights bulbs go out when he passes by. We always have extensive Halloween lighting displays each year. This last Halloween at 8:05 we were standing on the front porch and NO ONE was around (we live alone) and he said, I'm tired, I wish the lights would just go out. At that instant, the entire display went out. Today. he was doing carpenter work in a friends garage. He was being told a story that upset him and when he made a comment that expressed his anger, the automatic garage door clicked and went down. There was no one else around. He open the door, the story was continued and the garage door clicked and went down again. This goes on ALL the time. He's always recharging vehicle batteries or changing batteries in remotes or flash lights. Generally, it happens when he's upset about something. He mills things around in his mind then it's like a burst of emotion and lights go out. We've never looked into it but we always comment on it when it does happen.
Christine Barham <windyierhill297033 a hotmail com >
NJ USA - Monday, December 16, 2013 at 18:08:25 (PST)

when me age 10(12 years ago) i was shock by current and many mystery case happen on me, let say all may be my imagine only... but this year, second day hari raya... around 11.30pm until 12.30am(next day), when i turn off my computer at my dark room and ready to sleep. when i jump on my own bed at dark, me surrounding buy a circle light around 27-30 inch... let imagine your handphone light reduce to 30% bright and imagine it a circle 27-30 inch... inside the circle of light, got a flower shape which shine like inside have a mini crystal .... the brightness like 70-80% at handphone... its happen around me and end for 2 seconds.... at first i thought may be i was too tired and must be my imagine, then i swipe my own bed, each i swipe, got a fading light around 5-10% brightness only then i wake up my young bro which sleep another bed in my room, he wake up and thought i play magic show... after he realize its real and he also can see the fading light... mean i was not dream.. is really happen... is my bed not normal or myself not normal?
steve <stv_maco a yahoo com m>
sandakan, sabah malaysia - Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 23:17:39 (PST)

My mother was pregnant with me at full tern when she was electrocuted while cleaning the oven with a wet sponge. The jolt threw her backward so the voltage she received must havebeen pretty strong. I was told there was a lot of consern as I stopped moving, this was 1960 so a "wait and see " attitude was taken. I was born healthy a few weeks latter. I never wore a watch until age 26 when I became a nurse. I wore a series of cheap watches that stopped after a few days of wearing without a thought of any connection to being electrocuted inutero. I received a watch on mothers day from my son, when it stopped I took it to a jeweler who changed the battery without success, it still didn't run. It was he who told me about people who "killed watches". I killed one my watch (a cheap one) before swithing to a watch that nurses wear pinned to their uniform, the face is upside down as to be seen when looking down. been
elizabeth white <eawhiteokc a gmail com >
USA - Friday, December 06, 2013 at 17:12:31 (PST)

I have recently researched and found out this could be related to blood type. I am Rh negative and I wonder if a majority of the other people on here are also. It would be very interesting to find out one way or the other. I shock people and myself frequently. It is so bad I hate to get out of my car because I know I am going to get a painful shock when I touch the door to close it. I have blown out light bulbs before, house lights dim and brighten also. Also have had prophetic dreams. Have bought brand new electronics and they do not work right out of the box. Thought I just had bad luck with that but now I wonder. Christmas lights will often only work once for me maybe for a day, sometimes not at all. Just the other day I opened the microwave and it came on and started working with the door wide open. This is probably the fifth or sixth microwave I've had to buy in as many years. On a maybe unrelated side note: my great great grandpa was one of those people who could heal warts with his hands.
nope, USA - Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 23:23:12 (PST)

I'm not as bad as most sufferers on here, nor is it from childhood, only as I've got older I think. I've never been able to wear wrist watches, they die in a few weeks, cell phones discharge quicker, and signal is always lower than other peoples in same area. My laptops always freeze on me and just typing can take ages. I once lit up a fluorescent tube that was just on a work surface, not fully, but it glowed whenever I touched it. I've worked as an electrician, and spent 2 yrs on a nuclear testing facility in the pacific. I suffer from old hag syndrome, frequently for a while, but rarely now, am sensitive but not psychic.
nigel pearce <nigepearce1 a hotmail couk >
winchester, Uk - Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 17:39:52 (PST)

Lately every time I walk into a room the lights would flicker sometimes they would go really dark then bright again but when I walk out of the room it would all go back to normal it has been happening in every room and it scares me in a way one day one of the lights when out and would not work and same with street lights and if anyone knows y plz answer
Hayleigh <M >
USA - Friday, November 08, 2013 at 16:37:44 (PST)

Hi,this Iris Starwalker. First I'd like to say, it was great reading some of the testimonials. I've known for a long time I am not alone as far as being psycho kinetic. However, I've found for my self that being psycho Kenitic can leave feelings of being different or alone sometimes...so it's refreshing to be reminded of others like myself. A day in my life will be one or sometimes all of the following.

* walking through stores and shutting down all power in the whole half of the building where I walk

* stores electronic sliding doors not opening

* total loss of power in work building

* heavy glass doors flying open when I am upset or disrupted

* my cell phone On while time is running but loss of any communication power, or just total loss of power to cell. At times my cell phone or computer will go static.

* I took down a tree by thought. I have the picture on my face page

* More recently I've noticed that when upset but not tensed up, items around me shake or fall to the ground.

It's a life style I've just lived with. However, recently I've become curious why it is happening everyday as common place. I have some theories on this from doing some research but I'd like to learn more for obvious reasons. I've experimented for years with changing stop lights with looking at them and thinking them to change before I get to light...it's a normal everyday thing I do to keep driving straight through. I am into remote viewing and other avenues in metaphysics. I would like to meet someone else like me. I can be contacted on my Facebook page at Crystal Iris Starwalker Wilson. Have a great day everyone, it's what you create it to be.

crystal Wilson <irisstarwalker11 a gmail com >
vancouver, wa USA - Tuesday, November 05, 2013 at 17:33:36 (PST)

Since I was little I've had these unexplained things happen. Asked my mother & she said she didn't know. Nonchalantly asked a doctor and he said they were all coincidences. I'm not buying it. Always felt something was "weird" about me.

Here's the list of things that happen quite often:

- doorknob sparks when touch it especially when I have a cut on my finger
- crash computers
- kill wristwatches
- dim lights when walking into a room
- static zap people ALL the time
- get angry or have a headache & devices stop running properly
- body is usually warm/hot, when I wake from sleeping I feel like I'm going to freeze to death
- dream of things that come true on many occasions
- only one in the entire building whose internet stops working. IT guys have no clue.
- gone through many cell phones for numerous unexplained reasons

Kat <unknowntoyou>
USA - Tuesday, November 05, 2013 at 12:48:46 (PST)

My mother sadly passed away on a Friday. I found her in the living room. On the Sunday my boyfriend accompanied me to the house (first visit)and we sat down in that living room. There was a dim light switch and I turned it on to medium light, not full light. As we sat talking the light suddenly went to full capacity by itself, very bright and we stopped and looked at each other and were alarmed. Suddenly there was a smell of burning and smoke started coming from the light socket and there was a brown stain from the smoke. I turned the light off and my boyfriend wanted to leave immediately. The switch had to be turned manually to change the brightness. Has that happened to anyone else?
Angela Mcdonnell <rosalund_007 a yahoo com >
USA - Saturday, November 02, 2013 at 04:30:33 (PDT)

I have always known am an electric person,cant wear watches they stop working,always get hit by footballs,burise easiliy,blow lamps up,washers,cookers,dryers,teles,irons,i have eperienced exploding head syndrome... i suffer bad with sleep paralisis, i cant spell haaaha,i have always believed i can sense peoples thoughts,can read people quite good.. ex boyfriends bein unfaithful too but been unsure..i should trust myself even more now reading everyones experiences:P x am not a fruit cake! i do know it!!! :D Also very strange dreams... warnings if ya like...x
Stacy <Stacy.calvert1 a faceook com >
USA - Friday, November 01, 2013 at 06:57:36 (PDT)

As long as I could remember whenever I'm around electronics they start to static even when they are turned off. Every cell phone I get malfunctions after a couple of hours of me using them. I've returned several because of this. Or I have to use a stylus for the screen to react

♡Goldngyrl♡ <goldngyrl1 a yahoo com >
IL USA - Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 11:52:08 (PDT)

When I was a child, I had a "meltdown" about having to do dishes again when it wasn't my turn. That was the angriest I remember being growing up. As I was doing the dishes I kept hearing exploding type sounds from the attached garage. I went to the door, but the doorknob was hot to touch. Thankfully, too hot to open. I was maybe 10 years old? I went to my parents and told them what was going on. To this day, I cannot believe they didn't hear it? Anyway, it turns out there was a short circuit and it resulted in the fire. We thought my younger brother was in the garage working on his mini bike, but he'd left and went to a friend?s house. Something we did not find out for at least an hour.

I didn't make any connections for the next 5-6 years and of course, there were no computers at that time to do any research. I checked encyclopedias, but to no avail. It continues to this day, over 50 years later. After about 10 years I started to watch for a pattern. I remember my father complaining to the city officials about the one outside our home. It would literally blow up once or twice a month. I was quite hot headed as a teenager.

At work the computers, fax machines, registers, etc. would either start smoking or just shut down when I was extremely upset. I always believed street lamps would go out for everyone...every time they approached one. An employee quit because she was once married to a man and lived with these events. I had not said a word to her. It is not something I share with others. She watched the pattern and knew.

I talked with my sister about it, fearing she would show concern for my mental wellbeing, but she was quite validating. She said she has known this for years and it was confirmed after receiving an emotional call from me. While on my way from work, I decided to stop at a coffee shop about half way home. I heard a voice in my right ear telling me to be careful, the guy ahead of me was going to hit me. I could feel the persons breath on my ear and thought I was losing my mind...no one was in the car with me. There is no history of schizophrenia, as far as I knew, but it isn?t always due to a genetic predisposition. Why I thought this is beyond me?I am not a hypochondriac in any way. I laughed it off wondering how this person could possibly run me over when he/she was in front of me.

I ran into Star?. And grabbed my coffee. As I was about to step off the curb onto the parking lot, I heard tires squeal and there he was?I almost stepped in front of the very car as he was leaving. I fell back and dropped my coffee. Staff from various places and customers gathered around. After assuring everyone the only thing hurt was my self-respect, the staff at Star?. kindly replaced my coffee and I was on my way. I picked up my newest cell phone and called my sister. As I was telling her about this, I heard a loud bang and the phone went dead. After trying for several hours, I was finally able to get through to her. While talking with me, her house was hit by lightning. It was sunny out and the neighbors and others who witnessed it were in shock at this strange event. It made the local paper.

I had to see a therapist once about other issues and when I tried to explain this to warn him, he laughed it off. As I was working through this horrible issue in my life, his light bulbs would burst, his computer turned itself off several times, smoke started coming from the vents, etc. I think he believed me after a few instances and we started meeting outside his office in a picnic area. I thought that was hilarious, but he assured me it was simply due to the fresh air and open space. Okay?

About 15 years ago, I wrote to a man in Great Britain about this. I heard back from him explaining this is a legitimate phenomenon. It was so validating.

It doesn?t happen all the time, but mainly when I am at an extreme with my emotions. I could not believe this existed. Giving birth?it messed up the monitors, etc. I?ve somewhat learned to control my emotions, but there are events that happen which are beyond control.

Someone once told me this is a gift. I don?t see it that way. I wonder if my cell phone carrier and the insurance carriers of my electronics (mandatory coverage) would see it as a gift?if they knew. I have to work on better control as it is lacking these past few years due to events.

Bonnie Schirtz
USA - Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 06:25:44 (PDT)

Hello, I am a 40 something year young woman. I have had Epilepsy since I
was 8 years old. I have noticed that when there is going to be an Earthquake or
there is pressure in the atmosphere I feel migraines and get very dizzy. I feel
like I am my own Doppler Radar Disc. I have also been dealing with a Sixth Sense that involves Psychic abilities and not always good. I also have a gift with
Numbers. I have had very Spiritual experiences that were good and not bad,rather perplexing and left wanting more information. The most amazing
of all spiritual experiences is that I have a Star. This Star has come very close to me and I do have a friend whom witnessed this with me a few times. I want to go to a Medium but haven't yet.

KELLY ATHEARN <kellyathearn a yahoo com 7#8^>
Mission Viejo, CA USA - Sunday, September 08, 2013 at 16:22:18 (PDT)

I am 27 years old, and I began suspecting that I had some sort of affect on energy since I was 18.

Light bulbs are of course, a give me. Roommate after roommate in college discovered my ability to blow bulbs without my ever having to suggest it was something to do with my own energy- from the most conservative people to the most liberal. There have always been ongoing jokes from my friends and I do get a lot of candles as gifts. Once, I was in a group meeting after a very long day on campus, and I was fairly emotional and exhausted.. about 30 minutes into our meeting at the library, the fluorescent lights above our table went out, followed seconds later by the entire second floor going dark. The rest of the library was unaffected. After 15 minutes of darkness and no other rooms available on the other floors, I called the meeting and sent everyone home to work individually. These kind of stories are plentiful for me, so I assumed the lights would come back on after I left. and they did. Have I mentioned track lighting? I always destroy lights in those- beyond buying new light bulbs. As in, call an electrician.

Street lights go off when I walk underneath them. Or very rarely, one that is off pops back on- wish that would happen in my loft right now with the two sockets that no longer work at all.

The big "PHARMACY" sign just across from my downtown window only lights up as "PHAR" since the first week of moving in a few months ago. I was walking home one night and was waiting to cross the street, when those letters behind me just went out. I'll let Walgreens handle that one.

Cars.. cars are no good for me. I've had new cars, used cars.. doesn't matter what car. I always end up with a mysterious problem that shuts my car down while I'm driving. My cars. just. die. I treat them so nicely too! Once, my car was plugged into the diagnostics machine and even blew the entire machine. Or was it because I was standing nearby?

Machines. Printers. I was once trying to bail a friend out of jail (college, right?) and had to have a cashiers check. Two places that I went to both had "this has never happened before" scenarios. The machines just stopped printing.

"This has never happened before"... could I please get a dollar for every time I've heard that? I could easily have paid forI an electronic device free vacation by now. I was trying to register for free giveaways at a concert last night, and while I was registering online, the device completely froze up. White screen. Nothing. After a couple of people tried restarting, rebooting, and everything in between, my husband apologized on my behalf and told them it was my fault for having touched the screen in the first place. They looked a bit confused, maybe even a little bit sorry that I had such a mean husband, but he's not mean. He understands me. His apology was appropriate and just beat my own by a hair. Of course, I was reassured that "this has never happened before", as if that would make it not my fault :)

Back to computers.... the Apple guys just love it when I walk in. They're beginning to believe me when I tell them, IT"S JUST ME. I've seen more system error numbers and messages than I can shake a stick at. Let's define "user error" shall we? I stopped using my friends' and family members' laptops a long time ago.

I always have an issue with my cell as well. Whether it's a battery that won't stay charged (I know that's common, but with me it's so common that like I said- even the Apple techs are beginning to suspect that new devices don't stand a chance with me), my apps crashing every other time I use them, a phone that won't power on, or off... there's always something happening.

Remotes- car remotes, especially. I go through those batteries like crazy. Most people don't even realize that they have batteries you can change. Sometimes though, it's just the fact that it's me pushing the button. I can hand it to my husband and the unlock button works just fine for him... as well as the other buttons that seem to hesitate doing their thing for me.

Security codes- ever have to punch a number for a door to open? Why do I always pick these places to live? My husband has watched me enter the correct numbers, without pressing any other buttons by accident, and the door still not open for me. That problem never happens for him, or any other people that have ever been with me.

Thanks for having an outlet for me to plug into and vent (pun intended). On a side note, these problems occur more frequently whenever my mood isn't wonderful, I'm emotional or have been emotional, or on the flip side- whenever I'm feeling really really good about life. I'm a social scientist, so objective observations, even of myself, are something I'm trained in and really great at doing. However, I'm really sick of my coffee pot not working on the mornings that I'm the crankiest. I'd buy another one, but it would probably get to know me well enough to stop working too :)

I do believe that there are some great gifts that could come from this. I'm a very personable woman, and people are naturally drawn to me. I waited tables through college, and I can't count the number of life stories I got from customers. It's always happened like that since I was a young girl. I've always been incredible intuitive. I can sense others' emotions and feelings very easily. I've been told that being in my presence is healing- by both physically ill people and emotionally distraught. Three times in my life, I've had someone approach me and tell me that I have a great gift. Strangers.. although I never use that word, because I prefer to think that we're all just un-introduced friends.

I hope that you other out there can also find something beneficial from these otherwise nagging circumstances. I do believe that perhaps we can learn how to harness this energy for the greater good.

Love and blessings to all.
-Jenni lee

Jenni Lee Shelton-Greer <jennilee4peace gmail>
Nashville, TN USA - Friday, August 30, 2013 at 13:09:51 (PDT)

my son hamza , 18years old was sufering from acute myeloid leukemia. admited in hospital, three days before his death , he had curent , any body touches him , he get shoked, voice was also raised on touching him ,
dr khizar qazi <qazikhizer a yahoo com >
sargodha, pakistan - Monday, August 26, 2013 at 01:00:32 (PDT)

Jan 2013 I was Re Modeling a Kitchen, I had 12 BRASS Screws on the end of the BAR in the Middle of the Kitchen, I went ouside at 2:30 pm to Dry in Chimney and when I returned at 4:30pm the Screws were Missing.

At around 10pm when I quit work they Re Appeared same spot

This Still Concerns me

Few days later the owner Keeps a Office in his Home Locked, He had Just picked up a Bottle of High Blood Pressure Medicine & sit it in the Middle of his Desk , Went Missing for an Hour & Re Appeared

Bill Otinger
USA - Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 07:03:00 (PDT)

When I punch in the numbers on a cell phone I hear what sounds like little popping sounds like air bursts in my left ear. Anyone experienced anything like that? Leyland
leyland <leylandburgess a yahoo com >
montreal, USA - Friday, August 02, 2013 at 23:50:45 (PDT)

I just received a call from my brother in west texas who was hospitalized from electric shock he received from his MP3 player. But it gets weird from there. He claims that the headphones "came alive" and floated in the air while shocking him. he threw the mp3 player and it came back through the air and still shocking him. he said it stopped and started his heart. this went on for aprox. 15-20 seconds. ther was one witness who was also treated for shock not electric shock but shock from what he had witnessed. my brother is still in the hospital getting treated for ele. burns. I told him that this is all explainable but im no scientist.
Charles D Winstead <nluvwithmuzik a gmialcom>
San Angelo, Texas USA - Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 16:07:57 (PDT)

I have always had issues with any electronics. The first day on a cash register, within the first 5 minutes I crashed it and all the tape spewed out. They moved me tcomputer to train...crashed. I have always said my energy gets very 'strong' when I'm nervous or angry. Recently I was at my doctors office and was extremely off with aggitation because of a two week conflict with the nurse (won't go into details but to explain the aggrevation...I had to report her to her health care network for being caught lying and neglecting to do her job) and you could cut the tension in the exam room with a knife. Her thermometer started glitching and I attempted to make the joke about myself and electronics (as we all who suffer from these little issues do) and she snapped stating that it isn't physically possible. I could have spit acid around this time. She started typing in her computer the answers to those obligatory questions as her computer began glutching and eventually froze to where she had to restart. What I enjoyed most was her comment about how she thought they had worked out all the glitches a while ago. I pleasantly smiled :D
Ashtron <ashclark311 a gmailcom>
yellowsprings, OH USA - Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 09:55:53 (PDT)

Since I was a child I have had terrible "luck" with electronics. My stereos constantly going out, battery operated watches dying at an alarming rate, even when I stand near a radio the signal will cut in and out. I have always shocked people and myself easliy. But in the past year it has increased ten fold. I average about a dozen shocks per day now. I have to ground myself before I kiss my husband, the poor unwitting man is shocked terribly on the lips if I am not careful (a painful experience for us both). Sparks are ALWAYS visible when I touch something and grounding doesn't even work 100% for me.
I am also hihghly sensitive to high voltage wires, they will cause head aches and dizziness if I hang around too long. Which seems odd to me as I feel I am highly electrical all by myself. Drinking out of plastic cups or styrofoam containers can bcomfortable as well, something I don't quite understand. It's like I feel the electric charge building with my teeth and it is a weird sensation. Does anyone else have this issue?
Most of my clothing is cotton and I rarley wear shoes around my house so it can't be those things. My mom has told me I have been "charged" since before I was born. She noticed an electrical "buzz" while pregnant with me. I'm not sure what all this means, or how to prevent it. I sure am sick of being electrocuted and electrocuting my loved ones. But I am glad to know I am not the only one!

Anne <chefanne_marie a yahoo[dot]com>
Sacramento, CA USA - Friday, May 24, 2013 at 12:06:41 (PDT)

I?m Lars. I?m a 22 year old boy from Denmark (Northern Europe) I came across this site in search of answers, and I decided to submit my story.
I often encounter unexplained things in my life,(Light flashes in the horizon, static in all radios I came across, flickering light bulbs and things alike another example is that I can tell if something electrical is powered or not just by listening to it) but it all went crazy when I met my, now exgirlfriend. She had an adjustable lamp that she had owned for about two years before she met me without it ever doing anything out of the ordinary.
It just went crazy in my presence. Not all the time, but often enough that I felt strange about it (approx. once to twice a week when it was ?Normal?, up to four times a day when it was at its worst). In the start we just joked about it, you know, something like that someone was following me who didn?t like the lamp. But then it got worse and worse. Most radios fades to plain ?White noise? in my presence.
I?ve always found it difficult reacting to the feeling anger (I almost never get angry, but when I do electric things often die in my presence).

Two months ago i was very angry on my girlfriend?s mother, because she always interfered when I had an argument with my exgirlfriend. I must admit that my rage-level at this point was explosive, so I went to bed where I planned to boil it off. Suddenly all the fuses in the house went off one by one (LITTERALY one by one), leaving the entire house in total darkness.
Now I live on my own and I almost feel a little symbiotic with things powered by electricity, but I still can?t understand why things respond to me the way they do. I don?t suffer from static discharges at all.

That?s all I believe, you are free to contact me on my E-mail if you experience things like me =)

Lars Hansen <protess5 a hotmailcom>
Denmark - Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 17:40:14 (PDT)

I seem to be having problems wcomputers and cell phones.Every phone I seem to get starts acting unusual. My computer acts even worse, it will shut off on me, completely delete a website I'm on. One happened the other night with my husband standing wright next to me.Bizarre things happen all the time. My husband has had to reconfigure my computer 3 times and one just stopped working all together.I do get electrical shocks when no one in my family does. So I have a question, how do I stop this and has anyone been tested for this?
Jeanie Gregory <crafterjg a comcastnet>
Colorado Springs, CO. USA - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 15:59:52 (PDT)

I don't think its unusual..for me but here goes,electronic things screw up or freeze when I use them .Of course I half to be in that certain mood for it to happen.Now that I'm older I can control it,and should anyone care to know . I have a gift that I seldom use,and would never accept money for,which is truly the unusual phenomena theses days ,THANKS
Rhonda Haley
canada - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 07:46:49 (PDT)

I have electric experiences everyday from kissing my husband and getting shocked with the loud noise, always in the car, stroking my dog (poor animal waits on being shocked) walking around the house and touching anything I'll get a spark and shock. I've held usb sticks and then they don't work (not all the time though) I've held someones Iphone and it didn't work for 24 hours very strange indeed so not sure why also my watch kinetic is always wrong which you don't expect for a rolex but there you go that's my experience to date and I'm a female who is now 48 years old.
USA - Friday, April 12, 2013 at 16:32:00 (PDT)

I've been killcomputers and light bulbs have been exploding whenever I was angry. The weirdest thing was when I was seven and my Radio tower turned on by itself on its maximum volume in the middle of the night. The same goes for lights. It usually happens when I'm frustrated, but I cannot use it when I want it. It's bizzare. Therefore I never watch series or movies on computers, because they just won't work.


Nina <""nina.gorkic a gmailcom**??>
Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia - Sunday, April 07, 2013 at 14:34:36 (PDT)

I somehow interfear with electronics and radios I can make radio stations better or worse never know which I've done this sense I was real young as long as I remember .but I also brake phone cameras mcomputers etc they either get real glitchy or stop working all together .I also freeze screens on these thing s almost every time I touch them .most of my friends won't let e use any of there electronics anymore.
Victoria L Phillips <adkinsmilrl a yahoocom>
Corbin, Ky USA - Monday, April 01, 2013 at 08:27:28 (PDT)

lights go out when im in a bad mood, and on when in a good mood. doesnt happen all the time. sometimes i put them off and back on days later. seems to happen most with lights that hum. my mom can do it too. used to freak out my friends by waving my finger at known lights. haha. funny to see them try it.
mike <tukotuko a emailcom>
brantford, ont canada - Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 18:04:39 (PDT)

Im at a young adult, i dont want to sound crazy even though i already do. This hasent been very noticable long but it grows more vivid each and every time. I cant look in the sky on a clear day or i can look in the sky when its thunderstorming. But while im looking i can see the energy moving around in the sky in slow motion, i can see when lightning is about to form. This is kindve scary because i dont want somsthing really bad happening. Can anybody explain this to me.
Tx USA - Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 06:03:17 (PDT)

I must confess. I find it strange that so many people are afraid/concerned/unnerved by such things happening to them. Personally, I think its awesome. Seriously awesome.

Some of my experiences are as follows: I CONSTANTLY need to get new phones. In a period of 3 months I had two phones, both brand new. Within a month of getting the second phone, I yet again needed another; I will have THREE phones in less than a year. I am quite sensitive to peoples energy, especially when I meditate on a daily basiscomputer frequently will not work properly. I just spent $700 or so on a custom build (Minus HDD and other things), and I swear is it 5 years old. I used to constantly have BSOD's. Internet comes and goes. One time I was in a car with an acquaintance and my roommate. I sit down in the back and the owner of the car pulls out her GPS and says, "Whenever you are around, my electronics don't work". Hmmmm. The other day I was at Intel for a job. In order to be around the manufacturing side of the buildings, you have to wear an anti-static vest, grounding straps you put on your boots/shoes, and then have to be literally GROUNDED to the ground so no electricity can come from you. (Electric shock will destroy electronics) They hook you up to the "grounding machine" we'll call it, and connect it to a little metal button that is on your vest. It took me 5-6 tries in different spots to finally get me grounded. Eventually I had to literally hold it to get it to work. The guy was a little surprised. It said that I was a "high warning". LoL. Another time I was walking down the frozen food section at a store, and I SWEAR just as I walked past them, 2-3 doors worth of lights on BOTH SIDES turned off, then on as I walked past them. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!

Other people will use my electronics and they will work fine. I use other peoples electronics, they don't work as well as they do for the owner. I can water witch too. I feel energies from precious stones, the Earth... Anything that has an energy. I was at a rock shop recently, and the woman had me touch a large crystal ball, about the size of a volleyball. My hand started tingling, and I felt almost like a cold tingling sensation move up my arm. Earlier in this shopping experience, I picked up a small bunch of crystal shards, and then placed them on the counter. My hand tingled exactly where I had been holding them.

Needless to say, I am energy sensitive. Oh, and I forgot. One time, on LSD, I kid you not, I communicated with someone. Had a full blown conversation with him for about 1 minute. Afterwards, he had the "WTF just happened" look on his face. During that experience I was also able to literally hear EVERYONES thoughts and conversations, no matter where they were in the apartment. Imagine having 4 other peoples thoughts or conversations in your head, and listening to each friggin' one as if you were actually conversing with them. I also saw energy that time.

Embrace it! You arcommon! Why would you want to be like the rest, when you can stand apart?! Be proud to be different. Use this strange characteristic to broaden your horizons and realize true understandings of Life. Perhaps you will be begin to see what is truly real, and that all you see before you is all an incredible illusion.

You experience these things, because... well, you are more powerful than the rest. We are all different than "normal" people. Sound occultic? Well, its not. Its the Truth. Think about it. There is very little understanding why this happens to a small population of people. Your, our auras are very strong. Focus your energy somewhere positive. Cultivate Love and Understanding, not fear. Auras are linked to physical and Spiritual bodies. Learn to focus your energy properly, and you cacomplish ANYTHING.

Be well.

TheLightInUs <psillytherapy a gmailcom>
USA - Friday, March 22, 2013 at 22:34:49 (PDT)

I have always had strange things happen around me. Currently I notice it most with light bulbs in multiple houses as well as radios. I've actually been able to fluctuate static on the radio without moving from 25 feet away by switching between powerful negative and positive thoughts. When I googled this website my phone turned into a strobe light every time I would touch the screen. Drugs can also influence this as sober people observed me glitch out my phone which never worked properly again as well as light amounts of alcohol seem to increase my accuracy in predicting things like socoming up on the radio. I find that often when I bring up a subject in my daily life I then am exposed through outside sources. Today for example a friend and I were talking about Paul Rudd and the movie "I Love You Man" seemed to stick in my head. Hours later when we turned on the T.V. can you guess what was on? I also noticed I seem to wipe bank cards after 2-3 months. The girls in the bank are constantly rolling their eyes at me because of how often I replace it. When I was younger there were quite a few times I would go to turn the light on in my room only to watch a blinding blue flash go between my fingers and the switch followed by the bulb exploding in a blue flash. This always suprised me and made me jump back, I could hear it but I felt almost nothing what so ever. As a young child I experienced a 110V shock and actually liked the soft tingle. When I was about 10 I accidentally came in contact with a 220 which wasn't nearly as fun. I believe we are all radios and that possibly, when as a child we experience electricity, it causes our body to develop a more active sense of electrical feilds. Honestly though, your guess is as good as mine.
Justin <wakejustinATgmailDOTcom>
SK Canada - Monday, March 18, 2013 at 03:09:27 (PDT)

I live in Australia, I'm 25 and for the last few years I've had a few odd encounters... I have quite often broken or shattered glass cups or plates just by holding them... They don't shatter in a manner that would indicate that I have been careless... They usually shatter in half, I have never recieved an injury from this as there are no jagged edges, it's a clean break. Street lights are yet another strange encounter quite often I will be walking within a few feet of the streetlight in question and it will suddenly go out... I work night shifts 4 nights a week and this is almost a daily occurance... Usually the streetlights will turn off before I approach them and turn on after I have walked a few meters ahead... There is a streetlight approximately 8 Metres from my house and just now it has gone off and on numerous times whilst I've been sitting outside, however when I go back inside and observe from a distance... It has stayed on... I can also feel the electrical charge from certain objects being plugged into power... Notebly the laptop... When it is plugged into power I can feel a tingling sensation when I touch the laptop or if I am leaning against the keyboard.... When my phone is plugged into a charger I can also feel light tingling sensation through my fingers and if I receive a call at the time my phone is plugged I get a small but continuous electrical charge which tingles my face... Lol... I also cannot hold escalator rails as I get zapped every time I do... All in all I'm just weird, I guess...
Tamara <diva_devil21 a hotmailcom>
USA - Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 03:56:21 (PDT)

I began noticing this years ago because of my job. I've worked in the hotel industry and have had this experience in many different hotels. My job always requires me to use elevators.

I began to notice that whenever I wait for a service elevator (not a regular one) I begin to experience a sense of moving or pulsing in my body as I wait for the elevator- NOT riding in it. It's as if the elevator is giving off some kind of electric field that I can feel as it arrives. At times it can be very strong and highly disorienting and I literally need to step a few feet away from the push buttons.

I know it's not psychological, because I'm usually too busy to anticipate or think about it. I'll be reading a report and I'll push the button and suddenly, I'll feel woozy and need to step away from it.

What's odd is that it only happens with service elevators. I'm beginning to think that perhaps service elevators emit more of an electrical field of some kind. Does anyone else experience unusual sensations near these types of elevators?

Will <Wilus03 a gmailcomextracharacters>
Honolulu, Hi USA - Friday, February 22, 2013 at 23:19:24 (PST)

SInce I was a child I have been unable to wear a watch. Within a few days the batteries run dead, I once had 5 watches with new batteries, those lasted about two weeks. when I turn on light switches there are often sparks and light bulbs blow regularly. electronic equipment doesn't last long either. Yet other people can turn them on just fine. Recently in an airport I couldn't touch the trolley because I got shocked and even shocked my daughter. She was then unable to touch the trolley either. was quite fun making her hair dance around her head though. I also shock myself on the car handle. People I know rarely believe me when I tell them so I have to say I am glad I found your site. Thank You.
Jasmin <jasminleetupper a gmailcom>
South Africa - Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 06:46:13 (PST)

My daughter is 8 and carries extra spark she shocks me a lot and lights have exploded and just tonight one exploded and started on fire she really freaks out and I don't say anything but I'm pretty sure it's her no matter where in the house this happens to her

As I was looking at this page I realized that I might be making things move and then re appear later my dad gets mad cz I lose things all the time but I know where I left them lol and any hour or even days later I find them wher I left them I just did this with my phone lol or maybe I'm just crazy ! But I do know that something's up with my bay girl hmmmmm

USA - Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 20:34:36 (PST)

I come from Zambia and up to age 41 I experienced nothing of a static shock. At 41 I spent winter in Namibia and experienced this for the first time. I am now 46 and just spent my 3rd winter in Namibia and I experience shocks quite often, once or twice a week.

Today I learned from Internet articles that here in Namibia this is commoner because the air is very dry, compared to my native country, Zambia. Easy explanation why I only experienced shocks so late in life.

But here is my puzzle. This was the reason I searched the Internet today. I have failed to find anything useful on the Web on this. I am just recovering from the worst flu in my life (We are in spring). Began last Sabbath. On the second and third day of symptoms my body was really hot. And alas, those days and the next four days of my illness I have had a shock almost each time a touched a door, fridge or wall. Literally tens of times a day. Another difference: all previous shocks were only felt. But many of the ones during this illness were vissible sparks.


cousins gwanama <cgwanama at unam.na>
Windhoek, Namibia - Saturday, September 05, 2009 at 09:54:05 (PDT)

I can make dried herbs dance around in a plastic container. Even after I take my hand a way it will take a couple seconds for the charge to go away. I always know when a thunderstorm is coming, for several hours before any clouds form in the sky my hair goes wild.
Sharon Peoples <icthruutooo at aoldot com>
Yucaipa, ca USA - Sunday, September 06, 2009 at 00:00:47 (PDT)

Book ad: Tesla coil murder mystery at the University of Washington, A Spark of Death, by Bernadette Pager
Whenever I get a headache or angry all of the electronic devices around me tend to malfunction. They turn off automatically or just in general start being defective (not working, internet randomly going out when everyone's internet around me is fine, etc). Any idea what is going on? This has been happening all of my life.
USA - Monday, May 28, 2012 at 19:38:21 (PDT)

electric "shock" when touching other people or objects, other peoples hair raising while standing next to them, alarms going off on the entrance of shops while passing them (to the point where its only ringing on me, and security guards happily strip me down, happening) cars running out of electricity in the middle of driving, or do not want to start at all(often), elevators stopping or malfunctioning (occasionaly), alarm systems going off (bank), computers shutting down, malfunctioning or having not typical responds (green screen on mac computer etc) printers malfunctioning, iphone not responding on touch (freezing) or turning on and off by itself, malfunction of 5 computers in the same room, and others on another location that were in that moment connected with the mentioned 5 above. malfunction of the heating/cooling system in a house which is depending on electricity (http://www.aquatherm-pipesystems com/32.0.html?&L=2) light bulbs exploding(very rarely, lights going on and off in house or street...and the list goes on. the reason i am sending this is that i am hoping you have some info on what is this, can it really be controled, and does it have any meaning? if you need more info, or proof, or witnesses or i have no idea what you might want, feel free to ask, if you can help
diana <cohechko a gmail commm>
- Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 16:07:53 (PDT)

this is embaressing I need a scientific explabation that is not some hocjey pokey spiritual guide or healer freakng out or giving me some bull shit response. my fingers burn I intensly when I touch an electri ball I shock my daughter all the time my love , I run very hot unless im sleeping then I wake up freezing to death even if the trenp ib the room is near 80 I cant go down slides because you can hear the poppibg of electricity ehen I go down and I end up zapping everyone around me.my fingers get super red and hot when I want them to and when I do shock people it I a visible load and painful, thetr are about 5 other things I can think of...dont believe ib voodoo balony I believe in science so an answer would be great. Oh and I once ran 20 laps without breaking a sweat..idk probably adreniline. I went to a healthcare expo recently and t he' he aler guy gave me this chain thing with a gold ball at the end it went as' fast as I wanted it to.
Nope <Nope>
Nope, No USA - Monday, May 07, 2012 at 11:37:11 (PDT)

I am 52, a family and trauma therapy specialist. I am somewhat of a recluse in my personal life, having given up trying to 'fit in' with what society demands as normal. I was reading newspapers by the age of 3, and passed my first school year with 100%. This provoked problems with the other children, so I decided to be 'stupid' instead the next year. I have always had a photographic memory, and then discovered I couldn't wear watches for long before they began losing or gaining time. I loved swimming until one day I found myself happily breathing under water, not feeling any stress for air whatsoever. It scared me, and have steadily withdrawn from swimming. I worked at an old age home in my early years and my boss screamed with laughter over the Roneo machine going haywire every time I stepped near it. She also christened me 'The angel of Death' because when a resident was having a bad time, I would go and pray for their suffering to ease, and within a week they slipped away quietly in their sleep. She always told people not to let me pray for them as they would die! I have also always had a problem with photocopiers that go off by themselves when I approach, and electronic doors will NOT open for me. I noticed that it only happens sometimes, and have not taken notes of my mood at the time. After reading the accounts on this web site, I will begin keeping a journal of each occurrence. I am very sensitive to people's emotions and thus my career chose me, not the other way round, as from a natural ability to understand and find solutions for hurting people. I also dream of things that come true, and would like to learn more about harnessing this ability, symptoms of which I believe are all related. I am also artistic and very creative (my first career choice). I have the feeling I am supposed to be doing something with this but wouldn't know where to begin. Anyone who knows more please contact me at my e-mail address.
Dr Glynn Goedhart <docgoodheart, telkomsa net>
Springs, Gauteng South Africa - Thursday, May 03, 2012 at 16:25:12 (PDT)

I have been experiencing that when I hover my fingers over Things powered by electricity I feel itchyness on my fingers, then it feels as if they go numb. It started with just shocking things all the time and then it got to the point where when I play my xbox with the wireless controller or if I use my wireless mouse for my computer that the batteries die so fast. I am getting frustrated because as I type this my mouse is flashing red again.
Patrick Westbrooks <misterbones a coxdotnet>
North Las Vegas, NV USA - Tuesday, May 01, 2012 at 08:19:31 (PDT)

04/30/ 2012
This morning I woke up to find that both my wrist watch and my cell phone read the time half hour behind, when I got to work both wall.clocks and computer were normal the time was correct, was this a coincidence or did something happen last night while I was a sleep.

Victor Manzo <mod_a_ten a Yahoo com>
Santa ana, ca USA - Monday, April 30, 2012 at 22:56:33 (PDT)

from the last six month i am getting shocks at every items i touched mainly of iron only. in the begining it was only once /twice a day but now, for the hole day i used to get shock at every times i touched iron things it is increasing day by day .
can anyone tell me how to stop it ????

arun <ascentqms a gmail com>
delhi, india India - Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 09:10:34 (PDT)

I can tell if a rock is ferromagnetic by holding it in my hands.
William Thomas Gilbert
Ithaca, NY USA - Monday, March 12, 2012 at 12:21:01 (PDT)

I have always had real strang things happen in my life, from lights going on and off to brighting when im near. A year ago I was hit by lightning and now the things that used to happen are more intence. I have started having dreams that acually happen a few days later. some things like e.s.p has become apart of my life being able to think about some one and then they call a few seconds after thinking about them.only happends with people that are close in my life. My static electricity has shot up big time and I have had to get used to discharging my self when I go to fill up my gas tank on my truck. there are alot of things that happen and I try to stay to my self alot because I dont like feeling like a freak.
robert wade barnes <robert_wade_barnes a yahoo com>
warner robins, ga USA - Tuesday, March 06, 2012 at 14:11:58 (PST)

i started researching when i there were too many "coincidences". i do get a lot of sparks no matter what i touch. but more than that i realized that something is wrong with each and every electronic device i have. my personal laptop, my watch, my phone, my fridge, my i-pod...even my computer at work. they either stop working.the computers have been turning on and off often. my comp at work has always had problems - and after the technician "fixed" it, it was fine for a day or two...and its back to switching on and off on its own.
my colleague and i often joke that my PC is sensitive and that you can't get excited around it or give it too much attention.
for a week i was the only one in the entire office whose internet wasn't working. it was fixed eventually. but it makes me think what happened in the first place. and now that i think about it was an extremely emotional time for me.

i have lost count of how many cell phones i have been thorough, this is my third in 2 years, not even counting before that. I was never fond of wearing watches. but then realized that the one watch i have always needs a battery change. this is also the second laptop battery in two years.

i have never had a problem with street lights or lamps etc...but i will definitely keep it in mind, and try to be more observant.
i will continue researching. i know there is energy all around us. i can sense those sometimes...but i know i have to be more conscious about them. thank you for this site...it helps to know other people's stories. i dont feel alone or so frustrated and angry any more.

anonymous <not telling>
USA - Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 23:15:54 (PST)

I have a odd knack. I often consistantly get static shock from objects all year round, yet when dealing with technology is never happens, as someone who works in it. I can turn on objects with depleted batteries and twice now have managed to "fix" electronic devices by doing nothing more then trying to turn them on, even in the presence of the person who claimed they didn't work and simply repeated what they just demonstrated.
Johan <Noir_Aoi a hotmail com>
Can - Monday, January 30, 2012 at 15:32:50 (PST)

I've always wondered if an electrically charged person was a real possibility. Despite jokingly claiming that was my problem during the weekly visits at work from IT. At this point I can predict the response before they can say it..."I've never seen it do that before". It does go beyond computer problems but twice this week I've lost work and the strange thing is I lose only part of the last save of documents. Outside of that my track record includes burning out light bulbs, both my headlights, phones, cable blinking out, street lights, even posting this I'm getting glitches. I even had a car that the compass only said S and thermostat was 40 degrees off, when my ex drove it exclusively for a few days it worked again til I got it back. I need a cure if possible cause this electric charge thing isn't exactly working in my favor. I still suppose it could all be coincidental
joan <bpatrick712 a yahoo com>
USA - Friday, January 27, 2012 at 18:54:05 (PST)

For all my life (I am 53), I have never been able to wear a watch. I also had weird affects on computers and I was also always shocking people when I touched them. Most of these symptoms have almost totally disappeared now. But, my son is now experiencing a lot of these same things. He is CONSTANTLY knocking his smart phones out. He is getting ready to have his 5th phone sent to him. He kept thinking it was the phones that the company he has his service with has...I am not so sure. He also knocks the computer at his workplace offline. Just recently, he has blown the circuit breaker in my house by simply mopping the floor with my shark steam mop. It has never done that to me. Last year, he was diagnosed with MS...which is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. I don't know if that has anything to do with the phenomena or not. Does anyone have any ideas on all of this? My son is getting so perplexed and aggravated by the whole thing.

Deborah Petty <wolflodge a inbox com>
Bakersville, NC USA - Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 12:00:29 (PST)

I have been electrocuted several times in my life, once by 30,000 volts and fell 25 feet off a ladder. I have always had a sixth sense with electricity since I was young. My mom use to say it was because she was shocked while carrying me by putting her hand in the dishwater and the other touched a bare radio knob. she was taken to the hospital and passed out. I use to fix older TVs by touching them, I understood if their was an interruption of the flow of electrons by gas or a change in the capacitance. I played with electricity as a kid, recorded phone calls with a device I made from spare parts. When the lights in our neighborhood went outpeople really did call my home to see if I was behind it somehow.
I broadcast once on police frequency with a gadget I made.
caused the phones in my neighborhood to be out with a jammer I was experimenting with. I still feel that understanding and have found I sense other people's moods before I actually see their face, Can tell when someone lies if I see them while they are talking. I have since I was 12 drawn a symbol that no one can tell me what it is.. Maybe I imagined it? I can write on paper other peoples lives possibles if you will? Have told people things I couldn't have known on paper, I cant do it orally. I had an EEG a few years back and it showed my right temporal lobe changing speeds. They tried to monitor me for 24 hours but got 8 and the machine fried. Recently I have started having "exploding head syndrome" but with flashes of lights.
Over the years I got away from the playing but I have had an impending feeling that something is coming and can not explain it.

Chuck Bridges <cbridges a sitehighway com>
USA - Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 14:39:21 (PST)

Iam 64years old.As a kid all watchs died on my wrist after about 2 weeks. Gave up wearing them. Ever since I got a cell phone, if I hold it againest my chest, the cover goes either down or away entirely. Problem is getting worse. Have no idea why this happens.Been like this all my like, plwase tell me why?
David Duane <thesecuritycollc a gmail com>
St. Louis, MO USA - Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 16:43:00 (PST)

I eperience all the instants of electric shocks when- turning doorhobs, switching on lights, touching heavy metals in the house. I wear only watches with a very high Karat gold otherwise, it stops. Once I touch a Mic, there is vibration noise everywhere. I notice that people easily get attracted to me. When I pray for a sick placing my head on the person''s head, somehow, healing occurs. But my deepest concern that made me seek the site is that of electric shock everyday and everywhere. I can't pull metal curtain blinds. I distance myself from electronic because i know the next result. What is the meaning of all these?
Adaeze Nkiruka <nkiruadaeze a yahoo com56456677>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 21:16:28 (PST)

I am an electric person also. As with others, I'm glad there are others. I first realized I was different as 7 year old hunting with the men. They told me to urinate over a fence ( electric) and nothing happened. When I was a plumber, I would take off my
Boots and walk barefooted into electrified flood basement to unplug the sump pump. I never turn off electricity to reside motors. In Electrical Emgineering school, I did not graduate because I could not complete my final project. I was given a computerized project to build. The program was correct, the machine and computer program was good because I could not build it. Trying to figure it out, the teacher tested an electrical component and it tested good. He gave it to me and I tested it, it was broken. So every
Component I touched, it broke. Since I could not complete the project, I don't have that degree. Now I am a Priest and with God, am able to heal. I break watches, shock family and friends, cause computers to weirdly not work or trash the programming when I'm mad or frustrated. I suffer from Lessening of the blood vessels of the cerebrum and cerebellum with atrophy of the cortex. It's congenital. My sister and nephew died of demensia. I have it too, looking into the doorway of demensia right now. It drives my wife crazy. God bless her. Thanks for listening and pray for the Priest Steven

Fr. Steven Sunderland <SaintGregory a mac com >
Tampa, FL USA - Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 17:19:11 (PST)

When I was 17 I was in a car accident and when the EMS tried to take my vitals, their equipment failed. I was 'dead', so they did things the old fashioned way. The equipment in the hospital worked fine.

When I was 24 I was working and hit an electrical line underground that carried 13,000 volts and 250 amps. I was blind for around 30 minutes from the flash, but remarkably had no burns or injuries. The local power company fixing the line said it should have killed me since it was raining and I was in water (I'm a plumber).

Another incident was a flooded crawl space that was energized by a jury-rigged electrical panel. As I crawled through the water to fix the leak my hands felt like they were rubbing sand together. Kind of a tingling sensation, but it never hurt. I found out by the homeowner that the entire crawl was energized because of a 240v pump switch that was submerged and never tripped because it had no breaker or fuse. It was truly rigged.

I saw a show recently where an Indian man has a special resistance to electricity. So, I decided to measure myself. I found that the normal human has an electrical resistance of around 1 million Ohms. My resistance registers around 300 thousand ohms, lower than normal. I've had 3 friends be the control and all register similarly, .7m to - 1.4m Ohms. My tests are always around 150k Ohms and climb slowly to around 300k ohms. Why?

Brad <Dukebradham a aol comCchhcchhccurrhgh>
Raleigh, NC USA - Monday, January 09, 2012 at 20:00:09 (PST)

Have any of the electric people tried static bracelets?
Vicky <vickyw222 a gmail com>
MI USA - Wednesday, January 04, 2012 at 10:25:37 (PST)

I recently have been experiencing more electric shocks than ever. I have moved to a much drier climate, and I actually live almost directly beneath some very large high power lines. But, I'm the only one in my family experiencing this huge increase in electrostatic-ness.
When petting my dog, if I pet from head to tail, I will shock her at least once every time. When I kiss my husband when he gets home, I almost always either shock our lips or our noses, quite painfully.
Also, some of my hair almost always sticks up on the top of my head. No matter what products I use, I can't keep my hair down.
Once, I was taking off a pair of sweatpants in the dark, and I could see hundreds of sparks.
Generally, I feel like most of the things I experience are fairly normal, they just happen to me much more frequently than others. I'd say I probably get shocked about 20 times a day.
Finally, I've managed to destroy an ipod in slightly over a year, and have had to replace the hard drive in my MacBook almost once a year in the 4 years I've had it.

Scotia Eveland <scotialee a gmail dot com>
Beaumont, California USA - Wednesday, January 04, 2012 at 00:27:32 (PST)

Well' reading such testimonial from those electric people' explain that I'm not alone in this world then' I thought I was imagining scify movies into real' but the different is I'm not kind of destructive type'I can generates electricity from behind neck any time if I want' I can feel the electric current flowing to whole part of the body' from head to toe' it makes the hair on my skin to stand up opposite the earth gravity'
If I put my hands down the hair went up and vice versa'
Yes' once I make my computers blue screen' and yes my mobile phone always running out batteries before its time' and yes my gasoline tipe of engine have trouble with its electric current sometimes' but they didn't break'

Still curious what can I do with this ability' hahahah

stephen s sutanto <pawon_warna a yahoo com>
indonesia - Tuesday, January 03, 2012 at 21:59:04 (PST)

MOHAMMED ABRARR <abrarr88 a gmail com>
hyderabad, ap india - Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 02:48:15 (PST)

This phenomena is starting to annoy me and my family, they actually have banned me from touching light switches because I blow all the lights in the house. One of them actually joked that I should start wearing rubber gloves. We have had an electrician come out 3 times! and each time they said there is nothing wrong with the wiring. It usually happens only once in a while but lately it's been happening a lot more then we want it to happen. I am getting tired of having to buy light bulbs every couple of weeks. I have noticed when I touch the light switch that causes all the other lights in the home to blow you can hear a zip sound that happens JUST before I make contact with the light switch, it does not happen to anyone else in my family, and I have been trying to find a solution. It started when I was little and has gotten worse these past few months, I myself am actually afraid of touching light switches or electrical devices of any kind. It happened today again which has led me to try and find an answer for what this is. It's like I know it is about to happen, my body has a reaction, a surge I feel traveling through me and out my hand and fingers but I can't react in time to stop it. Today, I was reaching to turn on the living room light switch because I was closer and my roommate just said oh screw it just turn it on for me please, and I did and the same thing happened, I felt that surge and the zip sound just before I touched the switch and then lights blew again. From now on I am going to just use my sleeve to turn them on or off and see if that helps. I don't remember being any particular state of mind, I wasn't angry or overly excited or anything and yes, usually I am but this time it happened when I was rather calm. I don't know maybe I was extremely focused and didn't realize. I wish I could turn this off, It really is useless and annoying and not to mention expensive, the price of light blubs adds up over time. I had to take a breather today because I got so angry at myself for this. Angry that it's something that is a part of me yet I have no control over. This might of been fun when I was younger on the occasions it did happen but it's not so fun anymore.
NEW CARROLLTON, maryland USA - Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 15:04:22 (PST)

i've had experiences similar to all of these my entire life. When I was younger I could see "energy field" around objects and I can see them now if the conditionas are right. What are the conditions? I still don't know, I just know that it comes and goes. I also used to see balls of light and weird shapes and electricity in my room as a kid. I would also see flickers in bulbs in my bedroom lamp even when it was off. Now I sometimes see flickers or sparkles at night if it's really dark, on the ceiling over me, which I understand can be a vision problem. I am otherwise a 28 year old female in good health. I am constantly zapping my husband or other people and I usually don't feel it. I burn out at least one bulb a week when turning on a light. Sometimes there are days when I do it more than once! At times when I have been very angry or on edge or in a "weird" state, (don't know how else to explain it) I will dim or burn out lights overhead of me at work,and dim or burn out street lights I walk under only to have them turn on again once I've passed. My friend once told me (jokingly) to get away because I must be an energy vampire. I find that when the moon is full, even on a cloudy night, I have a very difficult time sleeping. (Pull of magnetic fields?) My father is the same way. He also cannot wear digital watches or have digital alarm clocks because within hours of wearing them or sleeping near them, the numbers disappear and they are permanently ruined. He doesn't really talk about it and he doesn't like to acknowlege strange things. He's very straigt-laced. I find that since doing reiki, I don't have these symptoms as often. I know to those who don't belive in that it may seem woo woo but I think there is something to it. I sometimes wonder if reiki has to do with some sort of interplay between electomagnetic fields, that perhaps two bodies tend to pull at one/another until equlaibrium is achieved. I would like people to continue to study this and also the electric people phenomenon. There is certainly something going on and just because you don't yet have a means to measure these things doesn't mean they aren't real. Remember that at one time we didn't know about UVA and UVB rays. And now e know they are real and we can measure them and their effects! Just think of all the really wild stuff out there yet to be discovered.

Rebecca <skunkcabbagebandit a yahoo com>
Mount Pleasant, PA USA - Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 16:11:45 (PST)

I am a teen with a handle on my emotions. It takes a lot to make me angry. When I get really angry I have noticed some strange phenomena. Lights tend to flicker or go out, and I once blew my school's transformer in frustration over a technical problem. Our school has a 1:1 student-computer ratio. I am a fairly tech-savvy individual, but my computer has had so many problems that they almost took it away. The technology curator is perplexed, and often, my computer is wiped or irrevocably crashed. Materials susceptible to static cling waft towards me, even when there is no wind and I am not moving. My grandfather can't wear an electric watch, because the battery dies in a matter of days. Glad to hear that the world, rather than I, is crazy.
Sean <dseandragon a yahoo com>
USA - Tuesday, December 06, 2011 at 07:05:02 (PST)

I am extremely sensitive to Cell phones, when around Most Smart phones I get head aches.. they are different(hard to explain). I turn wifi off and keep my cell phone on my computer desk when going to sleep.
I have noticed it is much worse with certain phones example Blackberries. A person could have a blackberry in the pocked(without me knowing) and I will start getting an ache in my head, and if kept around me long enough.. my jaw will start hurting and makes a clicking sound. Not sure if anyone else experiences this or know about this...

Light bulbs tend to flicker around me often, I've had bulbs explode on my head(while standing underneath).

Mike <zzoooman a yahoo com>
Orlando, FL USA - Saturday, December 03, 2011 at 17:21:34 (PST)

Every mp3 player or electronic item i have every had has died within 90 days. I had one mp3 player last me 6 months because i kept it in a rubber case. I go through 3 pairs of head phones a month. My father is a paranormal investigator and has a emf detector. Every time i walk into the same room as the device even if i'm 6 or 7 feet away it goes off.
Michael Golden <eldrickgold a gmail com>
Duluth, Ga USA - Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 06:49:26 (PST)

Hello Ive search for this phenomenon since I experience having a spark on my hand 3 times on left and once on my right when I touch a person or a metal object. It frequently happened after my friends and I are having fun playing with DOTA (Frozen Throne) and then when my team win I always make sure to have a good touch to them to ensure no hurt feelings between us, But I was surprised not only once that when I touch some of them I got a spark on my hand. Once in right which my friend also notice and he was hurt too. Then my two friends didn't feel anything while I did feel a spark on my left hand it happened in different time and people also once i touch the metal handle of the internet cafe's stairs and I felt a spark sending my left hand away from it. What did I felt? Ill leave an email address for you to contact me.. please let me know it's kinda creepy.
Jovan Christopher A. Minoza <armsxaturi a yahoo com>
Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines - Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 03:23:40 (PST)

to start this off I have epilepsy. And there were times when I had a lot of little seizures.

It started when I was young I always would shock people when walking- this continued through to adulthood. Customers used to laugh at it when I was a retail manager- it. It stopped when I was around 33- At that time suffered major brain trauma as result of hospital error.

Shocking was only the beginning-
I have had 2 microwaves blow up on me- without putting metal- I swear and 3 TV's- first one my ex husband says was due to storm- there was lightning and he said it went though the attena of house- my fault for not plugging in to surge protector- yet only my TV was affected.
I have destroyed two Macintosh computers beyond repair and did very little to them- store couldn't figure it out. The first was in college- first time I was on a computer- and then my husband gave me one. I have been through countless laptops. When I was married I was not allowed to touch his computer- even clean the desk it was on. Our joint computer broke a few times- but was fixable-handy to be married to someone who does that for a living.

I have broken copy machines- the office managers would copy for me and anyone who works in an office knows it is not easy to get them to do something if you don't have a title. I was not allowed to send things from my computer to copier for printing- had to get my own- it became to expensive having the copier guy in so frequently. Now it did not happen every time by any means just alot.

When I was a retail manager I was always on the phone with tech support. The first week I closed I was there till one in morning- mgr. didn't believe me at first- I had a problem she never encountered in 6 years of working there- tech support said he had worked there 10 years and he had only encountered it a few times .

Here is the best of all- I was take a licensing exam at a testing center- they have 60 computers they check every few hours- and I crashed one. After 3 hours they decided I have to take it again- had to get all sorts of approval- because you can only be logged in once every 3 months to take exam. And they had to pull up same exam- getting that from home office not easy task.

To top it off I have always had what my friends and family called dog hearing- I recently had a very bad concussion and according to testing do have equivalant to dog hearing now. I can hear pitches others don't - things blocks away for exanple a motercycle or truck approaching hurts my head- and for a while used to hurt my ears- before it gets here- nobody else hears it and says what are you talking about and then 30 seconds later they hear the same thing. When I told my college friend of what was going on he said well you always had freaky hearing to begin with. While that may be true- it never caused excruciating pain before.

So while recent events may be due to concussion- past were not- good luck with your study- BELIEVE ME WISH THIS WERE AN URBAN LEGEND OR FICTICIOUS- has taken a year out of my life allready

I have heard there are people who have extra electric charge in their body- is this true- is there anything I can do- I know this all sounds completely but the test results I can give may help- BAEP click test normmal hearing range- there are various numbers all similar to normal range begins at .43., .33. .38 etc. I am .05. .02, .03 etc. all like that. May not understand but can give you an idea.

Kim Paradine <kimanne24 a gmail com>
Brooklyn, NY, NY USA - Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 07:52:21 (PST)

Ok well I just had an epiphany tonight... Most of what I realized gas happened all of my life I just didn't put it together until tonight a complete stranger at a movie theater jokingly asked me if I was dead. I was in the restroom after a movie and went to wash my hands.. I was annoyed that their were those sensor sinks because I always get the broken one.. A gi saw me struggling with the fact no water was coming out she put her hand under my faucet .., it worked. She said that's weird are you dead or something and giggled that's when it struck me this happens every single time with one of those faucets then I realized those self flush toilets too.. It's like I can't be read... I often walk into electric doors as they don't read me... This was a pain when I worked in a hospital as my face wad often found planted to the glass because it didn't open and I walked Right into it it was a joke amongst staff... I just thought it was because I was short and it didnt read me... But the doors would work for little kids. I don't wear watches as the batteries always die within a week. I ended up with a drawer of 15 watches... None of them worked. When worked in the hospital I would often wear long sleeves to cover my hands when touching equipment as I would get the most painful shocks .. Forget touching a button on an elevator the pain almost beings me to tears. I can't listen to the radio in my home as "the reception is always poor" no matter where I live. I cannot wear hematite it makes me nauseous and gives me a strange sensation. Glasses are touch fir me as at the best of times I have tingling on the bridge if my nose .. If any they have to be plastic. My tv blew up while I was having an argument over the phone... Dreams well that's another story that I won't get into now.... I have no idea what any of this means.... Do you?
Sarah Schellenberg <Sarahschellenberg a gmail com>
Oceanside, Ca USA - Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 00:57:14 (PST)

So i have been really interested in psichic abilities, because of my personal experiances and im wondering if anybody could shed some light on my confusion and hard times. When i was about six i got shocked at my elementary school, my friend stuck a staple in a socket and me not thinking about it tried to pull it back out. Well you can probobly guess what happened next, i got shocked to the point of all the power in the entire school shutting off, i had nothing more than a black spot on my thumb and i was fine i even tried to play it off like it wasnt me. I have no idea if there connected but today i am twenty one and i think i have massive issues with electronics, For what ever reason the hate me too they just seem to malfunction in any way they can, such as street lights go out when i pass them and i have done this in many different places even multiple states, however its not something i can control. speakers have a hazy unclear tone when i am around them. computers don't work very well for me and my television has become a general annoyance to me, i can never get any form of a electronic device to work properly around me, no matter what it is, i just gave a couple examples, so as not to waste any ones time. I feel that i posses an intelligence level greater than those around me, i am oddly perceptive to just about everything around me such as emotions, attitudes, how people will react to certain things and bad vibes flying around, i know who is calling before they do, and i often feel allot of pain that does not feel like mine and i seem to actually feel others emotions like they are mine. I can never seem to stay happy because i cant exactly keep my mind mine meaning if feels like i feel what the people around me are feeling and my energy is very often tough to zone in on, i don't feel like i am ever in my own thought emotional or even destination where i am actually at. i lose my mind because all of this information i feel that i receive is completely and utterly overwhelming too me. to the point where i have no idea how to sort it all out to their respective locations and sources. My emotional stability is dropping because i cant quite my senses enough to even sleep. I feel like something huge is coming yet i cant learn this source or what it is, i am literally on an overload that is becoming more and more uncomfortable and harder to rationalize. The computer is starting to do stupid things and it is getting to the point where i am just mad at everything, please can someone at least try to explain to me whats going on i am a huge reader in metaphysical literature and cannot figure anything out, can someone please shed light on my chaotic life and maybe give me some direction or where to go from here to make life a little easy because thus far its only seems to be one thing after another, and i did read the note about exaggeration and i want you to know if i was bull s! a ^^%$( i would not be asking for help trying to figure out just what the hell is wrong with me. so please if you can explain what this is or how to live with it i would greatly appreciate it.
Kevin <gunn.kevin a ymail com>
USA - Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 14:37:04 (PST)

My mother is afflicted/gifted with the ability to alter the electrical effectiveness of of lightbulbs (which burn out with abnormal speed), VLTs (which almost never fail to pay out, sometimes even within a single play), electric watches (which die within days regardless of the battery newness), and claims to have some awareness of the thoughts and conversations to which she is not privy or present. Myself and members of my family have witnessed each of these phenomenon.
Amanda Bente <obviousfacade a hotmail comextracharacters>
MB Canada - Wednesday, November 09, 2011 at 10:24:47 (PST)

Hey am irfan from india born and brought up in india.. I never experience such things before few days back, My body generates noticable electric power when I touch metal body or shake hand with anybody. Why?
Syed Ibrahim Irfan <iffu_irfan a yahoo co.in>
Hyderabad, AP India - Tuesday, November 08, 2011 at 03:48:36 (PST)

Hello, My name is Maria, through out the years i have been experiencing alot of different phenomena... one big issue right now is a serious problem with electronics that has gotton worse in the past year. i have had 8 cell phones replaced through my wireless network provider, always a problem one thing or another, freezing up, turning off, calls not coming thru that im expecting, photos disapearing then poping back up, everythime i get excited to show a picture of my kids, the phone seems to totally slow down and just buffer and i dont get to show the picture, but as soon as the person is gone i try again after im calm, there it is. this happens all the time. ive replaced 3 dvd players neither one wants to work when i load the dvd, or if it final does it freezes, someone else does it and its fine, now whats up with that??? if im upset or angry, wether im at work or home or whatever place, computors will freeze, run slow, lock up, crash, copiers will jam, go down , wont work, the more angry i get, higher the damage.... i have actually brought down a cat scan machine with plenty of witness... i constantly have static, i dream & some dreams with come true or something to do with them within 2days if not the next morning.... I dream of other people and i tell them about it and whatever the dream maybe its related to something that recently happened to them, really crazy and im very well, known for that. i also think of somethings and they happen or come true, I can also feel things and sense things or sometimes feel what other people are feeling. i get bad a bad feeling in my stomach, and when i do usually something has happend to someone close to me or aroung me.... since my mom pasted away 8yrs ago ive have been constantly been seeing the # 333 on several occasions, whether i just stop what im doing and look at the computor clock it 3:33 i randomly pick up my phone and its 3:33 i wake up in the middle of the night and look at my cell phone or alarm its 3:33 and i can go on and on and on........ last 2 weeks its been all getting worse, ive been under alot of stress alot going on and every electronic thing i touch wont work for me, so i broke down and decided to google this, and what happens google freezes and it took me forever to get to this page, my point made :/ i feel so much better after reading all these storys, that im not alone, because i was starting to feel something is wrong with me and thinking i was going crazy, id love to hear from anyone going thru the same thing , thank you for your time ....... maria
Maria <krizia38_2005 a yahoo com>
Corpus Christi, Tx USA - Monday, November 07, 2011 at 20:26:13 (PST)

My phenomena started when I was a kid. Between the ages of 8 and 14, I would have a reoccurring dream where I was in a black room with round white steps. Every time I'd take a step, it would fall from under me. I was forced to go on, or plunge into an abyss. I'd awake in a panic, hyperventilating, crying, and in a cold sweat. My Momma would hear me crying and come to comfort me. She'd do so by running her fore finger over the outside of my ear. This comforted me when I'd hear a light hum and feel a slight vibration. I use this technique when my kids need comforting.

My Momma passed away when I was 17, this is the first time I can remember my phenomena happening to me. I knew when she passed away, even though I couldn't see her, my body immediately felt drained and I fainted. I believe my fainting was due to her energy physically leaving me. My Daddy passed away three years later. I survived my Momma's death, I was sure I could survive Daddy's. However, I became indifferent to all things and people around me.

Since then, I get shocked so often I subconsciously ground myself on anything I come into contact with. Before kissing my husband, I touch him with my hand, in fear of a painful shock on the lips. I even get shocked by running water from multiple faucets at different locations. I can tell when a storm's coming by the feeling I get in my nerves and muscles; they feel like they're tightening and tingling at the same time. I get anxious.

Co-workers and people that I've told about this blow it off, thinking everyone gets shocked by static electricity. That is, until they see the sparks and the immense pain on my face. It hurts to the bone!

I've never thought that I was the only person this happens to, just glad to know others out there are going through the same things I am.

Thank You,

Laura <Katchoovanski at gmail dot com>
Memphis, TN USA - Monday, November 07, 2011 at 19:53:11 (PST)

Hello for years I have generated electricity without trying it hurts so badly when it gets to my fingertips , at times I can feel and hear a humming sound generator, later I came to know that I am a healer , and the same energy used for healing I can see and was able to re-booth my fuse box when the electrician could not! , as I type this message it becomes painful because of the shock , if I talk on my cell phone my hands hurt from shock , there is so much to say about my experiences , but it would take to much time but I will say that i can produce sparks and balls of energy at times from my hands in dark rooms I can see the energy between my fingers or i like to put my fingertips close together to watch and see the magnetic pull this electrical energy can be colorless but mostly its colorful my hands where glowing this green my kids thought that bit was cool , I don;t care about who believes me I am not trying to prove a point just want to share with others like myself
renee <renee_renee_fox a yahoo com>
USA - Saturday, November 05, 2011 at 10:09:15 (PDT)

Today as I squeezed hair moisturizing lotion into the palm of my left hand a spark popped on my hand. It felt and sounded like one of those little 'poppers' people throw on the ground around Independence day. It was so strange and weird to hear a sizzle and pop inside the palm of my hand. I have hard wood floors nearly any carpet inside my home. This has never happened to me before. I thought something was wrong with the hair product so I squeezed into my palm again and it didn't spark like the first time but it still shocked me. It hurt and so I didn't try it again. I feel sorry for people who this happen to on a regular basis...I hope it never happens to me again. It was very eerie to sit a spark literaly jump off your hand for no reason.
Lynn Swoope <lynnswoope a aol com>
Akron, oh USA - Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 17:22:53 (PDT)

I can't believe that so many people have this "Electric People" problem. For a few years now (I'm seventeen currently) I have started to experience electric things breaking down around me. On some days it's worse than others.

The first week it started happening I probably made every light bulb in my house go out. I would touch a switch to turn on a light then there would be a loud pop as it blew out. I was telling a friend about this strange phenomena at school and getting really excited about it. She did not believe me, but I kept trying to tell her that I felt that this was not just a coincidence. While trying to convince her it was true, the school had a blackout. The light's came on after a few seconds, but it was one of the weirdest experiences I have had.

Nowadays, most of the occurrences are random. While working on a physics lab I switched on a laser we were using and after I turned it off, it stopped working. One of my iPods has just randomly stopped working so I had to get a new one. My new one happens to switch off on it's own a lot or just force closes everything. I have to constantly get new headphones because mine start shocking me or just stop working in general after a few weeks. It makes my hair stand on end and gives me chills when I think of the feeling of the shock. I hate getting shocked, but it's like its some kind of power rush. I don't know. Computers seem to just stop working after I've used them. This can get really annoying because I am always to blame when somebody's electronic I touched just stops working. My straightener, which was very high quality and not cheap, stopped working after about six months. It starts working now and again, but it often takes a lot to make it work. I remember getting really upset when it stopped working in the middle of using it. I had headphones in and as I got angry at the fact that I could not get the straightener to work, my headphones started shocking me. I think most of what I do electrically is based off of my emotions. I'm glad my dad and I aren't the only ones who experience these things.
Paige <gymnastics_girl562 a gmail com>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 15:43:42 (PDT)

i have always been aware of being "charged" in some way..it started off when i noticed i could never wear a watch. they would just stop working within the hour. my mom thought i just over-wound them, so she'd set it again and the same thing happened. after three or four watches, i gave up. i noticed the street light stuff in my twenties, but got a good explanation from a PG&E guy about how that can happen, so i've dismissed that for myself since i can't make them go off at will....i have also had that thing where the radio will switch channels on its own, and had that explained to me as a consequence of living near an airport....since it only happened when i was, in fact, living about a quarter-mile from a small regional airport, i have accepted this explanation for that particular phenomena.

i don't have static electricity issues. light bulbs do okay around me. but i do mess with computers....at a former job, my computer would often change the default settings on random screens, and i had no access to change anything about the program (you had to have a password to gain access to change the settings, and i did not). i have had trouble with setting off electric eyes and motion sensors---they just don't trigger. i hate public restroom faucets and paper towel dispensers that work off motion sensors because it takes numerous tries to get the water to come on, and then, to get the paper to dispense. i had been telling my family about this, and usually getting "those looks" like they thought i was nuts, until i was able to prove it. my son had a hand-held game that tested how fast you react to a light that displays on the screen. everyone was passing the game around, trying to best the others' times, and as soon as they'd hand it to me, it shut off...not once or twice, but repeatedly, probably ten times. i felt so happy to finally show them what i'd been claiming all these years.

i used to work for a cardiologist, and asked him about it. he said it was a pretty well known and accepted anomaly, but was essentially physically harmless. he said it affects far more women than men, for unknown reasons (why do more men get kidney stones and more women have gallbladder problems? it's just the way it is). this is where i had the computer issues, too. it was a horribly stressful and toxic job situation, so i can say without question that i suffered a lot of turmoil there, so it's not surprising that my energy affected my workspace. my home computer sometimes changes my homepage, and goes kerflooey at times, but i can't say with any certainty that i'm inadvertently causing it to do so....

one time, and this has only happened once, i was very, very angry with my mother. she and i were in the kitchen and i was so hurt and angry at something she had done to me, and rather than explode in anger, i was quietly seething, staring her down, and trying to hold in how mad i was. all of a sudden, the entire light fixture in the ceiling above us fell to the ground, shattering the globe and denting the metal part. there was no wind, no tremor, nothing...just my rage, and i don't doubt for a second that all that pent-up anger i was feeling sent out waves of energy that made the fixture fall. my mom looked scared, like she knew i had somehow made the light fall. she was a very religious woman, and never gave any consideration to the possibility of supernatural things, but this event scared her, and i scared her. she just left the room and never mentioned it again. i've only been that mad one other time in my life, but nothing happened.

i'm wondering, after reading other peoples' blogs, if this is also behind my bad luck with my cell phone. it won't stay on, even if i have a full charge. Apple says it's a hardware failure of some kind....i have to keep my phone plugged in to do any web surfing...it's like having a land line!

linda robertson
santa maria, USA - Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 23:10:08 (PDT)

So just this week I have managed to kill my daughter's 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan, it currently is parked at a Bennett's Paint and Glass on 20th, I have killed my own Computer and it now only shows a blue screen, and just today as I walked pass our frontroom Television it made a weird pop sound and now it doesn't work...also I get electrical shocks in my finger tips whenever I shop and hold onto shopping carts....Yesterday I ate a large order of Onion Rings because I've heard that eating onions help to lower the levels of electricity in a person with high level in their body, apparently I didn't eat enough.
Ms Pete Tefertiller-Bassett <peteisaphotographer a yahoo com>
Ogden, UT USA - Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 09:47:35 (PDT)

My name is Alec since the age of 13 I have noticedsome pretty weird instances with electronical equipment of any kind ranging from street lights, cell phones, ipods, computers etc. 2 very important things I have noticed during this whole entire experience 1. Things tend to break when I'm angry, and 2. Things will die, turn back on, fix, and sometimes even spark depending on my mood. It happens so frequently these days that I fear even touching my cell phone in fear of it spontaneously breaking. I am now 16 and have been living with this pretty much undercover besides the people I tell, streetlights re the most prominent in turning off and on around me, I live in a gated development that has many streetlights and I enjoy riding my bike around the area, just not at night anymore......they start off by turning a purplish light and completely going out as I pass them and then flicker back on after I'm about 50-100 feet away also there are specific ones that turn on but at the same time there have been others around my neighborhood that react to me as well, I thought I was insane until I started studying this a few weeks back and I came upon this site to share my story as well, I have many experiences to tell but the most freakiest ones involve me getting angry and the electronics going crazy for instance about a week ago I go mad at my step father for some reason and went into my room still angry, turned on my light, and it immediately popped and blew out another instance was whn my friend had a broken game and he told me even he tried fixing it and wouldn't work, so in the past I've tried controlling this as like some sort of power and in some attempts it work and others no results...anyways, I had the game in the palm of my hand and closed it into a fist and closed my eyes and concentrated on thinking of the game itself working and I did this for about 10 seconds and gave my friend the game back (still wildly confused) and told him to put the game back into the system and it worked like clockwork, and the last instance that happened to me yesterday was actually pretty funny but I know it was not a coincidence from the multiple times it kpt happening, I was playing a game on my xbox 360 and I kept on getting mad because the game randomly kept emitting helicopters out of no where and this is a brand new xbox, game, and no mods were done ever so I was getting angry as I said before and went to go sneeze (note that there were no explosives around me or anything that could explode) and as soon as I did I looked back up at the screen and it told me I just shot down a plane......it gave me 999999999 points and cash and stayed that way, I have no idea what is happening or why anything has done this, but I would love it if I could find some answers, thank you.

Alec <alecsmith80 a yahoo com>
USA - Friday, October 07, 2011 at 11:43:36 (PDT)

I have always had shocks throughout life shocking people left and right. I have always had a lot of energy within myself to the extent that it became annoying. i have tried medicine to help me sleep but it seems to never work on a long term basis. when i was 18 i was indirectly struck by lightning. after that i found myself pulled more towards electrical currents within anything that has to do with electricity. the same day i was hit by lightning i found myself sitting on top of a generator when it was raining which is strange. i recently took one finger on a metal counter from my right hand and one finger on another metal counter with my left hand and a volt shock was pulsing through my body like something i have never felt before as if i was a live wire. my body stood straight up and for a minute it felt as if i were pulling two metal objects together closing in on me. it hurt but after i let go i felt revitalized for some odd reason as if i were charging my body up. this is so weird to me but fascinating at the same time.
thomas henry kent <thk2010 a aol com>
lake butler, fl USA - Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 11:08:06 (PDT)

I recently was on the pc and had gotten so mad that i literally saw sparks of grey electricity shooting out of my body! I was scared for a minute then i quickly calmed myself down from the anger and it disappeared but i was not harmed at all!
Myra <leannevigil a ymail com>
Kansas City, KS USA - Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 01:45:09 (PDT)

Everything works fine until I get Mad, and not just a little mad I mean real mad. Then watches stop working, MP3 players stop, once a laptop while it was on my lap and today my cell phone which I know was 98% charged went to 0%. I don't get real mad often maybe once every few years, I first noticed this when I was in my teens and am now 43. Until today, I have have explained this as coincidental, never knew for sure how much life was left in any battery, but I know my cell phone was charged and not in use during that 5 minutes I was upset.
Shawn <y_naut a yahoo com>
USA - Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 07:09:23 (PDT)

So I decided to check out what the internet said about what has happened to me, and I happened on this site. I am astounded. I have met a lot of criticism about my weird phenomenon over the years, and only really worried about it a few times. I've been under a lot of stress lately, though, an that seems to be when it happens, so I worry something will happen again. Basically, I get mad and things explode. I've been having marital problems over the past two years, and that hasn't helped. Noone makes me more angry than my spouse. I have stopped watches for years, since I was a teenager, and my dad has the same problem. His chiropractor practices reflexology and has told us both that it has a lot to do with our "magnetic fields". Dad laughs it off. He doesn't explode stuff. We've talked about it some, but I think it freaks him out that I'm the same way, maybe worse.

My husband and I were having an argument one night after arriving at his parent's house. It was very late, and he wouldn't lay off, despite my insistence. He was making me very upset, I was tired and generally didn't feel good. We were trying to be very quiet, as well, so not to wake the folks and our young niece, asleep in another part of the house. I had had enough, and told him to go in the other room and leave it until morning, when the lamp behind me blew up. Just the light bulb, but it actually exploded all over the room. I had to sleep on the floor of the adjacent room, or run the vacuum and wake the household. Needless to say, he called me "Carrie" and apologized, so not to make me more angry. This was the first time I realized that my emotions made a difference.

I was upset about work (a lot) when my toothbrush exploded. Bristles went everywhere. (BTW, I called Colgate company at the time, and they were NO help... kinda rude, in fact.) When I first moved out on my own, no roommate, really on my own, I had no real job and was incredibly stressed. The neighbor kept trying to have my car towed and I wasn't able to figure where next months rent would come from until it was almost due. I had some very weird electrical issues in that apartment, as well. I called the landlord a lot. I got to know the maintenance guy well. Nothing was ever wrong. Lights would turn on and off by themselves. I would hear a weird hum that noone else heard. I didn't believe in ghosts, but some things are just too weird. Looking back, I wonder if it was me. I have exploded a few bulbs and made the house electricity actually fluctuate ( I think.... I guess it was me) a few times since, when I was really angry.

I still cannot wear a watch, and when I am upset, my cell phone does not work correctly. I usually have to shut it off and back on, hoping for the best. I had a huge argument with the spouse just last week, while online, then sent an email to a friend to vent, and just got the computer back today. The hard drive crapped out and the computer wouldn't do anything. The friend that reworked it for us (he does it professionally. Thank the stars for friends in such high places!) said that he couldn't figure out what was wrong. No virus, etc. He said it was like some that he's worked on that were struck by lightening. He proceeded to ask about our surge protectors and the weather. My husband just looked at me and we didn't say a thing. (Don't want to freak out good friends with skills.)

Anyway, not sure what's up, but over the past 20 years or so, I've decided that maybe there's something to the theory of Dad's chiropractor. Just got the computer back online and decided it was going to be the first thing I looked up. Glad I could share the story here. I wish there was a group nearby I could meet with and share stories/answers. I've read here a lot about psychic premonitions and dreams/healing and such in conjunction with "electric people".

My mother claimed to have some psychic dreams over the years, and as her only daughter, I have had the privilege to hear them as she has dreamed them. A few, I wonder if she just guessed correctly, and some, I am sure the divine gave her insight. I once, myself, had a strange dream that proved to be true. I was only a teenager, but my mother listened to my stories and when the recurring dream proved to describe facts about a place they had planned to buy, we did not move there. It was already signed for and bought, but my mom listened to my story and my parents backed from the deal. We did not move, simply because of a dream I kept having and a story the realtor told. I described the attempted murder of the previous tenant. The man was in jail, and the lady had moved away. the current owners had suffered several fires as they attempted to build a new home on the property. I knew nothing of any of it, just that I had a dream every night that scared me. I have had many of those, and they didn't always disturb me as much as that one had. I usually kept those thoughts to myself, but felt compelled to tell my mom, since it was affecting my health through lack of sleep. I've always been a lucid dreamer, but this was one that I couldn't control, no matter how I tried. It always ran the same course and I couldn't change it. I was spooked at the time, then forgot about it, really. But reading the accounts on this site, I wonder if maybe some of my "premonitions" could be real, or if perhaps I'm dealing with something more than the annoying fact that I can't wear a watch.
Me <mergatroid123 a yahoo com111>
USA - Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 16:46:59 (PDT)

I can't be anywhere near microwave ovens, it makes my whole body feel fuzzy. Also makes me slightly sick to my stomach.
Shocking myself and other people is a constant and slightly annoying problem. I have had some arcs of electricity from my fingers to metal of about a 1/2in. That equates to about 5000 volts, which is crazy.

Cincinnati, OH USA - Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 21:25:19 (PDT)

It seems to be the opposite in my case...
When electronics fails, almost everytime i approach the device it starting to work back as it should. Computers debugs too... It happens often just by being near it.

John <Eklezys a hotmail com>
Canada - Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 05:57:16 (PDT)

I had been experiencing electric shocks and sparks since last six months. It mostly happens when i touch metallic objects, but it also happens when i touch other objects and even human beings. Many times the sparks are so extreme that i can see the spark and hear it. Many times when i touch other people, they could feel the spark and see it too.
Fahad Anwar Siddiqui <fahadanwarsiddiqui a gmail com>
Lucknow, UP INDIA - Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 04:06:43 (PDT)

I am 41 yrs old, and drain batteries. Wristwatches, cell phones, Ipods, mouse controller, remote controls, flashlights. I am wondering why, there is no info on why this happens to people. It is not operator error, or defective merchandise. this has been my whole life. Cordless phones, laptops, ipods, and other battery operated items become flaming hot. I have had a flashlight, that I heard sizzle and when I opened it, the battery had exploded. What scares me, is knowing that my grandmother had to have a pacemaker, and I dont think I could. Especially because the general world thinks that this is not a true phenomena.......Thoughts???
stacey horrocks <shorrocks a windstream dotnet2011>
USA - Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 18:01:00 (PDT)

Last night,09-08-11, at about 12am I was looking at how to connect with my higher self when all of a sudden the lights went off. I walked to my ligh switch to see if my lights had were switch off. I only thought of this because a couple a months ago my lights were switched on when I was relaxing. So I thought maybe this time the lights were switched off. I walked out but all the city lights were off. I was afraid because I felt it was because of me. I layed in bed to wait for them to go back on. About 10 minutes later the lights went on and I continued to watch a you tube on connecting with higher self. Well the lights went back off. I was afraid. So I turned off the computer and decided to go to sleep. I dont know what time the lights and TV went back on. Maybe 1/2 hours I dont really know. I turned off my TV and had already turned off my lights before going to bed. In the morning when at about 8:05 am when my daughter text me I noticed my phone was on the default screen and when it rang later on the day my ring tone was different. I was really amazed and I know my experience was real.
Jacqueline Kcalb <trejo_jackie a yahoo com>
Diamond Bar, Ca USA - Friday, September 09, 2011 at 13:38:34 (PDT)

I am wondering if it's possible for a person to have an constant electrical charge. I constantly have light bulbs blow out any where I live and also I am a musician and perform with many musicians at shows and throughtout every single show we do everything works perfect until I take the microphone and as soon as I do one of the speakers always stop working. This happens with many other electrical things I come in contact with.

OK. Here is the part that I am wondering about. I had a terrible tragedy as a child and went through extreme post tramatic stress from it. They tried many medications and I would always develop a tolerance to every single medication they would give me so, as a last resort, they began ECT (electric convulsive therapy) treatments on me. I went through approx 15-20 treatments over the course of 18 months. They were a complete success and put an end to the post tramatic stress I was having. My biggest concern mentioning this is that I will be considered "unstable" which I am not. I take no psychiatric drugs nor do I have any mental issues ever since the treatments. I am just simply trying to get to the bottom of these happenings and wondered if these treatments may be the cause of my problem with electrical charges.

Please don't respond with suggestions of my seeing a Dr. because I am CONFIDENT that is not the issue. I just want this to stop happenng.

eiluj yreaf <eilujyreaf a aol com>
USA - Monday, August 29, 2011 at 09:06:48 (PDT)

Im really not sure what to think about whats happening to me anymore or what it really is, ive always been able to brush it off with a weak explanation but as i grow older these things are happening more often and seem to be happening "stronger" if that makes sense. Ive always said "electronics hate me" but after my Ipod moved an hour ahead on its own twice in one night and everything that has happened this year, im not so sure this is true... i have had 5 computer mice up and die on me this year, 3 of which were new high quality mice straight from the package. one night my basement bulb had burnt, so i left it until my boyfriend got home, i let him know right away so he could go change it and out of habit he flipped the switch to turn the light on and it turns out the bulb hadnt burnt out at all, was perfectly fine. i just got brand new computer speakers, well we all did ( my boyfriend, his sister, and his sisters boyfriend) we all got them at the same time, all the same model... mine dont work, they have been plugged in correctly i know that for sure, but mine sound like there is a bee flying around in there! This is just the tip of it, there is way too many things always happening for me to list and it seems like the longer i go the crazier i sound.

Its more then electronics too, ive had dreams- the most notable- i dreamt for about 2 weeks constantly about my dad dying in a car accident, it was really terrifying knowing about other dreams that ive had so i was worried... until one night i got a phone call that my boyfriends father had passed in a car accident. This isnt the first time ive predicted events that happen within a month through dreams.

I guess i just want to feel like im not crazy...
Melisa <Saskberry a gmail com723>
USA - Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 04:37:06 (PDT)

I make light bulbs go out regularly. I used to think I was nuts, but I've heard of others who do it to some degree but not as much as I do. It is connected to my mood, it seems. At home I go through 6-10 incandescent bulbs every month. I'm very used to turning on the switch and hearing it go "pop." I also do it with other types of bulbs like flourescents, but not nearly as frequently. I try hard to pay attention to when it's going on more frequently so I keep my hands off the computer so I don't blow yet another motherboard. If I center myself, it gets better. But it also happens when I'm very excited about something. It's not the wiring because it has happened everywhere I've lived at other places. Most people don't believe me but I don't care anymore. People who know me, like family members believe me because they see it happening and I equally blow up their light bulbs as I do my own. I'm a little worried about when they convert to the new lights because they are much more expensive to replace (and I find I make those burn just as easily), so I keep storing up as many extras as I can. At this point, it's just an annoyance. It would really be something if I could control it! Then I could say to someone, "I don't like what you said" and pop! the light goes out. Oh well. Anyone ever heard of this? I've read a lot of people talking about street lights, but for me this is a regular common occurence.
Lisa <authornet a hotmail com>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 10:48:07 (PDT)

I don't even know how to begin to explain myself.... All my aunts, uncles and my grandma on my mother's side of the family have high electricity levels and me myself..... I don't know lol. When I was younger I had a list of uncanny abilities. I could read peoples thoughts by puttin my hand on their head, I had prophetic dreams, street lights would go out around me when I was overly emotional and I could block out memories. I know, the last one doesn't seem very unusual but it wasn't as simple as repressed memories, I had the ability to block out bad memories at at will without a traumatic event occurring, and it was effective to the point that on several occasion I gave myself amnesia. After placing many blocks on my memories and dreams as a child, it seemed as if I lost my abilities but as I grow older the blocks have been gettin weaker and my memories and dreams are comin back along with other abilities and anomalies I haven't seen before. Every once in a while I'll see the shadow of a giant bird on the ground but when I look up I see nothing. Today when I was EXTREMELY upset with my girlfriend I wanted to check the time on my iPod. I had forgot that my iPod was dead for several hours and that I had dimmed down the screen but when I pulled it out of my pocket it was on and the backlighting was turned all the way up. I know these stories are very unusual and may even seem like they came from a movie but I've seen and done many unusual things in my short life, half of which I'm not posting as ya'll will prolly think Im crazy lol. Again, I didn't know how to word any of this properly and I doubt ya'll will believe some of this stuff but I had to get it off my chest. Hopefully I'm not alone
Chris <ChrisImaniBeatz a gmail com>
CA USA - Sunday, August 07, 2011 at 04:16:08 (PDT)

Around a year ago we had to measure our temperatures in science class- none of the digital thermometers worked on me- they all flashed random numbers. The same day in Math I was using a calculator that when tapped by me would flash a random number. My friend who also kinda makes electrical things go weird always says I give her 'static shocks', I've never experienced a static shock before though. Yesterday I walked past a streetlight that was turned off and I kinda stopped and flashed my hands at it as a joke- and it came on. An hour ago I was laughing manically to some stupid show when my tv started changing channels randomly. When turned off it would stubbornly turn itself back on. I have the radio on on my phone but it's very fuzzy, but the reception is amazingly clear if I put my palm on it- nowhere else on my body or any other objects work- nor any other places in my room without my palm on it. Also a few months ago we were navigating in class and I couldn't work any of the compasses because they would simply spin or mix up all the directions (it would often say South was North, East was West, etc.) if I was near. My teacher actually asked me if I was a magnet and I couldn't take part. We switched compasses numerous times.

I shake a lot- like little shivers where I feel like there's something running through my body. Often when my iPod has no power left (the bar is empty but it's still on) I could shiver in this way (sometimes I feel so warm and can't stop shaking and I can induce the shaking as well) and it would suddenly say it had a little left- I can keep it running for about half an hour like this!

My phone often malfuctions- stops working, whatever. Sometimes it kinda sticks. I haven't had many shocks in my life- no static shocks whatsoever, a couple of electric shocks from power points where my hands have been wet or sometimes when I unplug things there's a blue spark and it shocks me a bit. When I was 8 we had a big metal ladder in our yard- left by some workmen that were fixing something in the roof. One night, it got struck by lightning. Somehow (god knows how) it shocked our whole electrical system- blew out and broke all computers and televisions in the house.

That's pretty much all I have to say I suppose. Don't believe I've missed anything.
England - Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 23:27:40 (PDT)

I have had static electricity since i was 11 years old and i am 65 years old if i touch a old metal bed or i want a ticket from a car parking place or to pay for my parking at a kiosk even shopping trollies i get a shock from all. can you tell me why thankyou Roger Moore.
Roger Moore <moorodg a yahoo co uk>
Malta - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 18:11:23 (PDT)

My name is Tanya. I am a 45 year old female.living in Europe.
Due to my work, I have to travel a lot around the world.
I have had strange occurences/experiences,happenings since the last 24 months now.
This concerns MOST, IF NOT ALL Electrical Appliances, so much so that I have become somewhat a slight fearful. If I do discuss my concerns with my family or friends, it is laughed off. :(
I returned from my last travels to the Middle-East end of June 2011, this proceedure began already overseas..... MOST IMPORTANT TO ME.... MY 2 MOBILES DIED ON ME.... could not be saved at all.... I always have 1 for back-up!My new Laptop nearly died on me..... I return back to my home in Europe, only to find that half of my 2 bedroom apartment NO ELECTRIC AT ALL.Kitchen dead bedrooms dead and bathroom
dead, along with my 2 Landline phones.... EMERGENCY ELECTRICIAN NEXT DAY to which he informs me...NO FUSE IS BLOWN... and that he cant explain this.... now I have a heavy duty job to be taken care of by electricians in my home, where most sockets are out of the wall, this will come for me to lengthy costs as problem is not yet solved.
A further 24 hours later, in my home.... my modem for wi-fi, unexplainably DIES on me, ONLY A FEW YEARS OLD so no internet.Telecom firm cant explain, so they had to ship me express a new modem. I can sit still and quiet in my living room at night on the sofa, eager to watch tv AND THEN.... MY CABLE TV RECEIVER starts to play games with me,receiver is also maybe 2 years old!!!!! It switches on then off on then off or will altogether quit. I am concerned, due to costs on these electrical games.I start to think are these mind games and who what why is doing this to me? This is not the first time nor the first home where I have often some form of a problem with electricals.
In this particular apartment, about March 2011... at the stroke of midnight, there was a HUGE BANG in the hall of my apartment.... OUT OF THE BLUE.... MY ENTIRE TILED FLOOR CAME UP!!!!! Another large job for construction firm. Unbelievable but true. Can anybody explain or help please?
I have noticed that the Older I become... the more these electrical events take place.
Tanya Lee

Tanya Lee <teeleebee2001 a yahoo com>
Basel, BS Switzerland - Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 17:05:40 (PDT)

well i can relate to alot of you but also can give you some advice it seems all of use have all or somethings in common and either were residual effects of experimentation or were evolving but 90 percent have one major in common we all played with electricity as a kid
the other common grounds are

got shocked by electricity when younger
can pick up thoughts that are garbled when younger
filters out and becomes clearer when older if you concentrate
watches die
interference with machines lights etc
knowledge apears in the head
can sence others like us
brain in the right left lower side feels active
predetermining that the phone rings etc info
hair on body standing up with bumps when flucuating when you lern to control it
more heat output than normal
severly alergic to aluminum
able to help heal ailments to others

some of us have all of these some dont but i expect you will i think by alloying ourselfs to explore and gain knowledge we can better understand ourselfs and the gifts we have by the way the more of us in one place there are especially in close proximity the stronger the output when concentrated ive lerned alot over the yrs and still wana know so much more lack the cashflow but i try i do know you can measure youre output on an osiliscope it will measure higher than normal people and i think an eeg with also show what is happening somethin im working on but slow go doctors laugh at me when i ask for that kinda test also music helps make it more powerful
if you ever wana chat just shoot me an email

jeffery <jeffhebbel a hotmail ca>
calgary, ab canada - Monday, July 11, 2011 at 08:02:29 (PDT)

I am not sure if all of these fall together or should be seperated? As far back as I can remember I have noticed spiritual things : Ghost, noises, spoken to me. Different things happen around me over the years. I have had problems with electricity, turning of PC's or having them go nuts. At hom and work! Watches, phones. I have knocked my husbend down with such a spark that he walked back and asked me not to tuch him for awhile because it hurt him. When that happend people around us at the store saw and heared the spark! It gets realy crazy if I'm realy hyper and having a good time or realy upset?! I have too many things to list, but I wanted to ask or say, when people have this do they also have spiritual. Things involved and possible high iron? And or Hyper active dissorder? Or other thing of a similer action going on??
LYNN <RLdavis96 a yahoo com>
Spring, tx USA - Sunday, July 03, 2011 at 15:06:13 (PDT)

From the age of 7, I always have a strange buzzing in my head whenever a television or a computer was on. Soon I realised that I can sense whether the television was on or not but I found out that every time I boast, my sense seem to grow weak but if I keep quiet about it, it seem to grow stronger. I hope someone can tell me what cause me to have this sense.
Goh Hui Li <goh.huili a yahoo com>
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Saturday, July 02, 2011 at 09:02:14 (PDT)

I am shocked to find this site & the term PEAR, or electrified ppl. I thought I was the only person who experienced things such as watches not lasting long, I even have to replace alarm clocks about 3 or 4 times a yr. (I have 4 at a time b/c sometimes they just don't work, so I have backup) I often have to replace TV's as well. At my previous job the computer had to be replaced 2 times in 4yrs. I don't know if this matters but, when remodeling my office, the concrete floor kept cracking & it never happened any other place in the bldg. They noticed the cracks only after the times I visited the bldg while they were remodeling. In the last 10yrs storms have come leaving very close calls, 60ft trees falling w/in inches of my home twice, then I moved & two weeks later same thing happened at my new apartment. A few times when I was sleeping during a storm, I had sort of dreams, more like"flashes" which came true later. I am poor so I cannot afford a newer cell phone, I have a 6yr old track phone, and I was taking care of my stepdad who had lung cancer, I was with him almost 24hrs a day at the end, b/c he went into acoma. I was holding his hand when he passed. For a couple days after, (and every once in a while now) I will take the phone out of the carrying case to charge it, b/c I don't use it only for emergency, & the phone will not be on the front page, or open, its always on the "call back" section, & it says to call my stepdad that he called me. His phone is plugged into charger next to his old bed. Two more things, I don't know if these matter, when I was young I had electrical shock from ungrounded kitchen appliances, it really hurt. And I have always had a problem with migraine headaches. Many of them last days. This is all I can think of for right now.
Elissa <elissagrant2 a yahoo com***%%%%%%####>
USA - Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 23:44:06 (PDT)

I've always had the ability to shut down computers around me when I become agitated. Also battery powered items will not work shortly after putting in new batteries. When someone else picks up the item, it works all of a sudden. I also have a powerful sense of healing through touch that can literally take away migrains or any pain. I have such extreme empathy for people and animals at times that I can feel everything they feel. This makes my life very exhausting and a bit dysfunctional at times. I can also pick up exactly what people are thinking if I'm focused. People and animals have always been drawn to me. For years I've wanted to find a website where I could learn something about my occurances and the way I am. Don't know where to begin...
Heather <hatherly1 a live com>
Diamondhead, MS USA - Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 11:32:21 (PDT)

Sir, I was suffering from ODD ELECTRICITY DISCHARGE from my body in year 1997 when I was working as an Engineer with Radiant Fire Protection Engineers, Mumbai at Nirma Plant, Baroda, India. I have to resign from job for about 6 months.
During that time of Electricity Discharge, my body was unusually energetic and I have participated in the Baroda National Marathon 1997 February and run about 24 kms (I am not a runner now or early).
Sincerely, Varghese M Ph: 0091 9387000517.
The event of elec. discharge was witnessed by Mr. B.C.Nelson (Ph: 00971501425689), my senior Engineer now available in facebook.

varghese m <varghesem2001 a yahoo co.in>
kottarakara, kerala India - Wednesday, June 01, 2011 at 02:21:39 (PDT)

I believe I am a electric human' electricity dose not bother me at all. Last weekend I was at a friends house and I noticed they had a electric fence so out of curiosity I grabed it and nothing happen to me:)Allso I can handle up to oh 200 volts or enough to make a Inch long bolt of lightning with the help of a plasm ball wrap in tinfoil .
Mark <Sonic563g a aol comTur>
Tx USA - Monday, May 30, 2011 at 09:55:02 (PDT)

I truly never thought there were others out there like me.When I was about 12 I had this strange urge to stick my metal barrett into a plug sockett.The sockett shorted,for a brief moment it exploded electricity shot out,followed by smoke.I had blew the fuse in the entire house.I cannot recall if I had let go of the barrett just in time or if I had just not been affected.Years later I start to notice that I could predict the songs or tv shows that would come on,either as it was about to come on or sing random lyrics that pop into my head and turn the radio/tv on and have the exact song I was singing be playing.I can just think of one of my close friends or my bofriend and they will call me within minutes saying they were just thinking of me.I always thought that those instances were just womans intuition and never paid much mind to them.

When I was 15 thru 17 I noticed almost every one of my cell phones would malfunction in one way or another.I.e freezing,fading to white,erasing memory on its own and never having reception and I mean none anywhere.I had gone thru about 12 phones because they malfunctioned so much thru those years.It didnt stop with just phones computers,clocks,playstations,xboxs and radios all would just stop working when I was around.tvs and computers screens would over time would begin to discolor.Its almost like I was like a magnet and would demagnetize certain objects.

The most startling/exciting thing that ever happend to me was when I was 18 at work)I got up to go to one of the vending machines.As I am about to Place my coin into the vending machine a bolt of electricity(approximatly 3-4 inches long) shot out of my index finger into the vending machine.The bolt was slim and blue.I felt no pain or any discomfort.I thought it was just static.But what always confused me was what made me build up that much "static charge" to release a visable bolt of electricity from my body.

The next and last experience Ive had with being electricuted.I was 18 and unplugging a light from a wall plug and stupidly stuck my finger in between the metal prongs while it was still plugged in while pulling it out.I remember as I was doing this I felt a tingling sensation enter my finger into my arm and shoulder.I dont think I quite realized I was being shocked as it felt slightly pleasurable.Now 20 I notice if I am angry or have anxiety or even overly excited I tend to gather electricity and release it to what ever I touch or am standing around.I can even sometimes if something has lost power or "died" I can recharge it.Streetlights turn on and off while walking or driving.Shocking others or constantly being shocked.I have always been a Hyper person in mind and body.I look at this as a gift and would only hope to be able to one day have control over my "abilities".

USA - Friday, May 27, 2011 at 03:18:44 (PDT)

Whenever a large storm or even a small storm comes by my area I shock people, severely. I get the feeling of electricity in my arms and when i point them at the storm my arms turn static. I Have been wondering what this is. It also seems to heighten when i'm on a computer sometimes i believe i cause very loud thunder (I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not) . Another weird occurrence was when i was 4. I fell out of a two story window (I was near an electric device when I fell). There were absolutely no problems at all in my body.
Jordan Delagrange <mattdelagrange (. . .Remove this. . .) a yahoo com>
Hicksville, USA - Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 14:00:21 (PDT)

As I walked from my bed to the bathroom sometime after midnight, I slipped and I touched the corner of the wall where a fluorescent new bulb was placed. All of a sudden the room was lighted, as though an electrical switch was turned on. I stood there for a while, intermittently touching the bulb. Everytime I touched, the light went on and on until weaker, and eventually faded away. The fluorescent bulb was on a wood panel floor. No metal around.
koudsy mikaelian <koudsymikaelian at comcastdot net>
Wynnewood , pa USA - Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at 17:20:44 (PDT)

I have currently realized that I register on a fuse tester and that if I focus
I can reach a charge of nine volts I have also experienced other phenomena that is upsetting to me as in seeing other energy signals
Surrounding other people as well as myself. I found that I cannot enter
Any cemetery without getting violently ill I'm worried it's going to get worse.

Jonathon Freeman <Sooperdood19 at yahoodot com>
Elmira, Ny USA - Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 10:37:41 (PDT)

As a kid I discovered a strange thing : I experienced a strange nauseous feeling whenever a magnet was put in proximity of my forehead, between the eyebows . Nothing else but magnets could cause this strange feeling.The feeling was more like a claw gripping my brain ..
Leo <spudgun0 at yahoodot com>
Roma, Italy - Wednesday, April 06, 2011 at 05:06:09 (PDT)

My husband and I were both electric people. Early in our relationship we touched each other and were both surprised by the intensity of the current. It was more of an electric burn in which neither of us could disconnect. There was no static energy or anything other than each other that would have caused the shock. Recently when he passed away I was 'notified' of his passing by the immense shocks I felt with whatever I touched. No one else in the room was affected. By the way, the relationship we had was beyond wonderful and we always felt the energy we shared with each other provided a unbreakable bond.
Janice See <jannasee at gmaildot com>
USA - Sunday, April 03, 2011 at 14:47:50 (PDT)

this started about two years ago when i accidentally touched an open live wire. i didnt get shocked i just felt more energized than before. now whenever i touch something electrical i feel more energized as if i take electricity and turn it into energy if anyone can explain what happened please contact me at hannesviper at gmailldot com
hannes smit <hannesviper at gmaildot com>
USA - Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 03:52:55 (PDT)

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were walking a trail that had high tension wires making their way through a tree lined area at regular intervals. He had his hand under my shirt at the small of my back and could feel vibrations or some weird type of electrical current on my skin. At first I had no clue what his was talking about, but as we walked closer toward one of the high standing metal tension wire tower, which were sizzling slightly, by the way, I felt what seemed like an electrical current coming up from the ground. I was really scared. The weird things was that the same thing was not the case with him on his body and he couldn't feel anything coming from the ground either. It happened everytime we got near one of the towers, but never on him, just me. Anyone hear of anything like that? It doesn't seem to be what other people on this site have experienced, but I wonder if it's in the same family of strange circumstances dealing with energy.
Allison <allikeyes511 at gmaildot com>
USA - Monday, March 21, 2011 at 08:27:02 (PDT)

i have been experiencing all of the common ones all my life! blowing light bulbs,street lights, i blew up a tv, things fall off the shelves at grocery stores, etc. ,all are of a greater happening when i get upset. i also have lucid dreams and deja vue dreams, and profetic dreams. but i have something that i can do that no one here has mentioned, i can magnetize metal, i found this out when the tools i used for work were magnetized , since then every screwdriver set my husband gets he asks me to magnetize for him, any one out there do this? my 2 sons have just begun to be able to do it also!!! another question? can a spouse start picking up these happenings? my husband started to blow light bulbs also.
denise <denises at dejazzddot com>
pa USA - Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 20:03:56 (PST)

I can not keep a cell phone long with out needing a new one because it stops charging properly. I can't have any kind of watch but rubber because I short out the battery's. I know things befor they happen and I can feel peoples emotions. Also I see visions. What's wrong with me?? Help!!
Brandon Moore <Yoda31490 at yahoodot com>
Kings mountain , Nc USA - Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 19:22:06 (PST)

i think i would open the science eyes if they seen what happens when im all stadic im likr a live wire my hair gets sooo frizzy i can give about 17 shocks on my boy friends ear one after the other its funny but it hurts him it dosnt hurt me but i can feel the electricty leaven my finger tips big blue sparks im scared of lightening when i have staddic when i take off my jumper sparks make a tickin sound and u can see the electrcity sparks flying off me. street lights turn off when i pass them i make a good airial if your radio is out of range I SHOUD OFFER ME SELF TO SCEINCE THEN THEY WILL BELEAVE THAT THERE IS REALLY ELECTIC PEOPLE SEE SCIENCE YOU ARE WRONG THERE YOUR DEFENETLY WRONG BECAUSE ITS HAPPENING
NSW AUSTRALIA - Sunday, February 06, 2011 at 05:22:51 (PST)

Ok so i have noticed recently ive been getting shocked everytime i touch something metal or dealing with electricity. It used to happen alot when i was a kid but it didnt hurt, they were the small ahocks that baaically tickle you. I also jad a radio with a broken antenna but we still had to use it for music since mom and dad wouldnt buy us a new one until our birthdays ( my sister and I). Everytime i would turn it on every channel would be fuzzy, that is until i would touch it or just sit close to it. These days i dont use vaccums because weve had four break down on us, dont. Use my headphones often ive broken more than maybe twenty sets in a year or so, i think thats just bad luck, although its always the left ear piece that breaks. Ive also gone through two cars within a month. They were used cars but the previous owners had no problems with them at all. Within the month i broke down my moms car she loaned me, the power steering went out and garages around here wanted a rediculous price to fix it. So we sold the car and bought a buick. It ran good for about two weeks and bam there goes the transmission. I havent had a car since and its been 3 years. Mainly i cant afford one lol. Just today i went to kiss my boyfriend and shocked his bottom lip, saw the spark and heard it too. Made me jump and his lip went numb for a bit. Also i have only told two people this but im gonna tell others. Its a bit crazy so dont judge. Usual im content not extremely happy or just happy usually just in the middle, i do this for a reason. Everytime i get extremely happy bad things happen whether to me or others i know or even spoken to a few times. A few situations would be one day i was at my dads bday party having a blast and just extremely happy( btw the bad things usually happen the day of to after.) the next day my phones going off the hook from frienda calling me saying our friend had died. Another situation is i was riding with my bf in his car i was extremely happy, usually when i catch onto my mood and make myself sad or something else sometimes the bad thing doesnt happen. Anyways with my bf riding around and cue happy feeling then bam a rock hits his windshield. Other events have happened just too many to list. The reason i say i stop the bad things by changing my mood is one time i was riding around with friends, i was happy and having fun, all of a sudden a car was turning with us but a bit faster and trying to get in our lane. As its coming at us i suddenly became very calm and the driver misses our car and gets pulled over by a police officer seconds after i had calmed down. I think its just craziness but who knows.
Jessica M. <sasunaru76 at yahoodot com>
Catlettsburg, Ky USA - Friday, February 04, 2011 at 23:07:43 (PST)

I have always had intermittent episodes of being shocked by static electricity and have broken many computers and watches, etc, but I have had a weird occurrence that I can't explain. A lamp, sitting on a wooden dresser which sits on a wood floor has a metal base which often saps me with static electricity. Every time I receive a shock, even just a small one, a battery operated toy on the wood floor 4-6 feet away turns on. Additionally, sometimes my son's wii game, which sits on another wooden table in the same room turns on and lights up very brightly. I turned off the wii but it came right back on again. So, I unplugged it. Both the toy and the wii continue to work. Also, this may or may not have some relation, but about 10 years ago I had a problem with a tv that would turn on by itself with no explanation. The TV would be on when I came in the apartment. I would walk past it into another room. Then when I re-entered the room, it would turn off. This happened over the period of a month and we moved shortly after and the same tv never did it again. So, maybe you can figure out what this is. I'm a science person, so I tend to think there is a good scientific explanation- no ghosts here probably.

Rachel Osborne <Osbornerb at frontierdot com>
Fort Wayne, In USA - Thursday, February 03, 2011 at 10:33:48 (PST)

I am a student of vijaya college of nursing,kottarakara.when I work in a hospital setting which is airconditioned and when I spent some time in it,I start getting zapped from every metal objects(aluminium doors,steel desk,BP apparatus are few) and even water.even TINY SPARKS are generated when i come in contact with metals.after wise when someone touches me they get zapped including small SPARKS.
sandeep kumar s <sandeepkumars1947 at gmaildot com>
korttarakkara, kerala india - Monday, January 24, 2011 at 06:08:36 (PST)

So weird. My dad always ruined watches. He was finally told that he has an electric personality...from a jeweler years ago - we thought it was funny at least.

This first part has nothing to do with my electric personality but want to list it anyway. I would have premonitions or deja vu that was so clear yet I'd never been in that place or situation yet totally knew what was going to happen next. This ended when I was around 12 or so. My dad had the same thing as a kid I later found out...I didn't feel so crazy after finding this out. Also, I read about one guy who would think of a song or something on TV and then whamo...it was on. I have periods of that but have always chalked it up to coincidence.

In the last couple of years my sense of smell has heightened. I can smell metal and other things that people don't seem to notice as much. This is gross, but I can tell when someone is on their period...I can smell the metal from the blood. Super gross and weird too.

Now, I used to go through watches like crazy in my 20's but never thought that it was ME. For some reason I never put two and two together about my Dad and I possibly sharing this weird connection.

I've never noticed any streetlights (why are streetlights so affected?) but now I'm totally going to focus on them and see if I notice anything odd.

Here's where my real weirdness starts. My hubby and I have been together for 14yrs. He's never had any oddities that have been mentioned here except that he's always wearing shorts and T-shirts in the cold but...he does get cold. I think it's just a choice really. I, on the other hand, am always cold - especially my hands and feet. I love wearing Doc Martens and warm clothes.

3 weeks ago, as always, we're laying in bed and my husband is sleeping next to me. I'm still awake (always have had sleeping issues since childhood) and just, as every night I do, I was lightly touching his back while watching my movie. I started feeling an electric current from his skin thru mine. First I thought I was imagining it but then I kept at it. It would last just a few seconds at first but when I concentrated it would last longer. I did this for about 45 minutes and then my husband woke and I told him what happened. I laughingly told him I could be a healer or even an X-man now. We decided to run some tests. I'd touch him and see if he could tell when the current was there. Nothing on his end. Then we decided to have him touch me... HE's Got it now too! Tonight, he put his hand on my shoulder and he had a really strong connection for about 45 seconds. Now, it doesn't really matter much where we touch but I have figured out that we can't be cuddling to get the connection. We told my parents this, joking that we had electric personalities and my dad reminded me of his watch issues. I'd forgotten about this for 20 years.

Now I'm wondering if my husband is just catching a ride on my electric current or if he has some special electric anomaly as well. I need to check my kids and see if I can pick up a current from them too! This is neat but weird. T

Thanks for your site.

Wendy Robinson <wendy98275 at gmaildot com...>
WA USA - Monday, January 10, 2011 at 23:39:35 (PST)

I was so amazed to find this site- I never realized there were so many other people that have trouble with electronics! Ever since I was a teenager, I set off store alarms (SO not fun!) and I have nothing but constant problems with electronic devices. Usually I don't talk about it but every job I have been at long enough, my bosses all start to notice how things go haywire around me. It seems to be highly correlated with my emotions- if I get upset or angry, that is when the big things happen, like computer crashes, complete system failure, car breakdowns, lights burning, fire alarms going off etc. Fortunately my boyfriend doesn't have this problem, and a lot of times he can get my phone or computer working by restarting it himself and keeping me a distance away. Last quarter I had to take a computer programming class, and I must have spent 3 times the amount of work as my peers because of my issues with computers. Oddly enough, I don't have a problem with static electricity, but I do run "hot". My boyfriend calls me volcano girl. It is my hope that eventually research will provide some insight into these types of phenomenon. The only advice I have for anyone whose experiences are similiar to mine is this: If you are still upset (or even happy and excited!) step away from the device until you are calm.
Melanie Hudson <mel.caligirl.claire23 at gmaildot com>
CA USA - Friday, January 07, 2011 at 14:20:26 (PST)

I set the alarms in most of the shops, department stores, airports etc no matter of what I am wearing. This is causing me a great embarassment as both on entering the building and on exit I set the theft alarm on.

Obviously on entering the staff think that I have stolen from another shop and on existing they think I stole from their shop.

would appreciate receiving comments and perhaps a solution

Patricia Engerer <imports at krytponchemistsdot com>
USA - Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 00:35:20 (PST)

My husband and I have our home office in our bedroom as well as a television and other electronics. While I was in the bedroom one night with the television going it just completely clicked off (wasn't a blown fuse because everything else remained on). No one was near the remote. My husband came and pushed the on button several times nd the television would not come on. Him being totally bewildered and frustrated laid the remote down staring intently at the screen. Within several seconds the television came back on unassisted. Before we go to bed we shut our computers down completely (dont beleive in leaving them on all night). In the middle of the night the desk top computer turned on by itself very brightly lighting the room to our shock and amazement. This morning as my husband and I slept my lap top came on with its little toshiba insignia tone and very brightly lit screen and it woke us up. All these items require buttons or remotes to be turned on and were not set to timers. It doesnt scare me but it sure is weird.
Sandra Horn <srhornmsed at yahoodot com>
USA - Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 07:02:09 (PST)

A few years ago, I walked on carpet past a radio that was turned off, it turned on for a second or two as I passed by it.
Today, I get many shocks and even give them to other people when I shake hands with them. This usually occurs when the weather is dry but not necessarily cold.

Yvonne Hurley <tonyvo at msndot com>
Land O lakes, Fl USA - Saturday, November 06, 2010 at 14:47:22 (PDT)

I once purchased a hematite bracelet from a store and had to return it within the hour because I felt sharp electric shocks course through my body. Has anyone else experienced something like this?
USA - Monday, November 01, 2010 at 17:20:47 (PDT)

I have experienced a strange occurence with a piece of Fire Opal I purchased. When held next to my skin the once translucent stone would turn opaque. I would place it in water and the opal would become translucent again and it would turn back into opaque once I held it next to me. (It takes about a half hour to change to solid but only a minute to become clear once in the water)
We tried to have my no nonsence husband turn the stone but it didn't. The stone eventually became less and less opaque every time and now does not turn much at all. We contacted the seller and he has not heard of this happening before? Can't explain it.

Michelle M.
USA - Friday, October 29, 2010 at 14:12:19 (PDT)

I have noticed that in the last few years I have been more "electric", I guess, than other people around me. I can never exit a car without a jolt of static zapping me and I make speakers click and buzz wherever I go. I can't control this and it doesn't happen all the time, but I first started noticing it about 5 years ago. Other people thought that the noises were strange and it seemed to happen only when I was in the room. The only other person who I've told about this is my husband, who thinks it's hilarious.

This has only added on to strange things that have happened to me since I was around 11 years old. I am 35 now. I seem to attract some paranormal activity and at least one of my children has inherited that. I have dreams that come true, although I cannot predict which ones will and don't often know until the events happen. I can also predict the of unborn children and have a 99% accuracy rate since I first started keeping track 10 years ago. When I read palms for fun at a museum Halloween party, it began to get spooky because I was telling people about specific events in their lives which proved to be correct.

I don't know how all of this ties together. I'm not a New Age type of person and I don't go looking to enhance any of these things. Most people don't know about my "different" abilities and I really can't talk to anyone about them, so finding this site to vent was a nice find. It's good to know that I'm not the only weird one out there! :)
Julie Brown <juliabuccellato at yahoodot com>
USA - Monday, October 11, 2010 at 09:31:49 (PDT)

I just came acrossed this site with no information before about what I have experienced. I really just thought I was crazy. So I'm 19 , I had a seizure when I was 12 years old. I went to a specialist and did the whole deal, MRI scans, Ct scans, etc etc. And? the specialist said there is nothing wrong. :/ Let me go about to when I was 10 yrs old I use to have these very strange dizzy spells when i would be doing anything normal then it would come, i would lose balance, like having vertigo, then It's like i would lose sense of time and with myself, I could not tell at all who I was or what was going on, if that makes sense.:( those would last for about 5 minutes. And everything would come back to normal. Except I would be very nauseated and would lie down, because those spells left me feeling awfully strange. Well those went on till I had my Seizure. I didn't tell my mom about the dizzy spells, cause honestly i was 10, i didn't know how to Explain it, and I thought I was probably only weird or crazy. When I did tell her after I had my seizure, she mentioned it to the specialist and that's when he said, they seem like dizzy spells which is quite commom with seizures. As i was saying when I had that ONE time seizure, i have never had another one of those spells, thank god! But those memories have always made me question what those could of been? especially what has been happening in the recent months as I have been experiencing electrical phenomenon. I'm consider a hyper senstive person, due to being scard from a tortuous relationship i was in about a year ago with an ex. I'm really sensitive, and i can get nervouse quite easily. ex. in the past months i would be in a car with anyone, (i try to be comfortable,) but i couldnt be (because i was still in that state of emotion from that relationship) and the blinker will go off crazy. And it's myself, or my energy i guess would be the apporpiate term, doing it, because I'll take a few deep breaths to calm down, and the blinker will go off. As soon as my anxiety comes back the blinker will start going off wildly again:(. The problem is that the person(s) that I'm riding with look at the car like" what the heck is going on" and even my mom, as i have not mentioned it to her. I didn't think people messing with electrical appliances could be real. I myself thought it was strange. But Again I thought I'm just losing it, or something is really messing with me.:( So i have not mentioned this to any one before because of embarrasement, and the truth, that my family doesn't really believe in things like this, and they are just normal plain jane family, So I think they would see me as delusional or something:(. Now that I have done research on my own, I have tried relaxtion techniques and have just been really learning how to deal with it on my own. Another thing, As I said, I'm 19 years old now, and I have a 19 month old daughter :). I just don't want it to affect her nor I. That's why I have picked up on researching because I felt I could not turn to anyone saying " oh when I'm in a car I can control the blinker signal with my emotions ", To me it would definitely sound strange. Also I cant wear watches because they stop. I was losing and gaining hope at the same, because I was losing hope because I had never heard of anything like this before and had no one or no where to turn to, and gaining because I am almost learning to control by using relaxtation techniques. i'm looking into acupuncture to as I know that those help with aniexty and stuff. But I came here for more info, from anyone who has learned to live a pleasant and normal life with it please and thanks, and also a few months have gone by smoothly without any problems as I am progressing. Just only in large crowds I feel I can get a little anxious and I can feel that the other people can feel it, and they usually stop conversations when they feel it. If that makes sense. And I would like advice because I'm currently going to the community college locally and in my larger classes I feel like sometimes i can affect the person sitting next to me. Thanks for readin, and i'd like to leave my email if anyone will like to share and give more detailed info about what others and I have gone through. my email is, WITHOUT the percentage symbols(to avoid spam)%%%%%adri_anna22 at hotmaildot com%%%%%%%
thanks for reading and blessings to all!

Adrianna <adri_anna22 at hotmaildot com>
NM USA - Friday, September 03, 2010 at 23:53:27 (PDT)

This is my oddest report.I don't let to many people know i'm a bit "odd".I only have let my best friend know.Plus my Mum.It started around year 4.I'm in year 6 now,so its not to long ago.Alot of strange things have happend with electrizity around me.Once,when I walked near a TV,it turned its self on.Also,when I touched 1 of my robots,all its lights flashed,and at this point,it had no batterys in.And another time I gave my best friend a electric shock,well,I've done that to aload of people.Then there was that time when I sent a compter MENTAL.Then the famous light sketch.I walked into the school hall,and as I neared the front and sat down,1 of the big strip lights whent out and the projector stopped working for a couple of minutes.Also,when I touched my car once I gave myself,and my Mum,who was also touching the car,a EMORMOUS elctric shock.Yup,thats just about it.If I do anything else wierd,I'll post it up.THIS IIISSSSS ALL TRUE.
William James Bayliss
USA - Wednesday, September 01, 2010 at 08:45:41 (PDT)

glad to find this site. i have the probem of stopping watches, and batteries don't last long with me either.
this site explains alot of the issues i have with my computer, lights,
etc. i really did not put it all together in a complete picture, this is facinating.
i have always been very sensitive to people, places,
i feel energy coming off everything. people think i
am reading their minds sometimes. my grandfather
could hypnotize people, but he stopped the practice,
it was something people where afraid of years ago.
i am deadly afraid of being hit by lightening, i have
had the hair on my arms stand up when it has been
near by. i get very excited/anxious before some thunderstorms. i also cut a light cord with a
pair of metal sizzors (mothers good sewing shears)
when i was very young, it burned
a huge hole in the metal. i don't really remember
much about that, except they could not believe i was
not hurt. and i know when i am stressed or in a hurry,
the computer will freeze up or act extremely slow.
very interested in learning more, i have never had
an explanation about my stopping a watch, except the
watch repairman used to tell my parents that some people are magnetic and this causes the stoppage.
i wonder if i inherited some of this, too late to ask
any questions now. my sister is very sensitive too.

debra <stamprad at gmaildot com>
USA - Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 21:49:25 (PDT)

Wow, I was thrilled to find this website! I am not the only one out there accutely aware that something is different. I guess I should start with a little background. My mother was hit by lightning when she was child and is now deathly afraid of it. I have always had difficulty with electronic devices especially computers, (my mother wont let me near hers because it crashes every time I am around it.) I am often asked to stay out of kitchens as there seems to be a complication with appliances when I am in the room.

Four years ago, I was also struck by lightening. Since that time, I often hear music or people talking when it is quiet. I am able to tune into people's energy if I focus on them. (I try not to because I think this is an invasion of their privacy, and I should not "read" them without their permission.) I know this sounds pretty crazy. I often explode things when I am upset, both at home and in public places. This is the worst part, and my daughter always accompanies me to the grocery store either to help if I am stressed or to shop for me when I am unable to touch anything without getting shocked.

I am currently finishing school to become a licensed massage therapist. I have had a very difficult time in school because whenever I receive deep body work I get really sick. The theory is that the lightning caused the connective tissue in my body to become stuck to whatever it was near. I am curious if anyone else has had similar results???
Jennifer Williams <sparks84095 at yahoodot com>
ut USA - Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 13:33:25 (PDT)

Well,this is about myself.I get these static shocks all over my body every so often.I'm not lying.Also,sometimes electrical devices I use go wierd somtimes.Like when I used this computer at school,the screen kinda murged toghether and the picture mulitpliyed loads of times and the ICT person din't know what I had done to it.Also,once I walked in to a room and the light exploded.I constantly give my friends stactic shocks.There is alot more stuff but I can't be bothered to write it down.None of this is a lie,I promise.
James Williams
Brighton, Sussex Great Brighton - Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 02:53:17 (PDT)

I started noticing strange phenomena in my life ever since I was 13 years old. I was always afraid to talk about it with people in fear that I would be called crazy or locked up to be experimented on. So for years it terrified me and I have stayed on medication to help with any effects, but have realized over the years that medication has actually made it harder to deal with. The events I have experienced have not only become stronger, but also more frequent.

Lately it has played out in a means of strange weather such as a lightning storm when I was demanding my son tristan storm mason to be returned to me by cps and was very intense. lightning bolts kept shooting straight into the ground all around fort worth. At the time I started noticing the cars getting a very strong gravitational pull toward the ground and I could sense the engines running harder and the cars were straining to drive.

Also, lately I have been noticing vibration in the ground around where I live and am not sure exactly what it is, but have figured out that we have 3 states of oil and natural gas with ocean water beneath the surface of where we live. So I believe the vibration is possibly the oil drillers pumping the substance from the ground and I am just highly attuned to this. It actually drives me nuts at night and prevents me from being able to sleep to great.

I also notice that the age of satelites have caused a wide array of issues for me. As I am beginning to realize that if I were to eat healthy, live in a healthy environment, I could be a very high functioning person who carries an empathicly attuned ability of visual clarovoyance. But unfortunately all the vibrational waves and energy polluted atmosphere has caused a great deal of confusion and discomfort for me.

Television and radios are a whole new ballgame now that they have gone digital. I have noticed strange warping in the sound and actual peoples voices coming through. I am certain that we can capture this on recordings and I could easily point it out to others who are open to the idea, but to be honest... the entire concept to me seems like playingwith fire so to say. I dont know anyone in my life who could guide me through this new knowlege and I hate to make it worse by publicising it to the wrong people who wouldnt know how to menally grasp this sort of thing.

I occasionally hear ones thoughts or desires in the form of words and other times in the form of just a feeling or just knowing, but usually try to blow it off due to the fact that for years it frightened me and I thought I was losing my mind. I realize now that I am near 28 years old just how real it is.

I have been making lights dim and brighten since I was 15ish years old and now can see whole areas of light where there is no light sourse. It freaks me out still when it happens so I do not like to replocate it or play with it.

My body natural bodily rythms get thrown off when I experience all these things and I have yet to be able to resolve the issues or kinks if you will. I will often get energy caused back, neck, head pain or knots. My vision will get diturbed for a while. My sleeping and eating habits get all rearanged. And sometimes it throws me offto the point of straight up hallucinations if I dont take proper care of myself. So these are just some of the strange phenomena I am dealing with 24-7. It would be very helpful to meet other people like myself. my email address is shollie87 at yahoodot com if you are interested in contacting me. Thank you for your time.

hollie jean scott <shollie87 at yahoodot com>
bedford, tx USA - Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 02:34:14 (PDT)

I can't say this is a phenomena, but i can't keep a battery operated watch running. however i have worn a solar powered watch for three years and it hasn't lost one second. weird? i also live with my daughter and granddaughter. my grand and i have the very same phone. hers works fine but i have to go outside to get a decent signal. why is this do you reckon?
rosella spoon <rpspoon46 at aoldot com>
USA - Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 07:44:37 (PDT)

I was looking up information because I have had this weird phenomenon ever since I died in 02 and came back. When I get very emotionally upset and touch a computer or look at it, the blue screen on a PC will come up saying the hard drive has been erased. It happened a couple of times and I never related it back, then in 2004 I was working in some bad conditions. Management was very threatening and working conditions were horrible. When management turned their rants on me at my station the "blue screen" on the PC would come up and the computer had to be replaced. This happened 4 times in a 2 week period with 4 different computers. I've had it happen with various laptops as well. About 6 months ago I was under a lot of stress with being laid off work and finding out some things about circumstances around my husbands death. I was visiting the person investigating his death and someone was playing a playstation. I started crying upset and the game on the TV faded to horizontal lines like interference started happening. The one guy talking to me was trying to calm me down then the other guy stated hitting the tv. The guy trying to calm me down told me to relax immediately. To stop crying now. Then told me something really startling like he's wearing woman's underwear which made me look at him and say what? He said calm down. The game came back normal. He asked me if I knew I was a natural born witch. I looked at him like he was insane. He is native american and started asking me if I've ever fried things when I'm upset. Blown light bulbs. Flickered lights or affected appliances. I told him about my previous issues with computers. He said his people would consider me a natural witch. That I need to keep my emotions in check or I could seriously cause some damage. Now I don't remember it before I died and came back, but it could happen. I wasn't around computers alot.
Yesterday, my cell phone rang and a family member was calling who caused a lot of problems after my husband died. Let's just say she stole over 13k worth of stuff. Had me arrested on lies and caused many problems. Anyways, when my phone rang I was at my Mac. Now I bought a mac because they seem harder to fry than PC's. I got up and went to my phone and saw the read out then just got extremely mad and walked back to my MAC when I noticed a never before solid baby blue covering the whole screen. No mouse. No Widgets nothing. I immediately was like no no no and tried to calm down. It took at least 30 min before the computer would come back on. When it did it booted to the solid blue screen then went to the normal screen. This has led me to look into this. It seems as the longer away from my near death or death experience the stronger I become. Any help on this would be wonderful. email: red_headed_goddess_13 at yahoodot com
Please only serious info or people who've had experiences and can give advice. Thanks.

Tiffany D'Andrea <tiffany.dandrea at gmaildot com************>
Virginia Beach, VA USA - Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 21:02:03 (PDT)

My name is Julie Corbett, from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. I have experienced super unual amounts of static electricity. In the past year and a half I have blew up two telephones and a stereo system just by reaching otu and touching them. I seem to harm the circuits in the telephone phone pad. I accidently tripped something inside my stereo when I touch the metal plugs in back. I don't know why I store unusual amounts of electricity at different times, but I can honestly report this started happening AFTER I started suffering hormonial changes in my body. I've seem to go through bouts of charging... It's werid, and often painful to me and whom I might touch. I've even shocked people on the lips!!
It's odd how this reoccuring problem cropped up out of no where and often makes me phobic of reaching out to pick up and/or touch an object or person.
Julie Corbett

Julie Anne Corbett <drewnopeachjuice at hotmaildot com>
Conception Bay South, nl Canada - Saturday, July 03, 2010 at 17:38:50 (PDT)

In August 2009 I saw a strange cloud above my house. I was like a funnel going up in the sky. My friend and I was looking at it because well we never saw something like that and also it was 'booming' thunder ecoing in the cloud itself. Then something strange started to happen, the air felt charge and the flashes in my vison but i couldn't directly see the flashes. At that moment I thought oh man we are fixing to get struck. Well everything went "crimson red" that is the best I can describe because I have never seen this color. I was knocked back from this. My friend saw a light hit the tree or the house but wasn't sure. My heart rate speed up and was worried for a min but I was sorta euphoric I didn't go to an ER or anything. Anyway I started to have problems and now have a neoro problem. I was in flip flops my friend in ruber boots (only thing i can think as to why i was affected so) Some doctors don't believe me, so do but my conditions is getting worse. I was told this was St. Elmos Fire by one doctor. All neighbors said is they heard a boom. I would really like to know if someone out there knows anymore about is and why this effected me so.
Amy Pennyworth <kikyo at attdot net_0000>
Columbia, LA USA - Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 13:05:51 (PDT)

I found this site out of curiosity because over the past several months I've had some strange happenings. For about the past year, when I look at a digital clock there's always a pattern like 4:34, 11:11, 5:55 etc. If the clock has hands the hands are either right on top of each other or they split the face of the clock into equal halves. Over the past moth I've had strange occurences involved electronics and watches. My watches would always seem to run slow regardless of how many times I corrected it. Electronics including shredders, elevators, automated door openers, soda machines, etc. have stopped working after using them. One day I got really angry and was walking back into work and as I passed the generator outside all the lights inside the building went out. The day the same thing happened at my home except it was a transformer on the corner that blew and the energy people had to come out and fix it. In alot of the instances, the problem could be fixed by replacing the fuse. I definitely don't do these things on purpose but as noted in other comments it usually happened (more often than not) when I get very angry which really isn't that often.
Jasmine <hollylama at hotmaildot com>
Rally, nc USA - Monday, June 07, 2010 at 10:55:17 (PDT)

televisions,computers,and satellite cable boxes turn off when i walk by or get upset or when i have emotional conversations. when i told my doctor he looked at me like i was crazy. its been happening since i was a child. the only thing ive found that suppresses it is cannabis. test this out for yourselves and see if it suppresses yours as well im curious if it will work for others as well. when it happens all you can really do is just apologise. can anyone explain this ?????
jake johnson <canabis1 at rocketmail dot com>
alton, il USA - Monday, May 31, 2010 at 23:48:18 (PDT)

I'm so glad I found this site and have similar experiences of my own. Once i was at school with a friend and i shocked him pretty bad. a couple of days later i could somehow tell if someone was watching t.v around my neighborhood. i can also think about a song on the radio then all of a sudden it is on another station. most of my friends think its cool because my reflexes are more developed because i can catch a small thing out of the air when the wind is blowing it fast. so email me if you can help me get through this.
jason Phillips <bloo81z at gmaildot com>
Elmer, N.J USA - Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 19:42:13 (PDT)

I'm a neutral person, I don't like to say things are definite and I don't like to say things aren't, I'm very open-minded, and after reading about SLI, it did get me thinking.
In Arizona, in order to beat the heat, school starts pretty early, and we also don't have daylight savings time, so often during the colder season I walk to school in the dark. There's one street light that always turned off whenever I walked under it, maybe five times it didn't. I never really thought it odd, I always figured it was just coincidence.
However, that's not the only odd effect I experienced with technology, my cellphone has a habit of randomly turning on and off, and taking pictures completely by itself, now the thing is old and stupid to begin with (it's the first and only cellphone I've ever had. I hardly use phones to begin with and don't text so I don't see a need for an upgrade), but this happens often.
The light in my room also flickers almost every night, but the whole house might to do that so that's not very good evidence XD
But I think the strangest of the phenomena is my most recent incident. I was working on the computer during a class and, like always, I had my purse on my lap. Now I got my purse from an army surplus store and it's made of strong but pretty durable fabric, just a little visual help for you. So I began to notice that the spot where my purse was resting on my leg was beginning to get hot, I have a habit of experiencing random, quick and sharp pains that have nothing to do with anything and I also get moments where random spots on my body will heat up, so I ignored it at first. However, the heat continued to increase to the point that it was unbearable. So I went digging through my purse to find the source and, originally expecting my cellphone, I pulled out the AAA battery I keep in my purse as backup for my MP3 player. Well, I really didn't pull it out since it was too hot to touch, so I threw it one the table. It cooled down after a while and I still have it now (not using it though)
So, I asked my science teacher what might trigger the reaction considering it wasn't charging or hooked up to anything, but she had no answer, I posted the question online but everyone said they had never heard of a battery heating up for no reason, especially to the heat level I claimed it did.
I joked with my mom that I must have had an electrical current in my body, but after reading about SLI I wonder if it could have been that.

The human brain is an amazing thing, but as I said earlier, I'm remaining neutral on it until so one can prove it's existence and even then I still might be somewhat skeptic.
The battery incident still has me wondering and according to the article, people's mood triggers the reaction, but for me, I'm always thinking intently (well, more intently then usual) in the moments when I get a reaction, but whatever

Marka Marquez <UchihaKarasu at yahoodot com>
USA - Friday, April 30, 2010 at 20:21:30 (PDT)

About 3 years ago, I lived in our school dorm for 2 months because we are reviewing for the upcoming local nursing licensure exam. Our room is air-conditioned and always at maximum level (coldest temperature). There was this time when I hold the faucet to wash my hands, I saw a electrifying strong blue light from the faucet to the tip of my fingers. It is quite painful but tolerable.

The other day around, I was about to get my iPod from the laptop where it is being charged. But before touching the iPod, this electrifying blue light comes up again, this time, with sound!! My friend even saw it and she was terrified. This time, it hurts!

I wonder what's wrong with me. I checked if I have metal in my body and I figured out that probably it's because of my belt. I don't know what kind of metal it is, but that metal is warm to touch even if I'm in cold temperature. I guess the metal absorbs the heat from my body which caused such incident??

I thought this thing would not happen again. Just few months ago, my friend and I are both in air-conditioned room and she was about to lend me a paper. Upon touching the paper, we both feel this electrifying static from the tip of our finger. We're both mesmerized, and I told her that probably she got that electrifying static from me. But at that time, I got no metal in my body!

Everytime we are walking in mall, I won't let her get near me and touch my skin because whenever we have a skin-to-skin contact, I feel like there's a bunch of small needles sticking to my skin. She sometimes feel it, and sometimes doesn't feel anything. Unlike me, I always feel it with quite pain.

I wonder what's wrong with me.

Ada <adaphobic at gmaildot com>
Marikina, Philippines - Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 05:46:40 (PDT)

I have been trying to find information about this for a long time. I got my first watch when I was about 10 and it never worked for more than 5 minutes. It was one of the old wind up kind. My dad is the same way. He has also been shocked by lightening (not struck dead on) several times. I have noticed the street light thing also but I always assumed it was my car lights interfering with the sensors. I have also experienced a lot of the same phenomenom as the other posters such as having to replace light bulbs very often. I always have static in my clothes and my hair. I just thought everyone did. There is something else that I haven't seen anyone else post here. I have always had high electric bills. I have even compared with other people that have the same size house and mine is always higher. Anyone else experience this?
ga USA - Monday, April 19, 2010 at 15:39:04 (PDT)

I get shocked constantly by almost every thing I touch. In the last few years I have resorted to closing vehicle doors by kicking them closed trying to avoid being zapped. Last year I stopped to get gas in my car. When I got out of the vehicle I had been shocked 3 times before opening my gas tank. I twisted the cap off as usual, then almost immediately flames flew out of my gas tank. I freaked out and ran to the attendant to tell the to turn the emergency pump off. I realized later that the gas cap left a melted half circle on my hand. I cringe any time I get ready to touch most things. Quite frankly I am sick of it.
Wendy Evans <wendy712 at verizondot net>
League City, Tx USA - Thursday, March 04, 2010 at 06:31:56 (PST)

I just discovered this page, 9 years after the last addition.

Several years ago I suddenly started burning out watch batteries, which had never happened before. I kept getting new batteries and burning them out within 24-48 hours. I mentioned this to one counter clerk, asking how old the watch batteries for sale were, and she said, "Shouldn't be a problem with these batteries; they're new. But I burn out watch batteries. You might just do that too." I finally bought a solar powered watch, which works nicely. This is in arid Colorado, so the dry climate might be part of it. Also, since then I was diagnosed with severe lead poisoning from old water pipes that were corroding. The lead's been chelated out now, but I've wondered if the increasing lead back then might have been what triggered it; I was getting the first severe symptoms at the same time that the battery draining started.

Also, there's a funky kind of touch therapy called SHEN therapy that is hypothesized to work by strengthening the body's electromagnetic fields. For what it's worth, I'd give anecdotal testimony that it works -- on non-humans, too. ("Work" as in promote deep relaxation and thereby some pain relief, and reported meditation-type states, and to stimulate peristalsis!) It might be worth googling.

I'm convinced that all this is not supernatural at all, but just not yet properly understood.

Barbara Goodrich <bgoodric at comcastdot netwithouttheseextraletters>
USA - Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 21:33:40 (PST)

Hoy mi esposo me pidio el favor que lo llevara en su coche a una reunión pues no creia que encontraría parqueadero, al dejarlo y despedirme de el me paso un corrientazo; el me dijo que hace días le estaba pasando. El clima en nuestra ciudad por estos días es muy caluroso y nuestra casa tambien esta muy calurosa. Me preocupa porque el utiliza mucho el coche es un Ford Scape y habla mucho por celular pues sus negocios asi lo exigen. Lo poco que es leido sobre el tema me llevo a decirle que se quitara los zapatos y caminara un rato descalzo en casa y que saliera al jardín para que le ayudara a descargar toda esa energía. ¿Eso es bueno o que otra cosa puedo hacer para ayudarlo?. Muchas gracias por su ayuda he leido detenidamente todo el informe sobre el tema y vere que puedo aplicar entre tanto.
Gracias por la ayuda que me puedan brindar. Cordial saludo esposa muy preocupada

Nubia López <nubiquilo at hotmail.con>
Cali, Valle del Cauca Colombia - Tuesday, February 02, 2010 at 21:03:35 (PST)

I've always had trouble with shocking people or myself when touching door nobs, etc. I have to touch something metal to ground myself before using a computer and I stopped wearing watches years ago.

The most recent weird thing that happened is that I went into a Fry's electronics store with my Fiance and there is a very large Jacob's Ladder incased in glass in the back of the store. The electricity only goes up about half way, but as I walked towards it (stupid... I know) The current started going higher and highter and getting very large. Finally it sparked and made a loud noise and all the hairs on my arms stood up, then it turned off. We were in the store for about an hour and it didn't turn back on until I was near the exit. It is kind of a running joke now. Whenever we have friends over, we visit the Fry's electronics store so they can watch me disrupt the Jacob's Ladder.

Fremont, Ca USA - Friday, January 01, 2010 at 23:55:41 (PST)

I get electrically shocked in my sleep. Sometimes I sleep with my eyes open, enabling me to see things I would have missed otherwise. When I was 18 I saw a dancing orange light, realized it was out of the ordinary, and forced myself awake to see that the motor on the box fan in the window had seized and caught fire. I jumped up and yanked the electrical cord from the wall. Other times I've seen things very uninteresting but a few months ago I saw something I can't forget. I had been receiving what felt like electrical shocks while sleeping. It seemed that only the parts of my body that were uncovered by my bed covers were receiving shocks. The last time it happened was the most alarming shock I had ever received. At the very moment that I felt a hugely strong shock to my left index finger, I saw a jagged white line span the space between my finger and the DVD/VCR that was across the room. The white line was so bright for that instant that it lit up the entire room. I had been sleeping on my back with only my head and my left arm uncovered by my bed covers. My left arm was partially hanging over the edge of the bed and my left index finger extended slightly. How do I know this? I saw it in the light from the white line while sleeping with my eyes open. The white line shocked my finger leaving it feeling like it was burning for maybe 5 minutes and my whole left hand in slight pain. I jolted, got out of my bed, fully awake at that point, and went to the bathroom to look at my hand. There were no visible marks but I could still feel the burning and pain. I was more mad than surprised because I'm SO sick of getting shocked in my sleep because it sometimes takes me hours to go back to sleep afterwards. What is causing this??????
Lora <chiborn at livedot com>
thomasville, ga USA - Sunday, December 27, 2009 at 14:31:37 (PST)

My daughter Emily is a 17 year old high school junior. In March of 2009, Emily was getting shocked at home and at school in her computer lab class. Some computer systems would shut down when she walked into the room. Sparks from the PC towers would jump out at her and loud popping sounds would occur when she would get shocked. The shocks cause burns, swelling and pain on her hands and wrist. Emily's cell phone, MP3 player, and other electronics shut off and turn on when she touches them. Emily was taken out of computer lab. Then Emily was shocked when she was puched in the school hallway and bumped up against some wall lockers. She became ill, vomiting and headache and chest pain and a large burn on her forearm. Emily was taken to the ER and had several tests, EEG, EMG, blood tests, the whole routine. Nothing was found. Emily is now in alternative school to be safe because anything metal shocks and burns her. Emily has seen a neurologist, a psychologist, a homeopathic technician. Now the doctors suggest that we see a dermatologist. We are frustrated and cannot find the right person to talk to or see Emily. She was shocked and burned on the 14th of December by the soap holder in the shower. The ER doctor gave her burn cream, a splint, some loratabs for pain and sent us home. HELP! We need some answers. If anyone knows of anyone else with this situation, please let us know!
Clare Matthews <clare.matthews at grissom.af.mil>
Bunker Hill, IN USA - Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 13:01:22 (PST)

I blow things up, I can even be on concrete and shock things, I can't wear a watches , I blew up my sisters mixer , I've blown up phones ,and I blew up my coffee pot recently, and I can stand there and shock things like three times or more .
when I shock the fridge or vcr it knocks me across the room sometimes , I've asked doctors what I can do about it and they look at me wierd , so I thouight I would ask you .
What can I do about this?

And the gold on my fingers make my hands turn black .
Do you think it's because I shock things?
I can even be bare foot and shock things.

thanks and please write me back and see what I can do about this, thank you, kim

kim weston <000westonlv1 at msndot com>
helena, mt USA - Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 11:16:43 (PST)

I keep seeing what looks like a camera flashlight, in my room. Normally the flashing will occur late at night. They are reminiscent of the old flash bulbs we use to use on our cameras. It is weird!! Now my Sony flat screen is acting as a camera flash, as I am typing this message, the incident occured again. The tv is not on but flashes bright white.They usually last between two-three seconds. The other flashes are really bright and usually flash in my face as if some other entity is taking a picture of me. It freaks me out. I read one other story of someone else experiencing the same occurance-with flashing light, not the tv. Does anyone know what this may be? Or has anyone else had this experience?
USA - Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 23:47:08 (PDT)

I live in helena , my whole life has been odd, I try to be careful to what I touch, becuase I blow things up , and sometimes I dont even have to quite touch it, I have blown up telephones , vcr's, mixers, watches, and alot of the time I can feel my hair stand up, and I am scared of lightening, fear of being struck, I know it sounds all so silly , but this is my life , I went to alot of doctors and asked them who I could see about this and alot of them told me, they never heard of blowing things up , so I felt so stupid for even aking, well thank you for your time, for reading this letter, k.w.
kim weston <westonlv1 at msndot com>
helena, mt USA - Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 17:29:41 (PDT)

After another episode of blowing out my tv set and having tne nerve to tell my fiance oh I've done this all my life
(we're still engaged, taking the risk he'll think I am nuts
which is actually ok since he's psychologist LOL) I decided to look this up and to my surprise I am not alone. Whew! I feel better. I too explode lightbulbs, crash computers, registers at stores, etc etc etc.........if that isn't wierd enough I have dreams that come true,
for example: I was living in New Jersey at the time and I had a dream that a building was on fire, I saw a fireman come out of the building , he was covered in soot and wiping his brow , removing his helmet while walking out under an archway . I heard many screams in Spanish yet, it took place in New York City. Three days later I turned on the news and saw a hispanic nightclub owned by Kathleen Turner and her husband burned down, and they showed the exact fireman coming out of the building which I saw in my dream. This kind of dream is different than the regular dreams, it's always in color and it's simple, short, clear.
Wierd. I had them since I was 5 years old . Other little things happen too, my fiance was waiting for an importnat letter, he even sent the person a self-stamped envelope to mail the document back. I told him over and over it was accidently mailed to a different address he really should call the guy to make sure. He waited several weeks, well, guess what? The guy accidently sent it elsewhere and didn't use the self-stamped envelope, it arrived exactly where I said it would be.I wonder if this has anything to do with the electricity?? Thanks for listening.

Georgieanna <geobattershell at yahoodot com>
Chandler, az723 USA - Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 20:28:12 (PDT)

I'm just sick of getting "zapped" constantly....certain times of the year I have to wear sterling silver rings on my hands to discharge static electricity I attract when touching anything from metal door handles,car door handles,kitchen sink,faucet,tap handles, aluminium shower screen door surrounds, water in the sink, my MAC computer (aluminium frame), some lap top keyboards, farm gates,my husband, my cat, fridge handle even the odd light switch...it hurts and I am constantly wary of anything I touch that has a metal component. I have tried all the "cures"....humidity, foil, different clothes/shoes....I just want to know WHY ME?
Brenda <lavenderlady2at(substitute at for atrockdot com>
Bendigo, Victoria Australia - Friday, September 04, 2009 at 22:31:34 (PDT)

Walking down aisles in grocery stores and canned good-bottles jumping out and breaking on the floor. Both of my grandsons are also electric people. I made sure that the cart was in the middle of the wide aisle and the grandsons held onto the cart. It was a military base and they had survelience tape of this-besides workers following me with a mop and dust pan-eye-balling us. I was very careful in getting things off of the counters.
Watches regularly burn out- one jeweler thought that the person that had the watch was struck by lightening-because the wires were so fried.
I give showers of big blue sparks. Animals seem extra attracted to me. My maternal grandmother was an electric person-and she was called a witch because animals liked her so much.

Mary DeForest <meyati2004 at yahoodot com>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Wednesday, August 05, 2009 at 10:13:22 (PDT)

Last year (2008) I was sleeping over at a friend's house, when I started conducting extremely long electro-static sparks; the longest were near one and a half feet. I have since then done a Van De Graaf Generator project for school, and know that the sparks I was conducting were quite anomalous. My friend's brother Sam, also witnessed these sparks, so it wasn't just me. Here's the explanation I offer, but can't be certain about. First off, it was the middle of winter, and the humidity was very low, allowing better conditions for sparks. Secondly, I was sleeping in a nylon hammock, and I was wearing cotton/polyester clothing. Nylon and cotton/polyester, are far apart on the triboelectric series, allowing for good electro-static generation. My hypothesis is that when I moved around while attempting to fall asleep, I built up very high voltages of static electricity, with low amperage.

When I would outstretch my fingers, and point at the nylon fabric of the hammock, long (but very thin) sparks would fly! It was truly incredible, and I was able to get sparks of unordinary length, well over a foot long! Amazed, I called up to my friend's brother, who was sleeping above me, and he too was able to see the long sparks. It was apparent that the sparks were of very low current because I could barely feel them, I could feel them though. All of this was very odd, and equally fascinating.

I have never since witnessed the same phenomenon.

MTC <mtc42 at gmaildot com>
Sequim, WA USA - Sunday, August 02, 2009 at 20:28:43 (PDT)

Hi, first off, I'm glad there are others out there. I don't feel so weird now.
I'm also afflicted with the electrical phenomena that many others have reported and it does run in my family. My grandfather and mother are watch stoppers too. It doesn't matter for me if its digital or wind up. Digital watches run backwards, display impossible time (ie. 84:76 or 1b:L0) or just random symbols. I had a Timex last for 5 years once, but the watch had a nylon band that kept the metal back from touching my skin. The one wind up watch I had stopped working. Upon attempting to fix it, the jeweler discovered that the inner works had been magnetized. He showed me by plucking up a little gear and letting it drop back into the case where it snapped to, like a magnet. My grandfather had a bunch of defunct watches that I inherited when he died. Where the metal contacted his skin, the metal was corroded. He was never able to wear a watch for more than a few months.

I have a really high acid content in my skin. I strip electroplating off of jewelry, even ones that claim to be impossible to corrode. It only takes a few days. I even pit gold, 24 karat gold! Silver has been the only metal that hasn't given me trouble. I can polish silver by just rubbing it between my fingers. I polished my grandmother's silverware like that recently. I also had a friend that owned a jewelry store, I polished the silver jewelry the same way. I could wear a stubbornly tarnished piece for the day and bring it back shined the next morning.

I once bought a blue colored onyx pendant. I wore it for a few months and the blue color gradually faded to dove gray. I didn't like it gray, so I took it off and put it in the headboard cabinet of my water bed and shut the door. months later when I was cleaning it out I came across the pendant again. It was blue again! So I put it back on. Within 48 hours it was back to gray again. I gave it to a friend who was into finding out how things worked. I lost contact with him and never found out what happened to it.

I have been tested for hearing at a job I had at Tropicana. The technician in charge of the hearing test kept asking me if I was absolutely sure I heard the sounds I said I could hear. She even called others in to see. There was an audience, including the supervisor. After a horribly long and incredibly uncomfortable time they finally came in and said that the sounds I was hearing were at the extreme high and extreme low ranges of sound and that I shouldn't have
been able to hear them at all. However, the mid-range seemed to have been "blown out" (in the supervisor's own words) and that I wasn't hearing sounds at the conversational level...and here my mom always thought I just wasn't listening.LOL! The thing is that I absolutely can hear the sound a tv makes when the picture is on but the volume is off. It is unnervingly loud and the high-pitched whines (there are usually 3-5 distinct tones at once) really hurt my ears. They make my teeth feel like they're vibrating! I remember running like hell through the Montgomery Wards electronics isle when I was little and getting yelled at by my parents who insisted that there was no high pitched sound coming out of the bank of tv's. I learned to plug my ears but walk. TO this day I avoid the electronics department. That sound gives me migraine strength headaches. The LCDs aren't as bad. I have to be right on top of one to hear it, which is why all of my tube tvs and monitors are gone.

Bass does the opposite, making me dizzy and sometimes sick. Its more of a ticklish sound. I enjoy bass- however, I can't play it. My ex was a bassist. If I touched his guitar while it was on, I'd get shocked. My electric guitar shocked me too, especially if I touched it with the inside of my forearm. Ouch! I once gave a one armed hug to the guitarist who was drenched in sweat with his guitar on. The shock made my knees wobble and sent out a hell of a spark. I didn't go near him when he was plugged in again.

I don't sweat much. In fact I don't sweat enough to stay cool, subsequently I have a very high normal temperature. I usually run 98.9 in AC while relaxed, but it jumps up to 99 if I'm active (in AC). If I go outside in the Florida heat for more than a few minutes, my temperature starts to climb rapidly and I end up running a fever and getting sick. I only mention this because I wonder if it has something to do with the electrical thing...

The earliest recollection of me vs. electricity was when I was 4 or 5. I was playing with a matchbox car in the track of the sliding glass door. It was raining cats and dogs outside, so much that the rain made kind of a lake on the driveway, touching the track of the door. Lightning struck the driveway and traveled through the water, the door frame and the matchbox car, right into my fingers. I was thrown back into the room. I remember scrambling up on my grandpa's lap.

At 14 my best friend was going through the "I'm gonna kill myself" faze. I got so sick of hearing it that I said "not before me!" and jammed a silver wire into the plugged in cord for my radio. It threw me off of the bed and onto the floor when I (according to her) wasn't breathing for a minute. I woke with a gasp and a thundering heart. Everything was shaky for about 30 minutes, but then it went away. She stopped the suicide chatter.

2 years later I was running from my car to my boyfriend's house during a thunderstorm. I had just grabbed the wet storm door and opened it when lighting hit the tv aerial who's broken wire had been swinging around for god knows how long. It just so happened to touch the top of the door frame at the same time. The burst of bright light was the last thing I saw until my boyfriend's brother picked me up off the ground. My biggest concern was that my pants were wet and I looked like I had pissed myself. I guess my head was a little scrambled, or maybe I was just being a typical teenager. I also got shocked from touching my boyfriend while he was working on the car stereo once. He thought it was funny.

I also worked at a place that decorated fake Christmas trees. I had to weave 8 boxes of lights per 8 foot tree, over and under the metal branches. Every few lights on the cheap light sets had exposed metal parts. Oh, did I mention that I had to weave these lights while they were plugged in so that I could tell if the lights were working or not? That was the rule, I had to follow it. I got shocked so much that it didn't even hurt anymore, it actually kind of felt good. The work cat tended to avoid me like the plague because he decided to twine though my legs and the legs of the metal folding chair that I sat on when I got a really hard jolt. The cat took off like a shot. I didn't see him again for days after that.

Every time I go to the grocery store I get shocked mercilessly from static. It doesn't matter what foot ware I have on. Most of the time I wear Chuck Taylors, so its not that I'm not wearing rubber soles. My mom has the same problem, only I actually throw tiny lightning bolts off of my fingertips to the shelves when I'm reaching for something.

I've gone through several cell phones, one just simply wouldn't come on one day. I lost all of my contacts, so now I keep them in a regular old phone book. The same thing has happened with my computer. It was a fairly new mac. One day it just wouldn't come back on. The drive was fried. I've replaced 2 power supplies in my PC and I'm not bothering to replace it again. Its just sitting there waiting. I have all kinds of weird computer problems and have been blamed for the computer problems at work. The main layout computer that wss NEXT to where I sat seized up one day losing us the whole magazine- a month's worth of work, right on deadline! I had to put in a really long couple of days to redo everything. Now I work from home. I guess the boss decided that it would be cheaper in the long run.

My life isn't really interrupted by this electrical thing so far as I can tell. Its just interesting.

Aimee C <ravenwolvenNOSPAM at gmaildot com>
Tampa, FL USA - Tuesday, June 09, 2009 at 15:40:11 (PDT)

Hello from USA. I had a strange experience several years ago that has haunted me since. I was lying on my back in a diesel truck sleeping bunk, to sleep, and had what I suppose was a "lucid dream": I startled a little, but was unable to move my arms, and recognized sleep paralysis. As I tried deliberately and angrily to shake it off, a floating human shaped body, like my own, but made of electricity, looking like the static on empty TV channels, hovered above me. I was entranced by it, and had a strange desire to touch it. I managed to move my hand to touch it and was repaid by the most fearful and painful electrical shock! I blacked out I suppose, and woke again, in the same bed and cab, but with no strange manifestations present. I could move at will, but felt drained and very heavy, and somewhat sore.

Recently, I looked up this site after having electrical problems in my house. Some lights had been flickering, and several circuits variously went off and on without flipping any breakers, and in the meter box outside, the breaker repeatedly arcked to the iron bar it is mounted on, even burning it in a couple places.
Momentarily before that happened (a blackout of all circuits in the house,) I got a strange electrical feeling all in my body, like static electricity. My hair was staticky, my small hairs on my neck stood adn my cheeks felt clammy, I felt tingly for a moment. Then, the lights were put out. The electrical outage seemed readily explained by the corrosion on the breaker switch mounting bar, and was remedied with a file and dielectric grease. But why did I get the strange sensations?

BTW my mother used to stop mechanical watches in short order but could wear quartz watches without incident.

Michael <brutal. conversions& yahoooo832351560commmm>
Dallas , TX USA - Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 07:26:34 (PDT)

Electrical shock, 1st degree burn is the diagnosis. Sin the month of March 2009, Emily has been shocked in her school's computer lab and receiving burns on her hands, wrists and forearem. Besided shutting down the computers, her presence in other school rooms has fried a printer when retrieving a paper. This past week, her hand was in betwwen the PC and monitor, and the sparks of electricity jumped at her burning her wrist. The burns are not the only problem; excessive swelling, discoloring of the skin, knots, tingling, numbness and headaches. At a bowling tournament, the ball return shocked her when she picked up the ball. The signs of electric shock are visible to where you can see where the charge went in to her body. Doctors are "baffled", their word, not mine. No one I have found seems to know why she is attracting electricity to this extent. Your article is the best I have read.
Emily Matthews
USA - Friday, May 22, 2009 at 10:56:49 (PDT)

i have a dustless drywall sanding unit. it works by drawing the dusty air through an enclosed bucket of water.the water removes the dust expelling clean air. this is done with an industrial shopvac.two things changed. i replaced the plastic shopvac with a metal one&used duct tape to fix the fitting on the old water bucket. after sanding for two hours,i streched the plastic hose to clear the dust. when i touched the duct tape,the current entered through my right hand, traveled accross my shoulders,down my leg&out my left foot. ihave suffered cracks in the skin of my left foot off&on ever since.
cheryl a. warner <fourwarnersworld at yahoodot com>
winamac, in. USA - Monday, May 18, 2009 at 05:38:08 (PDT)

When my grandson hold an electric tester, it goes off, making noises like it was stuck in a live socket. Any one know why this would happen, we have tried it with many other people and no one else sets it off.
Terri Day <tgbday at gmaildot com>
Brumley , MO USA - Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 07:04:19 (PDT)

My name is Andrew and I am almost 19 years old (birthday in 3 days) and I have found this site because I have discovered that I am electric. I am not static electric with the sparks like some, but I am psychic electric with the prophetic dreams and such. I have recently been turning off street lights and breaking the fluorescent lights in mine and my friends dorm rooms. I have also broken 2 phones and have begun to drain the batteries of my friends computers. I have also turned off alarm clocks if I am too close. I also have a watch that I have had for 4 years and it has a 1.5 volt battery, which should have needed to have been replaced by now, but it is still working. I brought this up with my mother, afraid she would think I was crazy, and she actually confirmed it. She told me when she was younger her watches would always run really fast and that she has had premonitions also. And that I have, since being a child, have been able to countdown to when a traffic light would change. I also believe that I can might traffic lights change.

My mother said I need to develop this and learn to use it.I don't want to simply suppress it if I can actually harness the power and help people. I was wondering if someone could help me.


Andrew Bell <LibertySinger at yahoodot com>
Norfolk, VA USA - Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 13:56:46 (PDT)

my name is angel jaimez i don't no y but i mean every time i go next to a street light it turns off and i like get muscle spasms and sometimes in my head it feels like im getting shocked right were my temple is its not just street lights i went to borders and a couple people in front of me went past the alarm system by the doors but when i went past it the alarm went off and it like went crazy the alarm never stopped and the people there were trying to fix it the sliding door in front of it was opening and closing rapidly i don't no what this is but its really weird.
angel jaimez <angeljaimez1 at hotmaildot com>
hemet, ca USA - Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 01:22:32 (PDT)

When I wear a watch, It stops, (One watch always stoped at 11:30). Sometimes they just slow down until they quiet. I also blow things out when I touch them, mostly alarm clocks.
Sarah Hill
Watertown, SD USA - Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 14:20:26 (PDT)

Dear sir,
I m so glad that at last somebody is out there to believe my unusual phenomema developed a few years back.I tried to work out myself why this happening to me only and not others???My problem is that whenever i touch any living or non-living i get zapped.a fear psychosis now developed that i dont touch even my clients, friends, microscope(unwired), fridge (either on or off)etc.It is zapped unsuspecting(hap-hazard).I tried to find the cause in the websites following their advices but no remedy though my problem is quite peculiar than what theirs is.Since my childhood i was extra-sensitive to electric current when others dont feel a pinch.These days i m zapped(3-4 times daily) more than other times.
Please let me know what is actually happening to me and what will happen to me.Am i becoming an alien or not of this world???

Thanking you.

Dr Wati.Ao
Dimapur Nagaland
Mob.no (+91)9862092268

Dr.Wati.Ao <drwatiao at yahoodot com >
Dimapur, Nagaland India - Friday, March 13, 2009 at 01:56:38 (PDT)

In Summer 1991 I had a VERY close encounter with lightning (still alive). Since then, I've had a couple of seizures (very seldom), really bad migraine headaches, VERY bad insomnia, and (among other things) static discharge issues. I have repeatedly destroyed computers, radios, TVs,and phones. Yes, there are people who naturally build up static electricity, and have the same problems with sensitive electronics. I never put all of this together until I underwent a sleep study, where the lightning strike issue came into conversation. My sister and I have both had numerous "close calls" with lightning. Reason? "Electric people" somehow build up either positive or negative ions in their bodies that attract opposite charges. BTW- people with lighning strike histories- Dr MaryAnn Cooper, University of IL, has done some great studies on us- worth reading!
Static solutions? I bought a 12-pack of cheap washcloths at Wal-Mart, along with a LOT of Downey fabric softner. I put some Downey and water (60/40 mix) in a 5 gal plastic bucket and soaked the washcloths overnight. I put some cloths in my closet, in the car, in the laundry room, etc. Seems to help a little and also smells pretty good. I also bought some rubber doormats and ran copper wire through a hole punched into the mats, then to a nail I pounded into the wood sub-floor under the carpet. Works ok...not great. Also ran some cheap copper wire from the bottom of the car, an let it drag on the ground- just like the static arresors on airplanes!
Hope these tips help someone, somewhere. Send me your ideas!
rdc2co at gmaildot com

Russell Chapman <rdc2co at gmaildot com>
Littleton, CO USA - Friday, February 20, 2009 at 15:56:58 (PST)

I have always been cursed by static electricity. I get shocked so much it becomes irritating. As I have gotten older I have tried my best to adjust to the problem. I keep a big supply of static guard and spray my clothing inside and out before I start my day. Before I open door knobs, I hit the back of my hand against them to take the shock. If I am on a treadmill at the gym, I constantly smack the metal with the back of my hand to keep myself from building static. When I get up in the morning, I know before going outside that it is a windy day. I can feel it somehow, it?s hard to explain. Maybe the humidity changes when it?s windy. I was reading on this site, that humidity has a lot to do with it. On windy days I take a bottle of static guard with me. For some reasons the static electricity isn?t as bad during the summer. I can attract Styrofoam to my hands when it gets real bad. My friends think I am weird sometimes when they see me spraying my clothes. I am 23 and it has only gotten worse as I get older. I am sick of spending around 4 dollars a can on static guard, but if I don?t use it, my clothes stick to me and I will be so uncomfortable I will go home to get out of the static. If I am getting a lot of static and put on a sweatshirt in the dark, you can see the sparks. If anyone has any suggestions, on how to help my static situation out, I would love to hear from you.

Ryan Kennedy <livefastdieyoung2006 at yahoodot com>
La Mirada, Ca USA - Monday, February 09, 2009 at 02:16:48 (PST)

The Appearing Disappearing Conditioner

I couldn't explain what happened October 13, 2008.
We ran out of conditioner. Tuesday I used none which sucked. Wednesday we had a brand new bottle of the normal brand we always get, I remembered because I was mad that my parents didn't buy new shampoo since there was only a little amount left. So Thursday I took a shower, and there was no conditioner, but instead was a new bottle of shampoo plus conditioner. Which looked a lot different then what we normally buy. I was kinda angry because shampoo plus conditioner doesn't work well. I figured my little siblings wasted the conditioner or something. But when I asked my parents about it they swore they never bought any conditioner, and it was nowhere to be found. I remember it so clearly because of me being upset they didn't get shampoo. My parents wouldn't believe me and thought I was on drugs or something lol. But damn that was strange. It had me questioning myself, my memory, and even my sanity lol. Its like the oddest most insignificant "paranormal" thing that has happened to me. After thinking about this for awhile I recalled my father buying, or at least I thought he had bought shampoo and conditioner, of which I've seen. But he said he didn't, and I Couldn't find it anywhere. So I figured I was mistaken, went out, and bought some more, and didn't think twice of it until that day. Why are these instances related to shampoo, and conditioner, I do not know. But now I think maybe it was this guys theory, and I passed threw different dimensions.

Charles William Zippel <dementedtheclown a hotmail com>
Rockledge, FL USA - Sunday, February 08, 2009 at 03:15:54 (PST)

Electrical Issues

As a child I remember driving in the back seat of my mothers pinto at night . As we would drive down a street the lights would go out.
Later in life I noticed when I go into a grocery store lights would dim or lights in produce where they keep organic items would go out . Lights will flicker in stores. Appliances always die with no reason. I've had to replace more Tv's, lightbulbs , microwaves , blenders etc ... then I can count. I also have noticed a issue with cars. Examples .... When I get into a car almost always something will go wrong with it. The check engine lights will come on.
Cars will die while driving . My first car would stop working while driving. My second a passport started having problems as soon as it was purchased. Check engine light would always come on. Windows would stop working along with radio , heat and AC. My boyfriends brand new trailblazer never had any issues until I started riding in it. Same thing... check engine light , window , AC , heat , radio , lights and car will dim while we are driving. He just had it inspected and it cost 1300 to fix everything but could not find any reason why these things were happening.
TV's in house (every house I've lived in) will sometimes turn on and off for no reason. Every computer I have ever owned starts acting strange or dies . Light bulbs are always going out . In one case in a apartment I lived in they would blow out one at a time in order within a day or two apart until every bulb was blown. In every home I've lived outlets in the house will stop working. Currently in my home now three outlets have stopped working for no reason. We had them tested and electricity is running though and same thing in my old apartment. Also no matter where I live our electric bills are outragious which makes this all very frustrating since being disabled and low income. Everywhere I have lived has frequent outages.
I have only recently made a connection to everything. Would love to know more.
Would like to know how many people have this and have been diagnosed with either epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. I think it should be looked into more.
I found a book called The Electric Shock book by Michael Shallis.
Maybe someone else would like to check this out.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis . Since I have MS I lost my vision and it came back in only one eye . I am unable to drive or return to work. With Ms comes heat intolerance. I am always hot but have a low temp as normal. As a child till now I can sometimes hear lots of voices in a quiet room . (my boyfriend can also hear this) Also seeing black shadow like things or strage feelings of being watched. This could also be caused by MS but thought it might be worth mentioning. I have extreme pain especially in back and head which has lead to a prescription of Percocet I have been on since 2005. I can not tell if it has made the electrical issues better or worse so I guess no difference.

I think it is a emotional thing.
I can't think of anything else to add at this time but I hope it helps someone else.

Heather <sinnaminika at gmaildot com>
PA USA - Tuesday, February 03, 2009 at 08:24:00 (PST)

okay I am so glad that I am not the only one with this problem. Although I've read whats on here and mines not really in the catagory. I haven't had any problems until I got my ZUNE, an mp3 player, I think I may have over charged it and thats what started my problem.I have constantly been shocked by anything and everything. Also the other day I was petting my cat and I made a constant beam of electricity. I'm also physic. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this or fix?
fallen angel <itachihinataluver at yahoodot com>
USA - Monday, February 02, 2009 at 16:39:26 (PST)

Wow your stories are amazing. Mine is not nearly as dramatic an effect.

Is there a name for a human who can shut down electronics by touch or by their mere presence other than 'electric people'?
I can do this on a small scale. My lap top, Ipod, GPS in the car, TV, cell phone, microwave and the electrical panel indicators in the car are all effected. Forget about wearing a watch, Digital or analog. Happens more often in winter and the items eventually turn back on by themselves (if I leave them alone for a few hours).On a few occasions I have completely fried an IPod, the electrical mother board of my stove, and a digital camera. There has been a strange caste or halo on pictures created with some digital cameras that I use. The lab people are completely confused as to what this is as they've never seen anything like it. It's an orange- yellow color and it borders faces and objects.Doesn't happen when anyone else uses the camera.
Outside my family I don't tell anyone about this -- until now. I just think people will think I'm nutty.
Today it's happening a lot as a matter a fact. My husband theorizes that I create these power surges and it may in fact be due to a heart anomaly I have. My family won't let me touch any of their personal electronic devices. When it happens at my job it really is a nuisance as I can't get work done at my computer. I am a nurse and part of the time I assist in developing community based health clinics.
Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. If this weird ability could be used for good I'd be grateful for it but for now it's just a weird and annoying thing I'm capable of.
I did have an electric shock around age 30. I was thrown to the floor by touching (with a wet hand a stove that wasn't grounded). After this I soon developed a heart arrythmia and this strange phenomena.

diane aubie

diane aubie <diane at dianeaubiedot com>
toronto, ontario,canada Canada - Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 14:46:29 (PST)

Well first i would like to thank this wonderful site for answering my questions...i was all puzzled about the problems i was facing until i visited this site....i often meddle with electronic things and have got shocks a few times from them...maybe this problem is an after effect....i have been lately going through many weird things...firstly none of the bulbs in our house work especially the yellow ones don't work at all(also i'm sensitive to yellow lights and end up with a headache) and keeps fusing out....my dad keeps getting a bulb almost everyday but as soon as i walk by them 'Poof' it immediately goes out and I'm left wondering what happened...

The next one is the problem with Watches they stop working as soon as i wear them....i keep changing batteries but as soon as i wear them they start to slow down and then go completely dead i have already changed batteries numerous times

Well recently another extremely weird thing happened...my mom, niece and i was having a chit chat in the garden and my mom asked me to switch on the pedestal fan(made of metal) it was totally switched off....i went up and as soon i was about to touch it i got a shock from it....it was a totally weird feeling i felt a magnetic shock feeling and a small vibrating sound like that of an electronic thing....then few minutes later i touched my mom and she got ZAPPED and the vibrating electric 'ZZZZZZ' sound was again produced all could hear it

Also for sometime now i have been having weird feeling all over my body chills around my thighs, arms and spines like that of an electric conductor...more such bizarre things happening lately once i have entered adulthood(never really had them before)....i don't know if it's weird or enjoyable some kind of special power to be proud of lol!

Mala <mala_200610 at yahoodot com>
India - Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 12:39:19 (PST)

I discontinued use of the alarm clock I was using because the time would change on its own. I then replaced it with a clock radio with a projector built in. I don't know why they decided to design it with the projector having it's own timekeeping device independently set from the main. Nevertheless, last night, I woke to the alarm when the projector said 4:20 a.m. The main said 6:27 or something. I set the wake time for 6:25. Needless to say the main time had skipped; acting just like the clock I just replaced. I have a girlfriend who tells me that when we are intimate she feels electric pulses from my body. I have been around the world and had many women. They all have told me that. Lately the phone rang, I answered, there was nobody on the other end. I looked at the caller I.D. It said "Shawn" (not the real name, changed to conceal identity.) We called back one Shawn we knew, he said he did not call. Next thing, the other Shawn called. We asked him if he called, he swore up and down he didn't. I saw his name. This computer here is acting funny as if it has a virus or something. I just finished a scan. It came up clean. I saw this man's name on the caller I.D. before he called, and then he did. I am not making this up, this scares me. I work fast food and some of the timers have been resetting themselves when I operate them. Funny thing is: a 420 is police code for a marijuana offense, and just lately I have cleaned up from smoking. Funny the time set itself ahead to where the projector's time said 4:20 a.m., isn't it? I am beginning to believe that the weed was squelching some sort of psychic electrotelekinesis or some shit. What will happen next? Please someone give me some insight. I don't want to go mad. This all started when I stopped smoking pot for the first time in seven years.
Annonymous <ironwrendt at charterdot com_>
Madness, crazy USA - Monday, January 19, 2009 at 22:23:08 (PST)

I burn out lightbulbs when I am angry or just when I am charged with energy. Anything with batteries stops working when i touch it. I have even been accused of draining a car battery.and sometimes stero's and tv's malfunction around me like turn on by themselves or make strange (voltage like) noises when i walk past them even when they are off. I have also had coffee cups shatter in my hands. What the heck is going on with me.? someone help please!!!!
Melody <low_key_melody at yahoodot com222***>
Richfield, MN USA - Tuesday, January 06, 2009 at 15:45:11 (PST)

I am constantly getting shocked when i touch things. Plastic, steal, people, and even water. I cant wear a watch because i kill the battery. It doesnt matter if its cold,hot,rainy,clear, anytime at all. It doesn"t matter what i wear or if i am barefoot. Any where, at home, in the car, stores,on tile floors, or any where you can imagine. I cant get it to stop. If you have any comments email me at paulmoresi2001 at inboxdot com
paul moresi <paulmoresi2001 at inboxdot com>
Chandler, az USA - Friday, November 07, 2008 at 00:31:11 (PST)

I have many weird things about me that no one else knows i want to tell someone, but they sound like i am crazy
I have shut down our entire schools electricity by accident while in a meditative state, also i have found that i can meditate in such a way that i stop breathing, thinking, and possiblyother functions of my body. I used to spoon bend as stupid as that sounds but when i taught someone else i found that i couldnt do it any more but they could. i enjoy electricity and i feel little pain , and my mom has been shocked by high voltage man times, once by lightning, once by commercial outlet, once by house wiring/ basement flood, once by lightbulb,the list gos on and on
unless me and my mom drink water intently, and without distraction it always sprays out of the cup and gets water in our eyes for no reason. sometimes i see weird things like people climbing up things and flying off of them, but those are probably halluycinations, if i ever put a peice of paper in front of me and i wright onit whatever i wright unconsiously is genius and wonderful, but if i try to wright i suck, i and many of my friends see weird red hands or other things that others cant see i can see auras. and isaw beautiful creatures dancing around me and playin beautiful msic ithink they were angels.

tiger cheiman <wuggums47 at gmaildot comma(remove the extra ma)>
USA - Tuesday, November 04, 2008 at 12:55:10 (PST)

For years I have disrupted and broken many electric and battery-operated objects. One, in particular, is my keyless entry car alarm. From the first day, it has never worked correctly for ME. I've taken it to the dealer twice and other people have used it. Everyone seems to make me look like a liar because it works for them. I've broken cell phones, cordless phones, radios. When I am in the bedroom the remote will not work correctly. I have to leave the room for my husband to use it. I was at my neighbor's home one day when her husband came in from outside and blamed her for messing with stereo, which was hooked up inside/outside. It was my presence in their home which sent it haywire. I resorted to a solar watch. It works great.
Yvonne Magliocco <symag at verizondot net>
Sewell, NJ USA - Monday, October 06, 2008 at 15:31:44 (PDT)


Well I would like to share with you some of the things that often happens to me ,

I can't stop blowing the lamp and house light bulbs, and that?s not the worse or it , I actually destroy the whole thing ,

I also noted when I drive and pass a street light , or stop at the red signal , the nearest light will go off , and later relit ,

When I am in inside a pool, swimming, then I can still attract the plastic little bags, and the dry leaves , fall from a close tree ,

not all the time , but for periods When I touch people , i shock them , and metals of course , this also happen when is raining and I am wet , is worse when I am stress

for a week in a hotel with magnetic cards to open the door , i need to get the card recharge few times, because the get useless , as well as credit cards , even the plane ticket with magnetic bands , all electronic devices will show failure soon or later ,

some airports can not take my passport into the reading machine ,

I have try everything but nothing works, i have no explanation for these things happening to me , and sometimes the pain in my arm is so terrible, i cant use my arm properly for a few days.

is there anyone that can help me up ??

thanks ,

Ana Beatriz Fernandez <ani_fernandez at hotmaildot com>
Asuncion, central Paraguay - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 21:38:25 (PDT)

I found this site while trying to figure out what my problem is. When I was around 4 years old, I discovered a little metal panel in the floor of my old house in New Jersey. I opened this, and stuck my hand inside. I received a powerful vibrating shock from some AC wires carrying current inside. I was not at all harmed and actually enjoyed the sensation. When I was in elementary school, I used to sit down at my chair every day, only to have my hand shocked from lightly touching the metal legs. At age 10, I spontaneously developed an extreme passion for circuits, magnets, and all things electrical. But recently, one of my good friends showed a portable device used to test outlets and household wiring for live AC current. I messing around with it and I held it in my hand. Suddenly, I heard the rapid beeping and saw the flashing red light of an LED, signaling contact with an AC current. Curious, I found that if I pinched the prong meant to be stuck in an electrical outlet between my fingers, the wild beeping resumed. I tested the device on DC current, and got no response whatsoever. I then tested the batteries of the AC detector and found that they had more volts than they should. I asked my friend to try to get a signal from his own fingers, and nothing happened. I read the label on the device and saw that it only worked in a range of 50-1000 volts, AC only.
PA USA - Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 18:56:00 (PDT)

Something very strang has happen to me about an hour ago when I was in my mum's garden,surrounded by my family.My dad has a fox terrier that I really love playing with.Just as I was sitting on the chair the dog came near me asusual but just as I touched its nose I got a small electric shock.But the strange thing is that the dog backed away(like jolted on all four legs)and ran away from me terrorised.He just acted so strange.Everybody saw what happened and when I told them I had a small shock they just laughed.They just told me that I must have accidently stepped on its foot and the dog reacted.At this time the dog remained terrified of me and like shaking.After a while my dad went to bring the dog near and told me to touch it again to see how I had been mistaken.But believe it or not(I still can't believe it myself)it happen again.This time the dog ran and went to hide in an old cupboard in the garden shed.A thing dad's dog never done.He remained there shaking.Mum tried to tempt him with icecream,as he goes mad for ice-cream,but still he would not come out.I did not dare touch the poor dog again today.I just don't know what happened can someone please explain to me what happen as this has never happened to me before.

Rita Maria Borg
Malta, USA - Thursday, July 24, 2008 at 13:26:10 (PDT)

I have always had a problem with static electricty, constantly receiving shocks off anything metal, and know even plastic! But the worst incident has to be when I was working in the lighting department of a department store. I was removing a light from the wall and so turned the electricity off in the panel I was working on. However as soon as I held the connector block ready to unscrew the wires I received a massive shock and the light exploded. There was a huge shower of sparks, part of the screwdriver melted, and the power went out in half the department. When the electrician was called down he could not work out what had happened, especially as none of the fuses had blown. As the power was turned off there should have been no way in which this could have happened. It was eventually decided that the shock I received was the only way it could have happened. The electrician had to pull up half the floor to finally put the power back on.
Kathryn Parrott
UK - Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 11:50:24 (PDT)

Ok i think it starts from when i was about four i was messing with our washing machine and it gave me a huge shock hitting me against the wall.
Ever since then anything electrical would short out or completely turn off.
When i was in school if i got nervous or was completely happy the lights would flicker only if i was around,and one time when i was angry cuz a teacher was gona fail me the lights in the room shorted out and the lights in the hallway flickered on and off.
Also for some weird reason i can actually see the lights flicker and i'll ask my friends did ya see that and they look at me like i'm crazy and say no
I would like to know why this happens pls email me if you have answers

John Fletcher <archangel_drada at yahoodot com>
USA - Monday, July 07, 2008 at 19:35:32 (PDT)

I know what all you people are talking about with the extra static. While i have never perminately broken watches they seem to go through batteries really fast and never keep the right time within a few days they will be off by a few minutes so in a couple of months they will be off by an hour or two. They stay like that after i get rid of them too or will slow down too much after i give them away. it doesn't seem to matter if they a digital or analogue. My cell phone doesn't always work right in my pocket people are always saying that the called me but i never recieve it. once i called someone on my way to see them and got their answering machine 10 min later i was talking to them in person their phone rung and it had my name on the caller id. my phone was in my pocket so we checked but i wasnt calling according to my phone. weird. T.V.s with antennas come in clearer when i get close to them and if i touch the antenna it gets crystal clear. I once had to hold a tv antenna for a 30min show cause it was the only way it would come in. If i touch a car antenna at home i could get D.C. radio stations that was almost 150 miles away. Should have been out of signal for a good 45 miles. the problem is when i let go it goes back to where it was. People often had me hold radio antennas cause when adjusting the radio im touching the knob so it comes in clear but as i walk away it gets fuzzy or vice versa there will be static as i walk to it and it clears as i walk away. I have never put out lightbulbs or anything but when i was a kid i would get hot at night and could light up the whole room if i took my pjs off just from the static. my hair never wants to stay down unless i use a lot of conditioner or rub dryer sheets on it. lol It also retains smells for long periods of time especially inscence. I have to use lots of dryer sheets in the laundry like 4 or 5 at a minimum cause static from clothes makes it a lot worse. you will see sparks from my fingers most certainly if i forget my dryer sheets. Odd thigs zap me like waterfountains, water itself, walls, wooden things, plastic handles, a brush while trying to brush my hair, zippers, when i was a kid my friends were at a museum and they were playing with that ball that has the eltricity in it they wanted me to touch it so i did normally it would only make someones hair stick up but i swear it came out of the ball and jolted me a good one. I dont think that is normal. my car door always gets me even if its raining, it doesn't seem to matter what im wearing. i shock people, pets, strangely enough door knobs don't normally do it but the door itself will no matter what its made of wood, metal, glass,etc. To avoid the pain i usually touch things with my leg or my elbow first it hurts there less than a knuckle. people do make weird faces when i touch my knee to the water fountain before taking a sip and they ask what are you doing i reply not getting zapped then they think im crazy. i showed one once but a shock to the lips from water hurts a lot but if i dont touch it first it will make a little bolt like zap at least 2 to three inches long before the water gets to my mouth. ouch. cellophane from wrappers sticks to me, cling wrap sticks to me, some other plastic wrappers stick to me, sometimes my hair will get stuck to my face,ive had someone elses hair stick to me lol, i have seen street lights go out as most people have said but i dont think it has anything to do with me personally i thought they were supposed to do that. note to everyone dryer sheets are your friend. I dont have as bad a problem as i had as a kid but i think the excessive use of dryer sheets may be holding it back. lol
ashley <www.mech.chic84 at yahoodot com>
USA - Friday, April 18, 2008 at 16:45:23 (PDT)

Good to read other peoples storys, I find it very strange whats happening, and why these shocks start. MY shocks started 3weeks ago, very sim to the rest of the other peoples stories. My computer crashes all the time, i get shocks from everything i touch around my home, and other people. i get shocks all day from almost everything i touch, the worst zap for me is from electrical sockets, even turning the kettle socket on, and getting my dry washing out of the dryer. Its a nightmare!!! Also strange in the 3weeks i have experienced this 3 light bulbs in my home have blown when ive gone to turn them on. Havnt had the experienc of the street lights blowing, but then again i havnt bin out at night. If any one is experiencing the same as me. I cant really get my head why this is happening
deborah norton <(deb.norton12 at hotmaildot com,);;>
england - Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 03:56:28 (PDT)

I also turned out street lights, but I also happened to have a paper clip stick to my side. My body becomes magnetic. I think it has to do with chakras. Do you all believe in God or are spiritual.
matt <wormzerjr at yahoodot com>
new port richey, fl USA - Tuesday, March 04, 2008 at 15:01:10 (PST)

This is so funny. I am glad I found this website, because so many weird things have happened to me ever since I can remember, but whenever I try to tell somebody, noone ever believes me. Whenever I am in a bad mood, or my mind isn't thinking very fast because I am in a really angry mood, and I am on the computer, it runs realllly slow. Whenever I think really fast, like I know what I am trying to do, it actually goes fast. Also, when I think that I have figured something out, and I know what's going on, everything I touch, esp. the screws on the light switches shock me!! I can like see the blue flash coming from it. I am so used to it, that it sometimes makes me laugh. I don't understand why it only does it when i am in certain moods. When I am around everybody, it happens very very rarely. I have like even tried to put my hand up to the cmoputer when I feel like I have some kind of electrical charge in my body, to see if it will have that kind of effect that t.v. screens have when you put a battery or magnet up to it. But it hasn't worked. I just want to know what goes on when I am in certain moods, why it does it, but whenever I am in a different mood, it doesn't? I can also change my moods very often, and very well. Maybe that has something, or everything to do with it? Oh and also, I used to hang out with somebody who claimed that he was the devil's luck, or something like that, because every time we would go on the highway in my vehicle, the streetlights would go out. I never believed him, but I want to know if it is possible!
Olivia <everything 2323 at netscapedot net>
Clermont, IN USA - Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 18:36:20 (PST)

I am so relieved to see many other "electric" people out there! I once brought a whole PILE of watches to a watchmaker, thinking they were all out of batteries. It seems a watch lasts only a few wears for me. After being told that it was NOT the batteries for each and every one, I gave up on wearing watches. I once threw a blue arc over 7 inches long from my fingertip to a metal door handle as I reached for it. I cannot pet my parents dog, as I shock the dog and myself as I stoke its fur, at a rate of about one shock per second. I can shock myself repeatedly as I walk through a grocery store if my hands are on a metal shopping cart. Just sitting and not moving, I collect enough to create a spark on any metal surface I touch. I have recently noticed a relationship between strong emotion, and the severity of the shocks. Interesting! I am afraid to plug in anything to a wall socket, as I usually get shocked. I have been electrocuted many times by appliances made of metal or chrome, just touching their surface. I enjoyed reading about others with this problem, now I don't feel so alone!
London Wilde <london at lifeinblackdot com>
Alameda, CA USA - Friday, February 08, 2008 at 15:42:46 (PST)

I just decided today to look this sort of thing up because earlier today I got got a huge shock when closing the car door. Let me just tell you, I get shocked 100% of the time touching anything metal and because of this I resort to touching the GLASS of the car...does it work? NOPE. Now also let me say this doesn't happen to anyone else, just me! There could be five people in the car, I get the shock! I don't like to hug people or touch people because I always get shocked and 60% of the time I am the one who feels the pain! I HATE doing laundry, just being close to the dryer before I open it makes me feel strange,then when I open it and pull stuff out, my hands hurt, like a dull pain deep in my hands and all my hairs stand on end, then I get a headache! I get shocked touching everything really, but not as certainly as metal. When I was younger I was scared of lightning storms, just like any kid, but now I am still scared, and I know it's because of this. I was outside one day just a cloudy day, looked like rain, I just stepped outside and I felt that same feeling as the dryer headache and all, I knew I shouldn't be outside, then my friend screamed "oh sh**!" followed by the loudest sound I have ever heard, my feet could not get me back inside fast enough that I seriously ran out of my flip flops!! haha I saw the flash of lightning and felt it too, like I can't explain, but it was right behind me just a few feet...out of all the places to land! I never plug things in because of the sparks that form, realy scare me, and if my everyday shocks hurt, I can't imagine those! And finally, like my hands are verry sensitive and I am very touchy feely. I am actually a massage therapist, and all my life people have realy enjoyed my touch, even as a child..I realy think this ties in because your nerves are electric your brain is electric.
Stephanie <steffiofthesea at yahoodot com>
converse, tx USA - Friday, February 01, 2008 at 19:26:38 (PST)

I am a 30-year-old female. I get shocked when I touch things such as (but not limited to): water coming out of the tap, produce, flowers, and, of course, metal objects (i.e., my car door--EVERY time I open it from the inside [when I touch the metal frame, after I've pulled the handle) and electronics (i.e., I have twice shorted out a Sony Vaio desktop display). When I pick up my open laptop up (hands on either side of the keyboard) & carry it across the room, this often results in painful electric shocks to both hands. Plus, I'm ALWAYS shocking other people. It does seem to get worse in the winter. I'm thinking about taking electricitycentraldot com's advice & wearing a metal thimble all the time.
staticwaif < staticwaif at gmaildot com>
USA - Monday, January 28, 2008 at 20:31:57 (PST)

First off would like to say I am thrilled I found this site. I have found my class of people. That is the electric people. I am 26 and for the majority of my life I get constantly frustrated when it comes to electronics. I would consider my self ext technology advanced as well so there as see is a huge dilema. My exp good quality well rated laptops in the past have shut down for no reason costing me lots of money. Sometimes it scrambles wildly, gets stuck, screeches, forwards and backwards and enters here and there causing me to lose alot of unsaved written work and emails. I dont know what to do. Its frustration and i lose my temper and throw things. Ive seen my cell phone dial contacts by itself a couple of times, static there too of course, ive had instances dead battery less alarm clocks act as if it were a tape recorder repeating lines of things i would say..hm what else..Im extremely electric. I can hear it. When I awake i feel it in my body very high. So recently i learned something about Hands on Healing. Those of you who are exp what I am should check it out. Can turn the frustrations and energy imbalance into gifts/good use. As for other paranoma events, I would consider myself somewhat pyschic. Ive seen images, feel presences, sometimes hear it,done astral projection(all my life) naturally. Its very easy for me, but more powerful when i was a child. There is another topic Id like to add to this forum. I m wondering if anyone has similar experiences or can perhaps explain to me something anything ......Since a child, I always am prone to getting hit with balls. Esp. in gym class, its more than often a ball or two would come flying my way..sometimes with exp hard impact. When I am out at parks, frisbees, little balls, big balls, all would come flying my way. When i go to parks, I always make sure i scan the field and watch my back. Cause Ive been smacked pretty hard in the past..Once even sprained my thumb severely. I am wondering if any way this correlates to the electric part of me. Plese feel free to email me or share ur similar story. Anythign helps. =)
arlene <ailing21 at hotmaildot com>
USA - Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 21:25:40 (PST)

This is a true story. I had never told it to anyone before but I moved here and told a good friend of mine. She was freaked out by everything and believed me because lights always flicker around me. It tends to be when I am most emotional, whether happy or sad, just very emotional. So she went online and searched and found this website, I decided to add my story also. Electrical problems tend to happen when I am near. One day there was a bad storm outside of my high school but all the electricity was fine. That day I had to get up to answer some sort of question and the second I got up and got all nervous and started speaking, a fuse blew up and the school lost most its electricity. My classroom being the first. When I went outside all the cars lights were going out of control, so I stepped back inside and they stopped. The second I went outside again, the cars lost it again. I always get shocks. Things always flicker around me. I also found that now, if I try, I can make storms go away. Small things like someones earphone zapping them right when I was thinking how much the loud music bugged me or an entire losing all its electricity until I calm down and other things as well. I guess I cannot say it all and some of the things are just hard to describe. But my mom also has something. She can move things. One time I was on the road with her and she started moving the wheel with her hands. Without touching the wheel. She can pick small things up like bracelets and ear-rings and pencils with just putting her hand inches from the object and moving somewhere else.
Hadas Armario
Chicago, IL USA - Friday, November 16, 2007 at 12:15:42 (PST)

My niece walks by a cordless telephone and it sometimes rings on its own. She was diagnosed with PDD years ago and since then my brother and his wife have tried different treatments to no sucess. I had her do a hair analysis and the results were that she had 5 heavy metals that were outside the referance range. They were Antimony, Bismuth, Gadolinium, Tin and Uranium. I was wondering could these heavy metals have anything to do with static electricity and making the phone ring? She is now doing chelation therapy to remove the heavy metals. we'll see what happens.
Teresa Miconi <sprayqueen1 at attdot net>
USA - Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 06:16:51 (PDT)

I am often highly electric , I shock people and the I have been blowing out house lights left and right. I have blown almost all of my house bulbs by walking near, touching light switch etc. withing the last year. (even newly refreshed light bulbs) its happenning so often that it cannot be a coincidence any more and I am curious why this is happening to me?? Any insight?
Mrs. A <desoyza7518 at comcastdot net(emailifonlywithanswer)>
sacramento, cA USA - Monday, September 03, 2007 at 21:04:50 (PDT)

jan 10 2004 -20c dry wind still working at a hydro generating plant i 145 lbs co worker 400 lbs whiledriving under high tension wires with pickup no static straps on vehicle parked by shop i slid out of truck not touching anything co worker opened metal door me following not touching i walked towards my rolling snap on tool chest i reached out my arm to see if my bottom chest was locked about a foot away a spark came out of me blew me off my feet excrucinating pain for 20 seconds a week later arm black and blue yellow streak up to armpit spent 3 weeks in crazy ward ekg abnormal now my ears ring my feet hands and ears are ice cold all the time i was a walking capacitor and lucky to be alive im on long term disability for ever
carl krom <carlkrom at hotmaildot com>
sarnia, on canada - Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 08:34:27 (PDT)

I am so excited to have found this website, as I had only met one other person up until now with my problem. Any watch that I wear lasts only for a few days-initially speeding up time, before slowing down rapidly and stopping. I have tried old fashioned wind up watches, but they also stop working after a while, and can not be restarted once they die.
When I have my cell phone in my pocket it dies within an hour; and even if I keep it in a leather holder in my pocket, it will not hold its charge for more than 8 hours, so have to keep it in my purse, so I miss a lot of calls.
I have never had problems with lights or lightening that I know of; but have had quite a few psychic events.
Maybe I'll get a land line phone and set up a psychic network!

charlotte johnson <ctj at gmaildot com>
USA - Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 08:55:31 (PDT)

I don't honestly know if I cause light bulbs to blow. I know I change a lot of them. And contrary to most, my watch batteries last forever! But I have other electrical weirdness. After moving into our house, the TV and computer both died within days of each other. The electric company said the lines were fine. I have gone outside to walk the dog, and come back in to find a lamp on that I never turn on. I have used the TV remote to change the channel, and had the stereo turn on. And today I was listening to a CD in the car when I heard a strange beep in the middle of a song. I looked at the display, and a radio traffic alert appeared. On the CD player! The song continued to play as though nothing had happened. So I figure someone or something wants me to know they're here. Really strange. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was losing it!
VMN <vmurray575abc at junodot com>
USA - Monday, August 13, 2007 at 13:16:46 (PDT)

Electic Person

I just left a report about myself in the Ball Lightning category. I too find that I may be an "electric person". I have the same affinity for electronics. Ever since childhood I have seemed to be able to talk" to machines to know what is wrong. Even without really doing anything. I used to fix my parrents VCRs, TVs, Phones anything at a very young age. They explained it off as me loving Legos LOL not sure where that came from. But this has carried into my adult life. I spent 9 years as a US Marine in Sat Comm / CPU repair. I excelled at the troubleshooting and would mystify my colleagues as I rarely used schematics unless to show others my work. I would just "know" where a problem was and fix it. I work in Telecommunications now as a Video Conferencing Engineer and A/V specialist. I am one of those people now that when I walk in a room everything works but the second I leave things seem to stop at times. This is especially frustrating because i get called to "stay" in the rooms for good luck while big meetings are going on. I am wondering if this is related to my dreams and paralysis and waking up with ball lightning seeming to hover over me.

Jose Lomeli <spicysalsero at yahoodot com>
WI USA - Monday, June 04, 2007 at 06:01:22 (PDT)

for a while I could make any electronic stuff go haywire. It was mainly stuff that operated on radio waves, then I began to notice that it only happened when I was yelling and singing. I think it might be something to do with my voice, possibly my vocal freqency. By the way I met someone on another site like this who said he could see in the dark. I thought he had really good night vision but when I met him he demonstrated that he had thermal vision. This stuff we can do is amazing and a gift, never think otherwise. P.S We have tested each other and always have conclusive results and we have a list of other people like us. we try to help some of them if we can, since although we are young we have developed some control and have some interesting ideas about the origin of all our abilities. If you want more info or just want to share your own we would be more than happy to receive your emails.
Nathan <CainFlint at googlemaildot com6922>
Belfast, Northern Ireland - Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 04:42:21 (PDT)


I thought I was the only person in the world with this problem.

Firstly I have been struck by lightning 3 times, twice while driving, my car was hit and once when switching off the TV lightning struck my TV aerial and melted all the internal workings of the set.

Computers hate me.
I dare not use anyone?s computer other than my own, or it will not work correctly again.
I get static shocks off my car and my cats. If I stand near an electronic till it invariably gives error messages. I went to the bank and while I was being served the whole computer system went down this has also happened in the job centre the building society and a huge warehouse that had about 15 till all running when I went to pay for one item. and all the tills went off line. I went to the local shop to get a lottery ticket and the machine went down while printing my ticket. The following day it was on national news that the machines for the whole of Stoke on Trent went offline at the same time.
While talking to a friend on the phone in America (I?m in the UK) he was on the computer at a large organization, He suddenly said ?Ooh? I asked what was up and he explained that all the computers in the room had gone off line with a system error. My local computer shop won?t allow me to approach their counter.
I once went on a school visit at my children?s school and was invited to use one of the computers in the computer room, I declined saying ?You really don?t want me to do that?

I went to a job agency and when I typed my name in it crashed, so I was put on another computer, I typed my name in and that crashed too. I ended up filling in a paper application. Several years later my son went to the same agency on my recommendation and when he typed in his name the computer crashed the guy asked if he was any relation to me and was amazed when he said ?That?s my dad?

My council tax had to be worked out on paper for years because the computer threw a system error when ever they tried to process my account, and at one point they had me as living at the same address twice and tried to charge me double rent because their computer couldn?t cope with the data.

Digital watches won?t work on me. They will just jump several hours or stop altogether but it someone else puts them on they work fine. My wife ended up with my ?200 seiko (kinetic) watch because it just would not go while on my wrist.
My own computers over the years, have always been a little strange and amaze the guys at the computer shop by doing things they are not supposed to be capable of.

These are just the incidents that come immediately to mind. At one time it was amusing but now I don?t find it in the least funny. It happen 5 times out of 10 when I?m near any electronic device

John Preston <j_preston1947 at yahoodot co dotuk>
Stoke on Trent, uk - Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 14:55:24 (PDT)

I seem to have problems with DVD players, VCR?s, TV?s, street lamps(severely at a time), computers, light bulbs, I get shocked by static electrety all the time, it hurts really bad, I think more then it should, and I shock other people. I also have seen spirits of the dead and a lot of times I know what is going to happen before it happens (including the death a person). I remember when I was a teenage and I was having an argument with my mom and then fuse blow in the room we were in, at the moment that I became very angry with her. This happens all the time when I am emotionally charged, angry, hyper, or any other strong feeling.
Most of the time I feel has if I am tingly with energy all threw my body and around myself. If I am sick or depressed I don't feel it has much. I think that some people just function on a higher frequency then others. I think this can also go into psychic vampirism; if you are not sure what this is here is a little brief.
Individuals have the ability to draw some kind of psychic energy from others. This means that you can take energy from others and others can take from you. As neat has this my sound it can actually be very harmful to both parties. I think we all have encounter both sides of this exchange, if you talk to someone and you become energized or drained there is an energy exchange happening.

I have friends who I feel are vampires and they will even have the nerve to say things such as: "Oh I had a great day I guess I took your positive energy for awhile". Or they will say something like: "I need an Amber fix". I have been working at disconnect my energy from these people with great luck so far.

To bring this full circle I think people who are on a higher frequency tend to blow lights or mess up electrical items because of a simple energy exchange. These people also tend to be psychic?s in some form, if they open up to it. I also think this people are more open to being a victim of vampirism.

Amber <gypsy13fire at yahoodot com>
Evansville, In USA - Sunday, April 08, 2007 at 14:20:33 (PDT)

My name is Alicia and I am 23 yrs old. I have been getting shocked sense I could remember but it has gotten worse in the past 2 yrs or so. My work and grocery stores are the worst for me. I work at a TV Station so you could only imagine how bad it could get cause I work around all metal equipment, computers and so on. Everything I touch I get shocked by it, sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes a very bad thing. I have shut down our systems a few times and I threw us off air. Sometimes even when something is not working I go to touch it and it comes back on or starts working again. The people that I work with think i'm very weird they always crack jokes on me about it. The weird thing is that it's not only metal objects anymore it's EVERYTHING, like I could be walking close to a wall and get shocked. Some other objects that I have been getting shocked by lately, pop cans, doors, TV's, office chairs, light switches, and the weirdest off all is water. I go to turn on the water and like everyone else I feel the water to see how cold or hot it is, well I stick my hand under the water and I get shocked it's always at work though maybe we have to much lead or something in our water. Sometimes the shocks will hurt really bad and sometimes I get like a little burn dots on my fingers or hand.
The up side of it all is that I can chase my kids around constantly shocking them LOL they think it is funny. My husband on the other hand hates it though cause I go to give him a kiss and I shock him on the lips. The only other bad thing is we can never have enough light bulbs in our house I just blew out 2 last night when I was trying to cook supper for my kids. Is it weird or just me? I never really thought about it as being weird at all I just thought it was natural, until everyone kept bringing to my attention when I would do something weird as they would call it. My coworkers just say that I have an electric personality LOL.

I believe the coolest part about it is lights going out, like when i'm driving at night and the street lights go out I kinda feel like i'm in the twilight zone or something or maybe It's cause I daze off.
Here is a question for all of you. When your driving or what ever your doing, do you ever daze off so bad that you know exactly what your doing but you don't. You go from point A to point B and don't remember driving or walking there or how you got there? But you know whats going on when your doing it like your there but your not? Kinda hard to explain. Maybe that's when the most happens to me when i'm in a sort of zone. Could that be?

Alicia <babyab7 at maildot comm>
Wichita, KS USA - Saturday, March 03, 2007 at 08:22:25 (PST)

Almost everyone on this site has posted very dramatic reports. My case is not really dramatic: I am definitely a watch-stopper, but I don't blow lightbulbs or computers. And it takes awhile -- about a month or so -- for a watch to quit working. I DO have an electric shock experience -- when I was 8, I got shocked by an old hair dryer I was using -- I'm not sure what happened, but I remember feeling shocked and I jumped into my Daddy's arms and was shaking all over. (I also remember my parents suggested I was overreacting, so I've never been sure about what really went down).

As for street lights, they go out only very rarely, which is apparently very normal according to internet research on this topic. It hasn't happened enough times to make me think "it's me."

I do not seem to blow lightbulbs with any real frequency. However, having said that, I do remember an incident with a light in my friend's house that started getting weird when I was standing directly under it and it stopped when I walked away. But things like this don't happen with any real regularity, so I question if I'm the cause. Same thing with car alarms: I have noticed that I can sometimes stop a car alarm if I touch the car, but it doesn't always work.

To the lady with the husband who stops watches -- is he a "sometime SlIder" like me? Anybody else have mild cases or only the watch-stopping thing in common?

USA - Thursday, March 01, 2007 at 12:21:08 (PST)

Over the years, I just thought I had a problem with static electricity. I zap myself whenever I walk through the grocery store. In cold weather, the problem seems worse. I thought everyone had this problem. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there I zap myself while walking on tile, carpet, even concrete. I have even sent a 2-3 inch blue spark at times. When petting my poor cats, I send little silver sparks. They no longer let me pet their ears.

While vacationing at Epcot in Florida, I touched the computer screen at a display and brought down the server. It took about 20 minutes for them to bring it back up.

I also disrupt credit card machines where you have to sign your name with an electronic pen. The machine goes haywire and makes all kinds of squiggles and stray marks where the person is supposed to be signing. My mother makes me stand about 5 feet away from her when we are shopping and she wants to pay by credit card.

Watch batteries don't last. Clocks on the wall near the door don't last. I have found a solution to the watch problem. I only wear vintage mechanical watches or mechanical watches from the Chaika watch company in Russia.

I have worn out the horn in my car and the lighting system. My dome light in my car won't turn off when I close the door. I have to completely turn it off all the time.

I have noticed the lights in my bedroom flicker when I walk by. The T.V. in my bedroom sometimes turns back on even after I've turned it off. This is annoying, but it's mild compared to other problems.

When I start to get angry, I can feel my fingers start to tingle. I have also noticed that I give myself fevers when under emotional stress. My normal body temperature is 97.3F, so by a fever, I mean anything more than one full degree above my normal temperature. Try explaining to a doctor that even though your temperature is reading 98.6, you're burning up. They don't believe me and say my temp is normal, so it's no big deal.

The hardest part is not the sparks, or things breaking. It's having people think I'm some sort of psycho flake for saying I have this problem. Unless it has happened to them or someone they know, they tend to dismiss me as a kook. I have learned to keep quiet about things. Only a handfujl of my very closest friends and my family know about me.

There are more things that have happened, but I don't care to discuss them even anonymously. I would then have to admit they're real. I have had many things happen that are too frequent for me to entirely believe they're coincidence. I dismiss them as coincidence, but my family is convinced I'm causing them. I try not to fall into the trap of believing I can heal or curse people. I joke around about it, but try to dismiss it as coincidence.

E. Anderson <eandersonsaat yahoosdot come>
USA - Sunday, February 04, 2007 at 17:58:28 (PST)

I also have dealt with this "problem" or "gift" for many years. It has always been bothersome to me and even embarrassing at times. But, now as an adult, I would like to learn more about it. How to control it, and maybe even become more powerful. I have had computers catch fire in front of me. Overhead projector bulbs blow just walking by them, my car acted like something out of an "attach from the aliens" movie. And light bulbs? Please, I should take stock in them. I hate the dark, but yet I can't seem to keep up with the bulbs going out. There are so many stories. It is nice to know that I am not alone any more.
Lisa Veillaesque
MS USA - Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 17:26:42 (PST)

I've always had problems with shocking things I touched. usually doors, shopping carts and it progressed to pretty much everything but food. I now see the sparks as lightning the actually spiders out in a bright blue light. It happens most often as I put my keys in any door. When I get out of cars I use my elbows because the shock is becoming painful.The sounding, pop, could be adding to it. I also shock other people quite often and poor unsuspecting pets that get good ones right on the tip of their noses. I always pick up my feet when I walk, and now I cautiously touch anything out of the fear from the jolting shock. Aside from the shock it is turning out to be quite a beautiful light show at night. I am curious now as to what could cause this to happen so often!
Tara G. <meera_o_payneat hhhotmaildot commm>
USA - Saturday, January 06, 2007 at 01:54:22 (PST)

I dont know if is as much as a phenomena as it is just weird.Every house my husband and I have every lived in blows out light bulbs like crazy.It has nothing to do with our electrical.We even went out and bought those knew 60 year gar. energy saving 20$ bulbs blow out in 3 days.This house were in now we have been here from about 10 years.Its getting pretty expensive our celling fans have 4 light bulbs we keep 1 in each fan. What is up?
Toni <radarlove12at yahoodot com>
lithia, fl USA - Saturday, December 23, 2006 at 19:28:44 (PST)

I have recently been occupied by a static charge. I have never had this sort of thing happen, never been able to shock anyone, but now I can touch my husband over and over again and shock him . I wear ear-bud headphones hooked into my PDA to listen to music and everytime I move, I get a shock in my ear. It i uncomfortable, but not painful.
Leisel <leiselshupe----at -----mail.weberdot edu>
USA - Saturday, December 02, 2006 at 13:12:23 (PST)

Also: Older electric human reports


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