The law, cold & aloof by its very nature, has no access to the passions that might justify the cruel act of murder.

— Sade

British anarchist, sexologist, poet, radical psychologist.
Oh, Joy!, Oh, Joy!

animated book worm
The worm thinks it strange & foolish
that man does not eat his books.

— Rabindranath Tagore, Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2001


Belgium: ST. GREGORY'S DAY. Children in vestments made of odds & ends make the rounds gathering gifts.

295 -- Refusenik?: Maximilian beheaded for refusing military service, Thevesta, North Africa. Romans execute the 21-year-old draft resister. Maximillianus recently said (quote), "I am forbidden to become a soldier, as I am a Christian."

1626 -- John Aubrey lives, Wiltshire. His Minutes of Lives (not published until 1813) includes portraits of Bacon, Milton, Raleigh, Beaumont & Fletcher:
"They lived together on the Bank side, not far from the playhouse, both bachelors; lay together; had one wench in the house between them which they did so admire the same clothes & cloak, etc. between them."

1650 -- England: Diggers at Wellingborough issue their declaration:

"Then Clubs & Diamonds cast away

For Hearts & Spades must win the day."

[Source: Calendar Riots]

1804 -- US: Failed the Bar Exam? John Pickering, the first federal judge to be impeached, is convicted by the Senate on charges of "drunkenness, profanity, & violence on the bench" & is removed from office. Why they picked him from all the others is not known to us.

1846 -- Soul Music?: Elizabeth Barrett writes to Robert Browning:

"If it will satisfy you that I should know you, love you, love you — when then indeed . . . You should have my soul to stand on if it could make you stand higher."

1860 -- US: Congress passes the Pre-emption bill, giving away Indian western territories as "free" land to white settlers. As Ayn Rand argues, since they had no fences, written titles, or any civilization, the Indians had no property rights. click! for details

1863 -- Italian fascist Gabriela d' Annunzio (1863-1938) lives, Francavilla al Mare, Pescara. Poet/novelist, military commander. His best known novel, Il Trionfo della Morte (1894) featured a Nietzschean hero. Other famous writers with nazi or fascist sympathies: Ezra Pound, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Knut Hamsun, Curzio Malaparte (later a Maoist), Wyndham Lewis, D.H. Lawrence, P.G. Woodhouse.

1896 -- Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller lives, Jonesboro, Georgia. A country blues singer & one-man-band, he wrote the classic "San Francisco Bay Blues," among many other songs, & influenced numerous early-60s white folk-blues artists.

1898 -- Ribeiro Couto, Brazilian poet/short story writer, lives, Santos. Symbolist poet, gravitated & became a leading figure of the Modernismo movement of the early 1920's. Short stories in O crime do estudante Batista (The Crime of Bastista the Student), poetry in Um homen na multidăo (A Man in the Crowd).

1898 -- Emma Goldman, anarchistUS: Emma Goldman, still on her speaking tour of Feb-June (addressing 66 meetings), is among several speakers at an international celebration of the 27th anniversary of the Paris Commune in Pittsburgh attended by 300 people.

1912 -- US: American Girl Guides founded. The name is changed to Girl Scouts next year. Been selling cookies ever since.

Why can't Girl Scouts be more like Boys — Scouts, that is? That's what James Dobson & his conservative Christian group want to know when it comes to gays & God.

1912 -- IWW (I Will Win) union wins the "Bread & Roses" Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912.

The preachers, cops & money-kings were working hand in hand,
The boys in blue, with stars & stripes were sent by Uncle Sam;
Still things were looking blue 'cause every striker knew
That weaving cloth with bayonets is hard to do.

— Joe Hill, from the song, "John Golden & the Lawrence Strike."

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1912 -- US: Shingleworkers strike in Raymond, Washington.

1917 -- Russia: Czarist regime overthrown. State Duma & Soviet of Workers' Deputies organized.

1917 -- Russia: Abolition of the death penalty. Yup. Somebody remember to tell Uncle Joe Stalin.

Jack Kerouac
1922 -- Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) lives, Lowell, Massachusetts.

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1925 -- China: Sun Yat-sen dies, Peking.

1928 -- Playwright Edward Albee (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)lives, Washington, DC.

1934 -- Italy: L'IRI assume la proprietŕ della Banca Commerciale, del Credito Italiano, della Banca di Roma e di molte imprese controllate da questi istituti bancari.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Festividad de las Fallas poster; source
1935 -- Spain: Festividad de las Fallas, Valencia, March 12-19th. Poster by Monleon, who did some of the more famous CNT-FAI posters, along with other groups during the Spanish Revolution.

1935 --

You can't wipe memory off your mustache...

Poet, writer, film maker (Ariope Colliope & many others) & Seattle Native Son, Marvin Albert, lives.

The Fly, movie poster
1936 -- Virginia Hamilton, author of The People Could Fly, lives.

1936 -- Italy: Il riordino del sistema bancario sancisce l'ingerenza e il controllo da parte delle stato su tutte le banche. E si parla ancora di capitalismo!
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

George Orwell
1938 -- In the New Statesman, George Orwell assesses John Galsworthy:

He "was a bad writer, & some inner trouble, sharpening his sensitiveness, nearly made him into a good one; his discontent healed itself, & he reverted to type."

1938 -- Austria: German troops occupy the country; tomorrow the Anschluss is proclaimed.

Joan Montseny
1942 -- Spain: Juan Montseny (aka Federico Urales) dies (1864-1942). Teacher, novelist, publisher, anarchist militant, companion of Teresa Mańé (Soledad Gustavo) & father of Federica Montseny.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Is your bathroom breeding Bolsheviks!?
1947 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Truman asks Congress for "anticommunist" aid to Greece & Turkey. The speech is dubbed as the Truman Doctrine & officially ushers in the Cold War era.

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Bird on sax
1955 -- Bird Lives!
Jazz musician Charlie "Bird" Parker dies, 34, New York City, of heart failure.

Parker more-or-less invented the be-bop form of music & just a week ago played at the Birdland jazz club (named after him).

Likely to remain the most brilliant jazz artist ever.

Bird Lives!!

1955 -- Wales: A British Avro-Tudor airliner, chartered by rugby fans attending a championship match in Belfast, crashes while landing at Cardiff; only three of the 83 aboard survive.

1955 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaLouis Esteve (né ŕ Gaillac-sur-Tarn en 1884) dies. French individualist anarchist. Etudes ŕ l'université de Toulouse, počte, romancier et essayiste, auteur d'une Psychologie de l'Impérialisme (1913). Il est un fidčle collaborateur du journal anarchiste individualiste d'Émile Armand l'En Dehors et ensuite de l'Unique.

1956 -- US: Dark Ages? Nearly a hundred Congressional Representatives & Senators sign the "Southern Manifesto," vowing to fight the Supreme Court school desegregation decision.

Billie Holiday
1958 -- Jazz singer Billie Holiday, who pled guilty to a narcotics-possession charge in 1956, is given a year's probation by a Philadelphia court.

1958 -- Bulgaria: Manol Vassev (1898-1958), true name Yordan Sotirov, dies. Poisoned by his prison guards one day before his scheduled release. A popular Bulgarian militant anarcho-trade unionist & a living symbol of resistance of both fascism & Bolshevism. He also spent several years in Stalinist concentration camps before his prison years. Manol Vassev; source, ephemeride anarchiste

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1964 -- US: Malcolm X resigns from Nation of Islam.

1966 -- The Alligator Clip, the Charlatans, Sopwith Camel, & Duncan Blue Boy & his Cosmic Yo-Yo, at the Firehouse on Sacramento Street in Frisco.
Source: [Frisco History Archive]

1968 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Sen. Eugene McCarthy, an anti-war candidate, defeats Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Pres. Lyndon Johnson to win the New Hampshire Democratic primary for Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President. Wins 42% of vote, causing Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader RFK, ever the opportunist, to "reconsider" on Vietnam, & "Hey! Hey! LBJ" not to run for reelection(Great Expectations p.113).

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1969 -- Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman.

The Burning Joint is the torch of Freedom; poster by James Koehnline
1969 -- Raid the Joint?: George Harrison & wife Patti arrested in Esher, Surrey, south of London, on charges of cannabis resin possession after authorities found 120 joints in their house.
Poster by Bleedster James Koehnline:

1971 -- England: Fourteen-hour vigil for abolition of NATO, Ministry of Defense, London.

1971 -- Canada: British Columbia Federation of Labor Women's Committee founded.

1974 -- John Lennon has an altercation with a photographer at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Lennon & Harry Nilsson were heckling comedian Tommy Smothers & were ejected from the club.

1974 -- Ireland: Billy Fox, Protestant member of Dublin parliament, assassinated.

1976 -- The American Way? CIA plants a false story of Cubans raping Angolan women & the victims shooting the rapists. Oh, how their garden grows....

1977 --
Police barricade during protest ...1977...
Il Movimento

Italy: Massive demonstrations nationwide against the police for the killing of a militant. In Bologna, Radio Alice is today suppressed by the government after one year of broadcasting. In Rome & Bologna armories are looted & pistols & ammunition are passed out to protesters.

1978 -- Spain: 150,000 demonstrate against nuclear reactor, Lemoniz.

Michael John Thompson Rare Books
1980 -- Canada: Michael John Thompson, Rare Books: Half an hour before the swat team arrives, Mikie is pictured in the back room (there is no other room actually) of his first bookstore (generously put) at 434 West Pender Street, Vancouver. The bum was declared a nuisance & forced to relocate to a more suitable part of town, said to be Houston, Texass, a large "Red Light District," but actually a swamp zoned "industrial wasteland" where Dow chemical workers snort, shoot & smoke napalm.

1980 -- US: Jury finds John Wayne Gacy guilty of murdering 33, Chicago.

1980 --
Rene LamberetLa Garra del invasor; poster from Spanish Revolution
Renee Lamberet dies. Professor, militant anarchist & historian. Collaborated with the historian Max Nettlau.

Went to Spain in 1936, helping to produce libertarian propaganda & met her future companion Bernardo Pou-Riera. Lamberet supported clandestine anarchist activity in France & Spain after the fascist victory.

Author of Mouvements ouvriers et socialistes (1953) & La premičre Internationale en Espagne de 1868 ŕ 1888. Died before completing an anarchist biographical dictionary.

1982 -- Korea: 300 women workers stage a slow-down at Control Data in Seoul, protesting the firing of their union president.

1986 -- US: A Dog Meat?: Susan Butcher wins 1,158 mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

1986 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaSpain: José Martínez Guerricabeitia (aka Felipe de Orero) dies, in Madrid, a suicide.

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1988 -- Nepal: Over 90 people die in Katmandu when a hailstorm causes fans at a soccer stadium to stampede toward exits.

1990 -- Lithuania declares independence.

Anarchist symbol
1990 -- Fernand Rude (aka Pierre Froment) dies. French social historian, sympathetic to libertarian / anarchist movements.
Wrote Le mouvement ouvrier ŕ Lyon de 1827 ŕ 1832; La révolution de 1848 dans l'Isčre (1949), Allons en Icarie (1952); C'est nous les Canuts; (1954); Les révoltes des Canuts 1831-1834 (1982). For the Paris Commune Centenary Rude issued Bakunin materials, De la guerre ŕ la Commune & Le socialisme libertaire.

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1992 -- Guatemala: Efrain Bamaca, husband of US activist Jennifer Harbury, is seized by military in the employ of the CIA; he is later tortured & killed.

1996 -- Irian Jaya (Indonesia): Rioting erupts again in the town of Timika disrupting Freeport mine operations.

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Steal This Radio
1999 -- US: District Court in NY City grants the government's motion to enjoin operation of an unlicensed radio broadcast station known as "Steal This Radio."

2001 -- Robert Ludlum espied dead. Wrote fat spy & espionage books. No one reading the Daily Bleed ever read this stuff but apparently alot of other folks do. Then again, alot of other folks read Chicken Soup for the Soul. Unlike most authors, Ludlum started his career in the theatre. Like most, he's ending his career in the mortuary.


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2010 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Surfer Karl Rove appears on British television to promote US waterboarding & speaks of his pride that "we used techniques that broke the will of these terrorists". Yup. End of terrorism.

3000 --

“My aim is to agitate & disturb people.
I’m not selling bread, I’m selling yeast.”

      — Unamuno, wall grafitti from Paris, May 1968

Italian: Insumision
3500 --

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